Why Cosplay Girls Annoy The Shit Out Of Me

I am anticipating a sudden drop in my number of online friends and an immediate rise in hatemail. Why? Because today I am calling out cosplay girls.

I am a science fiction fan, and I mean that in the “I know who Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Sheckley, Fredirik Pohl and a whole bunch of other people you have no idea are because you think watching 6 seasons of Lost made you a hardcore Sci-Fi fan” and you’d think that I would be all about hot chicks picking up on my interests, but I am not. Why? Because these girls, as a general rule, suck.

The first thing about cosplay girls is that their average age is 11-17 years old. Now, I don’t have my law degree by any means but I am pretty sure that even SEEING a girl who is 14 and thinks a public appropriate outfit is one where there is a patch of fur covering her butt crack and 2 pieces of tape modestly concealing the part of the nipple that sticks out but leaving the aureola mostly exposed is grounds for a sex offense if you’re looking at it and over the age of 18.

And this is why some guys now have to go door to door and say hello to their new neighbors when they move into a new neighborhood

Let me put it to you this way, a good way of defining whether or not an underage girl in any given outfit is morally bad is to ask yourself the following hypothetical question: If said girl was on a stage and I had a dollar bill in my hand when the cops came through the door would I be spending the next 5 to 10 as the lowest ranking caste in the correctional system? Seriously, if having a picture of it on your hard drive would cause a statch charge it’s probably not good in public.

Also, cosplay girls, I have to bust your nuts on another thing: what you are doing is NOT costuming.

THIS is a costume:

THIS is a costume:

THIS is a slightly above average quality stripper outfit:

Costumes are things that completely transform a person into an unrecognizable form or a fantasy, they are things that require long periods of time and skill to create. Your work generally requires a wig from Ebay and some 1/8th yard snippets from the scrap bin at JoAnne Fabrics. Think I’m full of shit and don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me ask you this, and answer honestly: What was the last costume you had that DID NOT require a wig, used more than a yard of fabric and covered your mid riff? Yeah, I thought so.

It also bugs me that I see a lot of these people in general being hailed as “creative”. Replicating something someone else created is not creative. Creativity is making something new, that while it may have been influenced by other works, is largely an original idea executed in a new or interesting fashion. Being the 1,000,000,000th Slave Leia isn’t creative, it just means you’re nominally good at emulating, that’s really the highest praise you deserve. You’re an OK copy artist, congratulations at tracing the lines ass hat.

See, you’re not really even PLAYING or pretending at costuming. Your efforts are so weak that they couldn’t even be considered valid for costuming, what you’re actually playing at is whoring. I’m not saying you ARE whores, I’m saying you’re doing a fantastic job playing them. You’re kind of failing in two highly disparate yet somehow connected areas, namely costuming and slutting around. You’re failing at costuming because your craftsmanship is for shit and does not exemplify a concerted effort into the field and you’re failing at being sluts because you just look like one but you’re not actually ponying up the goods/effort in that area either.

I realize I’m being harsh here but don’t take it too personally, you’re in the right age group for this. When you live at home no one really expects a lot from you so half assing everything is ok, we’re not looking at any of you and expecting anything great so if the best thing you can provide the world with at this point is some prepubescent spank bank deposits, fine. Just do us all a favor and make up for it by doing something worthwhile later in life like curing cancer, teaching the next Helen Keller to talk or being at least nominally less worthless than you are now…unless of course you’re in your late 20’s and still doing this, in which case god help you. You’re in for a hard landing when reality sets in and you realize what a continental dollar male attention really is, especially when your 16 year old breasts make way for Harley Davidson udders. Being the hot chick people want to fuck has a way of leaving you optionless in your later years as no one wants to see an octogenarian Aeon Flux and slipping past the door guards for the merch room at the Trek convention isn’t really a career skillset.

Now look, I’m not against skanky outfits. I generally think you can judge how fucked a society is by how AGAINST girls in sexy outfits it is. I think that’s why the Middle East is such a mess, because they don’t embrace the awesomeness that is baby doll t-shirts but there’s an appropriate context here. I’m not a puritan, I’m about the least sexually uptight person on the planet but I restrict my appreciation to that of girls who are a legal age, which is more than I can say for most convention attendees.

Go to any convention and try this: Take a drink every time you see a group of cosplay girls with 5-10 sketchy as fuck, unshowered, greasy haired male photographers clambering for a shot. You’ll be dead from liver failure before you get past the galleria. You know the type, some jackhole who is age 24-98 who has a telephoto lens that can get a better clear shot of the Pillars of Creation than the hubble telescope and can make a 6,200 megapixel jpeg of a girls single pore from 1,200 feet away. A fucking creeper is what I’m getting at.

Look, I do female photography and I work damned hard NOT to be a creeper and I will admit, it’s hard. As a guy any time I get a camera in my hand I feel the urge to take a picture of hot chick but the thing is I can also control my breathing, NOT sweat profusely and kinda keep my shit in check so that I don’t convey the ultimate picture of a guy who is going to go home and knock his gong around the minute he gets that picture into Photoshop. Washing the bucket of grease out of your hair and not getting pathetically excited or frantic about shooting EVERY single girl at the con is a good start.

Not pictured: Subtlety

Not that they’d have sex with you anyways. They wouldn’t know what to do with a live penis. I have not personally had sex with a cosplay girl but I have friends in the age group who have and the general consensus is that the girls respond to a cock in their hands in roughly the same fashion as they would if you were to hand them the throttle stick on a Mig jet rocketing towards the ground and ordered them to pull out of an active tailspin, namely confusion bordering on terror.

Now hand them a Sword of Omens and they’ll play that thing like one of Ron Jeremy’s supporting actresses. Thundercat hos…or wait, did I get that wrong?

Speaking of swords, that’s another thing and this one isn’t limited to the chicks- cosplayers, your swords are fucking ridiculous. In the world of fake weaponry nothing is more absurd than a sword so huge you could cut a slice of cake from 2 zipcodes away but you actually COULDN’T because it’s made of duct tape. As a fan of fake weaponry I have to say, it’s got to be enough that it doesn’t work, don’t add to it by making it utterly functionless as well.

