Not Showing Up? Start Shutting Up!

Online etiquette lesson:

If you’ve been invited to an event and you cannot make it, REFRAIN FROM SAYING SO ONLINE OR ON THE EVENT PAGE. Seriously, don’t fucking do it.

This isn’t directed at anyone, it’s just a blanket statement for those who might not think about this sort of thing. Look, if you’re an event coordinator, that is to say the person who makes shit happen, the worst thing in the world is seeing ANYONE post “Gee thanks for the invite but I can’t make it to this one!” on your event page. Why?

Well, because generally the people who are making it don’t mention anything online, they just show up. For some reason the people who feel compelled to say something are the ones who are NOT attending. I get it, you want to make it known that you regret not showing up, but if you really have to convey this, do it in private to the coordinator. DON’T MAKE A BFD ABOUT IT ON THE EVENT PAGE. When you announce it online it means that the event page is going to be flooded with what seems to be scores of people saying they can’t attend which in turn makes it look like the event is going to suck and discourages others from showing up. Anyone on the fence about showing up is going to go “Looks like that thing is going to suck, maybe I won’t go” so basically you’re convincing other people not to go too which, intentional or not, is a dick move, be considerate.

Follow this simple, easy to remember rule:

“Not showing up? Start shutting up!”

Not to be rude but it’s really that simple and yes, it really is an effective way to help and event not suck, even if you can’t make it.

Sincerely – The People Who Make Shit Happen.


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Urban explorer, hearse driver, media whore, writer, film maker and general ne'er do well.
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