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  1. Commander EatMyDick! says:

    You know what I hate? When I’m a Sci-Fi fan and I go to an anime convention! I see women in extremely accurate cosplay and go to flirt with them, but they’re underage! How DARE they dress in a way they want to, without wanting sexual attention from me!
    And you know what REALLY grinds my gears? How many female characters in fiction there are that are drawn by their creators in a way that shows skin!
    A costume is an outfit that completely changes your appearance! You can’t fool me, you’re actually Yoko from Gurren Laggan! Your “costume” isn’t fooling anyone!
    I HATE seeing 1,000 Slave Leias. You all look like sluts. What, do you mean to say that Slave Leia was supposed to look like a SEX SLAVE??? Come ON!
    I really hate it when females get attention from other men when they’re in cosplay! These men are only taking photos of these girls to jerk off to it later! I mean… I am too, but at least I don’t make it obvious!
    These girls who dress in a way that I think (for no reason at all) they might have sex with me, won’t even have sex with me! They probably don’t even know how to handle my HUGE DICK!
    Oh, bee-tee-dubbs, I’m not trying to slut shame! I think I know a lot about the Middle East! Man, are THEY missing out! ex-dee.
    Since I’ve never actually talked to a girl before, I can tell that these women aren’t smart at all, and probably don’t have jobs… Nope… Not a one of these hundreds of females… Especially that one holding that child’s hand.
    Man, I can’t STAND fake nerds! If they don’t like the exact same things I like, and know the names of every actor, they’re obviously not REAL nerds.

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