The other problem is, these girls don’t just stick to the anime conventions, nope. They have started invading Sci-Fi conventions as well. I know most of your 64 points of IQ went into deciding what blue wig you needed to wear so you could properly represent the image of some bullshit character, but ANIME AND SCI-FI ARE NOT THE SAME THINGS DUMBASS.

You’re the same types of people who go to a Japanese restaurant and demand eggrolls because you’re too god damned self obsessed to realize THIS SHIT DOESN’T CONCERN YOU. You’re so desperate to spread yourself around that you try to shoehorn your bullshit into ANY event no matter how inapplicable it truly is. You dumbasses show up to Sci-fi conventions dressed as anime characters, renaissance festivals dressed as pirates never thinking twice that you’re about as accurate as a harpoon used for sewing purposes.

That’s cosplayers in general, people who want to jam a square cock into a round vagina any chance they get.

When I first started going to the local Star-Fest/Sci-Fi conventions there was one basic category of attendees – Shitty looking 30-45 year old men with pot bellies who lived their off hours outside of being ardent coders by sleeping on the parent pillow. I rested comfortably knowing that if I were to go to a convention I would be surrounded by fat fucktards who smelled like bad butter and who would be wearing Klingon foreheads and giant oversized glasses from Lens Crafters that went out of style in 1982.

The problem is, as with any convention that is unconventional, it becomes a dumping ground for all the other crap that doesn’t fit anywhere else. People go “Oh look, people who are weird are here, I’m weird too so I won’t bother checking to see if my weirdness is COMPATIBLE, I’ll just dump my ass in there!”

Now all this could be ignored if I could just write it off on the same ticket that we give male cosplayers and sci-fi fans an active out with, namely that it’s excusable because you’re a nerd, socially retarded and don’t know any better because you spent all your life watching Star Trek, but that’s not the case. They’re not real nerds either.

A few weeks back I was at the club and some girl is going off on what a nerd she is. What were her credentials? Playing Call of Duty and Portal nonstop. That was it. I had to point out that being a GAMER is not the same as being a nerd but she just kinda looked at me as though I told her gravity was a liquid and it tasted like gummy bears. Great dumbass, you think playing video games makes you an intellectual elite with a taste for high quality fantasy? It doesn’t.

Am I bitter? Absolutely, 100%. Why? Because as someone who grew up being ostracized for being a dork ass outsider, someone who was routinely ridiculed by girls for not liking sports and trendy music I can I.D. shallow bitches from a mile away and it pisses me the hell off to see girls who most assuredly would have been treating nerd boys like lepers in middle school now capitalizing on their attention later in life because being a nerd is cool.

Lastly, Anime, I gotta say it… one thing you probably don’t realize is that anime isn’t a brilliant art form. You think it is because you have no frame of reference aside from flipping your shit in groups of 10 at the San Rio store but it’s actually kinda crap in Japan. If you had ever been to Japan you’d know that pretty much EVERYTHING in that place is accented with drawings so cute that they shit cartoon cats. In Japan Anime isn’t really this esteemed art form, it’s pulp, you’re celebrating something mass produced with very little attention to quality. It would be kind of like going to  an art gallery in Canada that was filled with exquisitely framed American highway signs. The point is, Anime is the Coke bottle in “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.

At any rate, if you agree with this sentiment, feel free to cross post it. If you hate it and want me dead because I insulted you and your group of squeeling, Companion Cube loving friends feel free to direct your friends here to give me what for, seriously, burst your hearts hot shell upon me. I can imagine nothing better than a frothing group of cosplayers attempting to accost me at the next Sci-Fi convention with their giant tape swords and hand painted Mavaricks with pressure gauges hot glued to them.

For more of my insolence go to www.sorpfilms.net

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484 Responses to Why Cosplay Girls Annoy The Shit Out Of Me

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for explaining what those girls are. Great points you made. Stay angry. It’s how you produce great stuff.

    • Luna Kousaka says:

      please tell me you’re being sarcastic.

    • Jetter says:

      i would like to make a point here, this man is shaming women for being slutty about their cosplays, when this man has sh*t like this on his facebook. seems to me like he is just trying to sound better than everyone. here is the proof of his posts http://puu.sh/8yc7v.jpg. say what you want, but just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean you have to take your rage out on it. I will admit, i seen some really crappy cosplays at conventions and characters that were over sexualize, but the claims you make are to broad and miss the bigger picture. Also so your information, we see marvel super heroes, doctor who fans, Startrek and Starwars fans at anime conventions, yet we don’t care. You know why? Because many of use got to met new people and share common interest and learn new things. Please, next time you post an article, do not be a hypocrite, do some really research, and don’t be so but hurt that their are anime fans at your Sci-Fi conventions.

      • Jesi says:

        Well you seemed to have missed that this guy goes to conventions regularly and also is a photographer. He most likely is employed by the conventions to take photographs and help to advertise, thus making the “hypocritical” photos on his page not hypocritical, but advertisements. It happens. And yes, I hate that so many women will go to conventions just to show off their bodies, I bet that you could ask most of these women about a series of the show or movie that the character they are attempting to emulate came from and they would have no fucking clue as to what you were talking about. They just want to run around and be sluts. Wearing a leaf bra and vine thong does not make you Poison Ivy. I like looking at some of them too, but then I also often wonder why or even how a girl could be so comfortable with showing off her entire body (basically) to thousands of people. It’s just gross and distasteful in general. Granted, many characters do have skanky looks and costumes in their shows/movies but there are always more subtle ways to make the look more creative. Or you could simply pick a character that has some class and decency. Or you could even find that most characters have multiple different outfits and pick one that doesn’t show off all of your naughty parts. Stay classy ladies, running around naked just breeds creepers, stalkers, rapists, molesters, and the like. You’re not a respectable woman if you’re showing off your goods…

    • Brian says:

      Sounds to me like someone is very bitter at women because some of them have obviously made him look like an idiot. I’m not really big into it, but find it interesting. It seems to be a mix of acting and making the unimaginable completely realistic. Some are better than others, but if it is what you say, a “hobby” Why does this bother you so bad. It either looks good or it don’t. You are telling people it’s ok for a young guy to walk around with a cup covering his junk, but if a woman does the same, it’s wrong? You are what people call a bigot. Now go get the counseling you need and let these women, men,girls, and boys, do what makes them happy. It’s not your nor my place to tell these women what is ok. The police can handle that, so let the.

  2. ~Christian~ says:

    Love the read. This is soooo true I am personally not into Anime or Video games but can totally see this out there. Only reason my old ass be at any Anime convention is to peep the slutty girls in the revealing costumes. That and hot Goth girls who for what ever reason are there too 😉 (Goth girls take priority & especially if they are from your end of town MY GOD MAN ! )

    Many things have been crossed over & blurred. Like a friggen Mansonite or emo being mistaken for a Goth. Like since when does a Goth club night involve techno raver dancing & glo-sticks? *hand flung against forehead*
    Great post & wicked videos on Youtube.
    Keep being our voice I think we need to guide the young upstarts in the direction of what GOTH & Industrial & such really is & should be.


  3. Cody Robson says:

    ITT: Man is butthurt that girls didn’t like him in high school ’cause he was a nerd, and now they continue to not like him even though they seem to like nerds now

    • Jorgen Schmidt says:

      Girls just chase after the male with the most resources (whether physical, monetary, social, power, influence), it has virtually nothing to do with nerd culture. If he’s angry at hot girls infiltrating nerd culture is a lament of the “good ‘ole days” of nerd culture which ended in the 90s.

      • Joanne Egbert says:

        How about I serve you a plate of “fuck you” with a side of “never speak again”?

      • Smashley says:

        Slightly sexist. Just slightly. Coming from a girl who dates an actual nerd and pays for herself and usually him too. I’d like to offer you a You’re A Misogynist Dick Milkshake.

      • cat says:

        what the fuck are you talking about you absolute moron

      • Jesi says:

        I’m wish Smashley on this one. Your comment is completely invalid and I’d like to empathize with you and your completely shitty relationships in the past, but seeing as how you’re a shallow, absent-minded, sexist sack of shit, I simply have no fucks to give you. My bf and I have been together for 3 years and we’ve been through a lot of shit in that time. We’ve both been jobless at some point and we have both supported each other the entire time. We take turns paying for dates and make sure that everything evens out so that one isn’t spending more than the other. So take your bullshit comment elsewhere, asshole.

    • Cody Robson has faggy hair, so he goes online to find articles pertaining to nerd culture. He then defames the authors of said articles to make himself feel better about his faggy hair. Fuck you faggy hair Cody Robson.

      Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with this article. Especially the part about “creativity” and female costumes. I laughed a few times reading that section in particular.

      I am a fan of anime, and disagree with the remarks about how “no attention” is paid to how anime is produced. But, that’s miniscule.

      • Stopping Shit-Spewers says:

        Haha wow. Saying “faggy” makes you so cool lol0olololololol!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD
        Listen up, fuckass. You better shut your hidden, shit-spewing excuse for a human mouth because all the costumes here were amazing.
        If you are bothered by beautiful ladies in costume “””””””your””””””””” “”””””””””””””””””””””Sci-fi”””””””””””””””””””, then go to a convention and say it to their beautiful faces with your mouth that should be taken away for bad usage, got it? How about you go and make a great female costume. Wow, sure your shitty self will look great.
        And, for the record, this takes time and money. I would know.

      • Smashley says:

        Calling out someone’s hair? Wow. And acting like “faggy” is an insult? I have gay friends that you aren’t fit to suck off, asshole. And if you watch anime, then you know that most of the female costumes are fucking tiny and slutty. So all those girls are doing is replicating the costume. I don’t cosplay anime, but if I did, I would do Saya from Blood+ because she actually wears clothing. These girls might be attention whores, but at least they’re not Slave Leias.

    • John Adams says:

      Coming from a giant faggot like yourself.

    • 00000 says:

      Lol, just admit you’re a creep!

    • tetheala says:

      Man is jealous he doesn’t fit into furry cat costume. Since when does an Anime costume have to fit your Sci-Fi likes? Or vice-versa?

    • Amy Lolmaugh says:

      THANK YOU. No seriously, thank you. It needed to be said.

  4. As a geek/nerd myself i have to comment that calling out manga/anime on it’s pulp fiction nature is a wee bit hypocritical for a Sci-Fi fan. Sci-fi as a genre started out as a pulp fiction during the 30’s and many of the great authors including Pohl (whom you mentioned) started in that style. Like Sci-fi time will weed out the pulp manga and reveal the gems available.
    that being said i did find this a thought provoking blogpost.

    • cb says:

      Really now? Apparently you’ve never heard the name ‘Jules Verne’ , ‘HP Lovecraft(Though he was also a father of the horror genre) or HG Wells. The 30’s? Really?

      • mari says:

        Analogously, anime/manga has not always been mass produced, there were some earlier pioneers that started it out. Manga and anime recently had a boom that includes much in the way of mass-produced pulp which parallels the time of Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Astounding Stories, and so forth

      • T.S. Holmes says:

        And it is like you have never heard the name Mary Shelley.

      • and also, in Japan sci-fi and anime are one. there’s sci-fi animation and what not so being hypocrite and dumbass might show if you put things like this in a blog

  5. Lana says:

    Thank you. I’d bake you cookies in thanks for this post, but they’d be all manky by the time they got to you.

  6. kitten4819 says:

    Very well put!!! As both a gamer and a fantasy & sci-fi nerdette this couldn’t be more spot on!

    • Carmine says:

      Do you have something against girls who dress provocatively at conventions?

      • kitten4819 says:

        No, I just agree that there is a difference between anime and sci-fi and also a difference between cosplay and costumes. Cosplay is pretending to be a character and dressing cute, usually provocatively, and usually based on an animation character or cartoon/comic character. Costumes tend to be based on books, sci-fi movies/tv, or video games. The other point, that it is awful that men will treat you differently if you dress provocatively, is heavy handed and true. Being treated poorly when you dress in less clothing is something that you have to understand will happen when you make the choice to dress that way. I wish that wasn’t the way the world worked, and it certainly isn’t your fault that people act that way based upon what you are wearing, but they will because they are pigs.

      • Thundaklutch says:

        I have issues with women who dress provocatively at cons, then go bitch about it online when they get unwanted attention from guys at the cons.

  7. Clarence says:

    The blue-wigged kitty cat chick scares the hell out of me. My geek cred has mellowed with age, but there still shouldn’t be ANY circumstance when a grown-ass woman is dressed like that. Not even for wedding anniversary sex. ‘Cause that’s freaky weird. Fluffy cat women, not anniversary sex.

    • ruby says:

      I guess you don’t realise the “blue-wigged kitty cat chick” is actually a fairly well-known video game character, or that she made her costume a lot more modest than the actual character.

      • wow. how sad that you are trying to ‘pull rank’ by hinting about whatever game the stupid girls costume came from.
        what was the last work of well known (aka older than 75 years) fiction that you read?

        oh? your attention span is ruined due to reading childish, thinly plotted pulp comic bullshit?

        ps- i could fuck you up at your choice of fighting game. get over yourself

  8. 7andomhero says:

    When are you running for president?

    This article has to be the most true piece I’ve ever read about how most “nerds” feel. Thank you for having the balls I probably never could have conjured!

    • Nerdfromhell says:

      Most “nerds” have no idea about anything outside their own sphere of influence, especially how other people (including nerds) think about a number of topics. Trying to lump all nerds together is about as stupid as you can get, so please try not to speak for the rest of us, you’ll leave some bad marks on us.

      This rant was basically one person hating on something he doesn’t know much about and more importantly wishes to remain uneducated about the topics he so readily attacks.

      The anime culture is full of terrible stuff, just like the sci-fi community, table top roleplay and other groups of “nerd” culture. I would usually try to make some good points on why the author is incorrect in many if not all their assessments, but I have a feeling they would be offended by just going to any beach for fifteen minutes. Yes it would take him roughly fifteen minutes to notice someone in a two-piece on the sand thanks to how lost he is in his own thoughts within a self-defined bubble.

    • John says:

      No, most nerds don’t feel this way. Sorry.

      (PS if you’re surrounding yourself with people who think like this, you’ve failed as a person).

  9. tonehog says:

    Reblogged this on Tonehog and commented:
    A rant with more colour and flair than the costumes criticised. Had to reblog it!

  10. Anne's Anime Blog says:

    Super-funny article because it is so true. There are a few women that put time & effort into their fandom. But mostly, they are annoying, under-age, band-wagoner attention whores. Also, yeah. Nerd-wannabes are obnoxious. When did it become so popular that there are posers? I think it is more convenient to “be a nerd” these days because it doesn’t require as much work as it used to pre-internet. Back then, these people didn’t have time to immerse themselves in the fantasy world.

    On another note, I know it is easy to hate on anime fandom. I realize that from the outside, it can be offputting in that the most vocal fans are often ignorant, disillusioned, japanese wannabees/cultural elitists who have never been (and don’t realize that being a crazy otaku/hikikomori is derogatory, even in Japan). Yes, a lot of popular anime fodder is not brilliant & artistic, but there are some shows that are watchable & entertaining–and a scant few rare gems that really could be called masterpieces. Haters will hate, though. I never pressure people to like it, and aside from my secret internet life, people would never know of my fandom.

    Anyways, sorry for the long-winded comment. Your article just resonated with me because I am of the same general opinion. Super great article! Will subscribe & hope to see more:)

    • Laura says:

      Excuse me but you are a total hypocrite! Have you seen you name and your picture. Super anime wannabe right there! How old are you..? Looks to me your about 12. But that doesn’t matter cause obviously you have no idea what you just said. Simply to put it. Your a total weeabo who doesn’t know how to cosplay for shit. If you noticed with that Petty little brain of yours you would see that the most popular and the ones who get paid for being cosplayers would be the girls who show off there feminism! We are so sorry that you guys cannot control your erect! Try going to the beach in the summer, way more girls who flash out more than an average cosplayer. Sure cosplayers sometimes like to sexy it up or wear their favorite costumes that have a bit of sex appeal in them but if you think carefully about it, some cosplayers have more clothing than a bikini. It just doesn’t seem that way because your not use to seeing people dressed like that so obviously it’s a bit alarming. Anyway The only reason your weeabo ass is complaining is because your too embarrassed of your body structure. If your got the body show it how you please. Don’t be afraid live a little you whiney bitch.

      • Chelsea says:

        *their, *erect what ? …*flash out? *you’re again you stupid cunt.
        also stop being such a huge bitch. The girl you’re replying to looks very cute for whatever age she is, you dont have a picture so i’m assuming you’re (see how i got that right?) a heaping mass of cunt. Fuck you.
        (also, fat shaming isn’t cool. even if she was, why would you mock her for that? odds are you’re just insecure about yourself to call out others)

        Ugh. Again, fuck you. Learn english.

      • i bet youre ugly, pimply, fat and rather poorly spoken.

      • Anne's Anime Blog says:

        Whoa..I think you may have misinterpreted my comments as somehow trying to body-shame women which wasn’t my intention at all. If you got it, flaunt it. I’m 25 btw, but it’s nice you think I look younger. May the 4th be with you:P

  11. someone says:

    LOL… I will humbly agree with this. I also grew up when “nerd, gamer, anime” were all things looked down upon and now they are embraced and flaunted by all these young girls who are trying to attract boys. Good grief, the irony is, instead of in the 90s me being ashamed of being a gamer because it was scoffed at, I am now ashamed of it because it’s the “cool thing” to do now. I wont step foot in the game department of stores anymore I buy online to avoid the crowds of girls who are trying to be hot.

  12. eslayer says:

    its the fucking point
    most of the people who make/play games are MALE (sterotpically)
    what do u think rule 34 was based on
    the (sterotypic) male psche

  13. Brian Dv says:

    finally the truth.

    • Danny says:

      no it’s just overtly sexist bullshit, hidden under the cover of being a nerd. Wherein he hopes that other nerds will defend him so that their own nerd status cannot be challenged. you really cant be this stupid can you? or are you just being willfully ignorant?

  14. Lynz says:

    Hey. Um… I just started cosplaying and I see your point here. Yes, sometimes some (maybe most) people misinterpret cosplay and dress up as high-classed strippers, but don’t hate on all of us. I, for instance, would not wear anything like the above and would opt for characters that aren’t cosplayed much.
    My point is, cosplaying is supposed to be a fun way for cosplayers to express themselves, be it weird or crazy or both. Not everything out there is all that bad. So, try be a little understanding. If you don’t wanna see it, don’t look; if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it. That’s all. 🙂

    (P.S. My apologies, in advance, if I offended anyone. And I hope I didn’t just start a debate…)

    • Lynz, I agree with you more than this post. I understand where the argument is coming from, but hating on a cosplay group simply because they happened to think of cosplaying the same thing isn’t really making any point. If they want to be that character, they should be able to.
      I understand the argument of over sexualizing cosplays too. It happens more than it should, but that can’t really be helped. Also, since cosplaying covers all bases, including cosplaying original characters as well as based character cosplaying, I feel like you’re just becoming more biased and bitter.
      Cosplaying is costuming and play mashed together. It can be for fun, for accuracy, and about craftsmanship. there is much more that goes into it.
      Maybe pull that sideways stick out of your butt? You may feel better.

    • Jacqueline says:

      “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it”

      Welcome to the internet where nothing is censored and people are free to say whatever they want.

      This wasn’t mean to be an attack against individual, not against you, specificly. This was target as a group of people, the stereotype of cosplayer. If you are just going to end with “If you got nothing nice to say, don’t say it”, No problem would ever get solved! That’s like saying “If you have a problem with me smoking weed or murdering people, don’t look, don’t watch. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it!”. Of course, you can’t compare murdering with cosplaying, but let’s face it. The author is a male, tons of people who go to conventions are males, if they see slutty chick, what are they going to do?

      There only have a few choice anyway:

      1. Yay stripper girl! Im fapping hard tonight
      2. oh god another slut. Ima just ignore her.
      3. Goddamn it, teach yourself some respect! <— author

      Oh actually i have a better example: "If you have nothing decent, don't go to convention

      TL;DR: the author isn't attacking any specific person, only specific group. Therefore if you aren't slutty, good job! keep up the good work.

      Congratulation, you are the only rich mexican in mexico.
      cuz all mexican are poors

      ^racist example just to explain the stereotype for you

      Remember, everything can be offensive to anyone, so don't even bother with "sorry in advance". You know the consequence IN ADVANCE, you know you could offense someone (hence you said sorry in advance), yet you post it anyway.

      Same thing here. Author knew he is going to offense someone, alot actually. He post it anyway, and he take responsibility for it. Don't say sorry, it make you sound like the biggest hypocrite ever

  15. Bob says:

    Most of these said girls are just marginally attractive girls who are not looking to pick up nerds but just turn their heads. They know they can’t turn the heads of alpha guys because then they would have to compete with attractive alpha girls so they go to the one female deprived place where beta males coexist and attempt to garner male attention. Then they either pick out the most normal looking nerd or hook up with his more normal looking friend. All I can say on it is it’s not a fad to be a nerd it’s just everyone gets called a nerd now. You use a computer? You must be a nerd. You read…anything? You are a nerd. You are skinny or awkward looking? Nerd. It is just the way the shit rolls my friend. Just add sci if conventions to the new list of places you do not want to be and try to form a meet up group where you can circle jerk to gene roddenberry in peace.

    • Danny says:

      you are a fucking moron.

    • Rachel says:

      Oh I’m sure they’d spend that much money on an outfit to impress a bunch of awkward nerds. Get fucking real. Men are so entitled to think that women at conventions actually give a shit about a bunch of pricks who can’t find their asses with their own two fucking hands. Sorry apparently identifying as a woman and having interests is just something that can’t happen.

  16. Monique says:

    JESUS CHRIST THANK YOU! The worst thing about cosplayers, is they are very stuck up and completely OBSESSED With it. I don’t like Anime anymore because whenever it comes up the first thing said is “Yeah! I LOVE THAT SHOW! I’m planning on cosplaying this character!” No! STFU ! It isn’t hard core it isn’t cool. Be fucking creative for two damn seconds and you’ll maybe get somewhere in life. Oh and another thing, Just BECAUSE you cosplay the character, doesn’t mean you ARE the character. Fuck man!

    • CosplayControversies says:

      This does not apply to all cosplayers, and your generalization is quite off key here. I am going to assume you have had some bad experiences with cosplayers in the past, but let it be known that most cosplayers are not like that. We don’t think we “are the character”, though a lot of us love theater and don’t mind being in character. Outside of costume? Nope. Life stuff. For some of us, cosplaying is our job. We create costumes and do commissions for people. We model. We do photography. We create costume and prop pieces. And maybe to YOU it isn’t cool, but to a lot of us it is and it’s fun. It’s a shame you let cosplay ruin your like for anime, because anime and cosplay are not always linked. :/

    • majority of cosplayers have some form of theater back ground hence wher the being in character comes in im assuming you have delt with some assholes yea i know we have all dealt with those assholes cosplay is my replacement for theater after i was severely injured (shattered my knee cap and tore the adjoining tendon) while working on a set peice and sometimes we say we want to cosplay a character because they represent something important to us, a side of our selves or represent a defining moment in our lives ie im planning an apollo form aquarion cosplay why? because while i was in the hospital after my car accident recovering from 3 broken ribs a smashed jaw and sodium nitroxate burns from the air bag the series reminded me to never give up hope even when your life seems darker then the pits of hell apollo rose above the shit he went thru and became a hero thats my reason for wanting to cosplay him because he represents my recovery my hope

    • Nadine says:

      Cosplay – Costume PLAY, just a fyi.

  17. Becky says:

    I completely agree with you on all parts except about cosplayers making shitty costumes. Basically, cosplay is dress up for older kids, so all they wanna do is just dress up and pretend they’re the character the best they can. Some cosplayers are less experienced than others, and will either A) go for the easy route and just buy parts of the costume or B) try to make the costume to the best of their ability. Granted, some of these girls will choose less appropriate costumes for their age. They should have been told by their parents or some other cosplayer that there are ways to cosplay slutty characters without being slutty yourself (ie: modifying the costume to be a bit more modest or wear skin-tone leggings/undershirt) Cosplaying=hobby for fun. Not job. As long as you understand what I’m saying here, I completely agree in full :>

  18. Zoe says:

    Uhh, I think you are missing the point that a lot of anime girls do look like high priced strippers…..what do you do if you want to cosplay a character who does just WEAR that……not exactly fair here when most female characters wear revealing outfits.

  19. Savi says:

    Hi. As someone who cosplays and does so often, I see quite a few fallacies in this argument.
    I have never cosplayed with a wig, since I’m lucky enough to have light blonde short hair that can be styled and temporarily died whatever color for a costume. I have also never cosplayed showing my midriff, nor have I known anyone to do so. (And I see a lot of cosplayers all the time).
    It is in fact costuming. It is totally costuming. Especially with the Homestuck and obscure anime fandoms, since things are not sold one line and require hours to construct.
    For my total time cosplaying I have spent hours hand making each outfit. I have made a red cape with a rather large muzzle on it and spikes going down the spine (5-6 hours), a circle skirt with intricate design (4-5 hours), and a dress, with multiple layers and that required me to sew the design onto tights to match the dress (at least 10 hours). And not once did I use a sewing machine since I do not have one and cannot afford one.
    If that is not costuming, I don’t know what is. After spending years in a theater school, I think I would know a bit about costuming, and yes, cosplaying is costuming.
    You’ve obviously seen a very small portion of the cosplaying community and have allowed stereotypes to influence your opinion. I have been to both Sci-fi and anime cons and I can tell you, the anime community puts just as much, if not more, effort into their cosplays, since you usually cannot buy the pieces.
    And if you think I’m some dumb anime weeaboo, think again. I have a 4.3 GPA, run my school’s costuming club, theater troupe, and anime club. I also have been nominated to five writing and art awards this year.
    I am not some dumb slut. I am a cosplayer. And I know for a fact you are wrong about this.

    • Jaune says:

      This is great^

    • Torloc says:

      Savi, I would LOVE to see that costume! It sounds fabulous and intricate! I am an old school costumer from way back. I can, and sometimes do, use a machine, but only for long seams and large pieces. Everything I can do by hand, I do. It gives it an added quality that has carried through the years. Good luck to you, and if you ever get to Virginia in January, you need to be in the Costume Contest at MarsCon (Www.marscon.net)!!

    • Zoe says:

      This has been my favourite response. I completely agree; I spend time making my costumes and it helps me to learn new skills and make friends with similar interests. To just label all cosplayers as ‘sluts’ or ‘wannabe nerds’ is wrong. We should be allowed to cosplay without these digusting stereotypes.

    • Carmine says:

      What exactly is the problem with someone showing her stomach in a costume? Or at any time?

  20. Clyde Cash says:

    The amount of butt-hurt and rage in this article is astounding.

    The whole thing seems like a massive vent of your childhood where you weren’t accepted by the ‘cool’ kids because you were too ‘smart’ (Socially awkward) and now that video games and the like become more main stream, you raeg that tons of people who don’t look like greese trucks leaving McDonald or have vagina’s, are now occupying your personal space that you call home.

    Also I love it how someone who claims to be into Sci Fi somehow sees themselves as better then anime fans for some obscure reason. Kinda like the Cockroach insulting the snail.

    All and all this reads awfully like a child hood based rant from what I presume is a late twenty to early thirty year old man. Times change, attitudes change, quit clinging to your past BAWWWING like a cum blanket.

  21. ReaderX says:

    These cosplay bimbos are often spoiled social rejects who blow away their trust fund allowances on nonsense. Don’t denigrate the strippers, yo. At least, they know what *they*re doing: earning a living through exercise.

  22. beamiranda24 says:

    Im kinda hurt?guilty?i dont know …..i actually cosplay and i work hard to make my props and save up for other stuff and i am in the 11-17 range(so i guess im part of the people you hate) but i have never even showed my elbows in all my costumes (and i can show you proof) and i love the art style of most animes but that doesnt mean i overlook the beautiful art style of western countries..i am actually quite a fan of western comics and i do love games but i have never played call of duty and lastly I AM A NERD people wont talk to me in class unless its to copy my work or its about something in our quiz , i was called ugly in my old school by this bitch and you know what? I forgave her beacause she was too stupid to understand how much it would hurt someone if you said “youre kinda ugly , you look like a gorilla” sooooo yeah im just a bit upset that you would GENERALIZE all female cosplayers like that
    But you are welcome to state your own opinion and i respect that but…yeah i just got hurt and all by what you said

  23. Desteny says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I was argueing with my boyfriend about the costumes they use (which he tried to defend ofcourse) and i had to tell him that it was a way to get mens attention if they can’t elsewhere. With that being said i think other costumes can be pretty cool but showing your ta-ta’s and ass crack because you’re an “absolute geek ” is borderline pathetic. I will never be a geek and gamer to my fathers or boyfriends level but i don’t lie about it. I know of what my father has taught me of comics and video games because thats what dad was talking to me about most of my child hood (the other was the “god dam dodgers” ) My gaming skills suck ( althought i was a great navigator for my dad as a kid while he played games) and playing pokemon doesn’t make creative or different neither would dressing up as batgirl. You had many valid points and thanks for helping me win my arguement. So i had to show my appreciation in this long rant.
    Thanks for saying what you thought even if it meant hurting people. Great writers show no fear for popular opinion.
    – desteny

  24. JiBen says:

    This is awesome, you have made so many valid points. I hate seeing all these cosplay girls just being slutty, they are the same girls who say “I’m not like most girls”. They think just because they are into “nerdy” or “geeky” things it makes them better than the average stripper. Slutty cosplay gives a bad name to all nerdy/geeky girls because it makes them seem more like sex objects and not people. I guess the average convention go-er is male wanting to see some girl dressed all skanky, and it’s a plus when they also see a girl dressed as a character from their favorite movie/t.v show/comic book/game. This doesn’t mean these girls are being respected, which is quite sad. I am by no means saying women should not be dressing sexy or anything, but if they were too they should do it in private with someone who will respect them. I am not a prude, and maybe it’s okay to show a little skin here and there, but to just use cleavage in a costume just so people can stare at you is not cute. Cosplay girls dress slutty for attention and vanity, girls need to learn how to respect themselves again.

    • Rox says:

      If you hate it so much why don’t you just look the other way? People are free to do whatever they want, and showing their body, is THEIR choise. I think you have been looking the wrong way all this time, ma friend. And not every female cosplayer is like that, but what if she is? Have you ever thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’re actually dressing as that character for what it represents. Most of the female characters in general are sexualised so that it chatches the viewers atention.

  25. kevin says:

    damn someone is mad that woman never liked him back then n after so many years passed they still don’t like him LOL stay mad you fucking virgin cosplay is good stuff all around these woman take risks and wear some real skimpy ones but because they love what they do and they love anime/gaming so much as well they put aside the risks if having some sex offender/creep go up to them do fuck you and your post like i said stay mad virgin.

  26. Dormouse says:

    I think the person who wrote this post is mentally retarded/unstable and/or butthurt, probably both with a helping of testosterone poisoning and mastubatory self-importance. Thanks for the laugh.

  27. Don't get a boner says:

    Oh, FFS.

    Stop being all butthurt on the basis that a 14 y o might give you a boner.

    Cosplay has moved into your arena. Imagine that. Boo hoo hoo.

  28. Anon says:

    I agree completely I am a fan of Doctor Who and I won’t go around dressing as someone from the show I am 30 years of age not 5. And plus I have a life.

  29. MasacruAlex says:

    Well said! What’s more annoying is when some whore cosplay girl is posted up somewhere half naked and it instantly gets so much praise and so many comments. It saddens me to see so many males fall for anything half naked and if you dare to roll your eyes about it? You’re automatically a faggot lol. But what would you expect in a world where Miley Cirus is still praised and crap music rules the radios?

    Also males have always been about gaming, but have we ever got half naked and started taking pics and call it cosplay? Not really but once girls started “getting into gaming” this became a trend which leaves one to wonder. I guess some of us can just see through and realize those cunts are about attention, basically hoes in a way and that irks, especially if you’re man enough to have some morals.

  30. Chantal says:

    “cosplaying is supposed to be a fun way for cosplayers to express themselves” <- it's just a hobby, and one that makes me very happy. It seems like you're as Cody says, and it's kind of sad.

  31. Jeeves says:

    Wow, this is the most original article I’ve ever read!
    I have never read any other article like this before, ever! Because you are a special snowflake, and no older guy who had shit luck with girls back in school, has ever written an article exactly like this, because you are the all powerful nerd king, who decides what it takes to be a nerd!

    Now, before my sarcasm gets ahead of me… I wasn’t aware people needed “credentials” to be considered a nerd nowadays.
    I mean, for fucks sake, I grew up being treated like shit because of the things I liked, and for being different.. because I like Robotech, and D&D, and Star Wars, etc, etc.
    Am I bitter about all of this?
    No, because I’m not a whiny, douchey, entitled little prick.
    Get off the fucking high horse, man… people like what they like. They dress up like the characters they want to be. And seriously.. what is wrong with girls who are now trying to be a part of the nerd culture? If they weigh 300 lbs, and try to dress like Counselor Deanna Troi, you’re still going to be a fucking shithead, and shun her, as are MOST “hardcore nerds” like you.
    You haven’t slept with a con girl, but your “friends” have? Well, if you haven’t done it yourself, then I guess you have no fucking say on it. Because you’re not speaking from experience, you’re just being a misogynistic douchebag.
    Your “points” are flawed.
    Get off the internet.

    • Laura says:

      Honestly I love this post! Couldn’t be more true than what you said Jeeves! I’m so happy someone with an intelligence has spoken the truth!

  32. I understand where your coming from with most of this, young girls picking whatever outfit that shows the most skin and parading around in them for attention. But please take in mind that what you have mentioned isn’t all cosplay girls. Just like you said in the Sy Fi community there are many different types of people, there are different types of cosplayers too. And that doesn’t mean just skimpily dressed girls or armor.

    There are people who take months getting every little detail of that character down, embroidering the designs on the skirt, making every little pleat perfect, hand styling the wigs until the defy gravity… A lot of work can go into cosplay, and the girls who just slip on a bathing suit bother us as well but please dont say all of us suck because of them. That is just like lumping you together with the ‘Lost nerds’.

    There are also what are called cross-players which yes some dont do it just right but there are cross-players who can make a beautiful allusion that they are the other gender or that they are that character come to life. and that’s basically what cosplay as a whole should be is making it seem like you are that character you love so much come to life, being as exact with the presentation as you can.

    On a side note as long as the girls are covering enough to be publicly decent its nothing anyone can say unless you are a parent or guardian of that person. Otherwise everyone just need to keep there hormones in check and tell a staff member if that person is making you feel uncomfortable. Nothing else you can really do. Do not go up to them and bash them for wearing it though. DO NOT! For all you know maybe they have been suffering from an eating disorder or just not happy with their bodies and they some how built up the confidence to wear that slave Leia outfit or to cosplay Yoko, going up to them about how they look like a whore to you will shatter that completely. Maybe even make them kill themselves. You dont know them, or why they chose that outfit. Some may have just to show themselves off, but other may finally just be proud of how they look; ie getting to a goal weight, overcoming a mental block about how they look. Or maybe they honestly love that character enough to try to bring them to life No matter what the reason let them wear what they want as long as its publicly decent.

    • CyclonePhilip says:

      Where’s the god damn like button?! You, Devy, basically just put into words my every thought about this whole damn stink! Now I may not agree with girls dressing as the most naked characters they can find (especially if they aren’t of age) and sexualizing characters that don’t need to be sexualized is just wrong in my opinion (let me emphasize IN MY OPINION) but that don’t give me the right to completely bash them for doing so. It IS a free country after all. But I digress. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But taking it out on an entire community because you, the article writer, don’t agree with a certain percent? *sigh*

    • xxxbereftxxx says:

      ^This. This is what everyone needs to remember when they are about to open their mouth about cosplay. To many it is a meticulous art form where huge amounts of time and money is spent perfectly replicating a costume that can be near impossible sometimes. We love what we do and show a huge amount of dedication and yes creativity in how we may achieve a certain aspect that shouldn’t physically work in this world. Its the side you don’t see because you aren’t with us while we sweat, cry and bleed during the construction process, only to have a costume that we can be proud to wear, regardless of the amount of skin showing, regardless of the fandom, regardless of where we choose to wear it. True there may be some people doing it just for attention, but there are always going to be people like that in this world and you can do nothing to stop it. You are further objectifying women by calling them derogatory names for dressing in a character’s costume, most likely drawn by a male, just for showing skin. If we are comfortable enough in our skin, we have every right to wear a costume that a beloved character wears, without fear of what misogynists like you would say.

      • sure, you have ‘the right’ to wear it. but we also have ‘the right’ to make fun of you, and your ‘hobby’ of playing pretend. lmao

        attention whores much?

      • xxxbereftxxx says:

        I never said I was playing pretend, I have a genuine love of recreating a costume. I can’t speak for all cosplayers, but I don’t think I am the character whose costumes I’m wearing. You have some very obvious misconceptions about what cosplay is really about. I would also like to note that all of my cosplays to date cover most of me, and I am not doing if for attention. I was simply defending a girl’s right to wear a costume, even if said costume shows much of her skin.

    • Stefanie says:

      Thank You Devy! I read this article knowing I was going to get offended. Not because Im a 11-17 girl. But because I’m a 20 year old Cosplayer who was just insulted for being a Cosplayer. Your comment made me feel a lot better. DON’T lump us all together. I take great pride in my Cosplaying and my husband, sister in law, and I go to Conventions every year. We even take our 2 year old daughter and dress her up. I am not creative enough to make my own costumes, but I did C.C., Asuna (Alfheim SAO, the blue outfit after she was freed) and Sailor Saturn and I made sure every piece fit right, wasn’t too tight, wasn’t too short, the wigs were completely in place and styled right. I honestly wanted to do something else (thief Yuna from X-2, because Yuna is my favorite character and was my idol growing up, I have a tattoo of her that takes up half my back, but I am very self cautious so I chose characters I liked that covered everything and anything. I even almost didn’t do C.C. because I thought my thighs looked too fat in the shorts. And I know some costumes really are too sexulized and some younger girls should have really picked less revealing clothes, but I wasn’t going to pass judgement on them because I know how hard it is to find something that makes you comfortable. And yes there may be some girls that cosplay for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean we all need to be degraded or called names which lumping all cosplayer girls together does.

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  34. Gwen says:

    Okay, I understand that you’re hurt and feeling a bit possessive of your geek-dom. It makes sense – what you’ve always liked and were maybe mocked or deemed “uncool” for is now popular, and it seems like “fake” fans aren’t really appreciating the things you love. The truth is, though, that the internet is making it easier to be a more casual fan of Sci-fi etc, and a lot of those fans, regardless of how immersed in the fandom they are, identify with nerds and geeks. They see fandom as an inclusive community that accepts weirdness of all breeds. They feel like they belong, and it feels good.

    As popular as it seems, people are still looked down upon for liking geeky things. They play too much Portal or they marathon Doctor Who and are seen as weird, so they declare themselves nerds and launch themselves in to the (usually) open arms of geeks. They may like to cosplay just to feel like a part of things. They may want attention. Whatever – it’s okay. Don’t tear them down because they irritate you or offend you or don’t fit your narrow definition of “nerd”. Get off your elite-intellectual high horse and put yourself in their shoes.

  35. KC says:

    I think I just read an entire rant grumbling about… having to look at people? Was this seriously written by a grown man? Wellp. It’s official: humanity has completely run out of legitimate things to complain about.

  36. Babaganoosh says:

    Dude, you just end up sounding gay, or like a dude that wants to nail a hot girl and can’t get it done. I understand that it gives you nerd rage when people don’t completely conform to your non conformist view of conformity, but lighten up. These girls are just trying to have fun and you just sound like a dick.

  37. you hit the nail on the head with this one, i cant fucking stand cosplay girls at all. are they hot yes, hell yes but there completely worthless. they wear those skinny outfits so people drool over them and makes guys want them yet they have no intention at all of even being with anyone at all they just like torturing everyone. its really not even that that bugs me, what bugs me is them just invading something they have no clue about. all of a sudden there gamers because they seen a youtube video about a popular game. they should just stay the fuck out of the whole thing and go do shitty internet modeling on some random guys couch that has a 357$ best buy camera who thinks hes a photographer so she can get her jollys off that and just leave everyone else alone. why go to a convention and spend the entire day at a place that has new video games everywhere at it and then not even play any of them or look at any of them. thats concieded, they want attention so badly because they have no talents that they go to a event and dont even take interest in it lol. its all about the me me me me me factor, put your eyes on me, im pretty, look at me im important because i have no real skill in life

    • Gray Fox says:

      I just want you to know how terribly unintelligent you sound.

      You should go back and read what you have posted here, because I guarantee you, that right now, you sound like a Forever alone meme come to life.

      You are upset because… ? That’s the thing. You have no real reason to be upset.
      I’m sorry, a girl wearing a sexy outfit is too much for you to handle. Maybe you should think about buying a body pillow to hold at night while you cry about it…

      Just so you know, not every girl or woman that goes to a convention it a video game store is clueless on games or is looking for attention. A lot of us just like to play games and cosplay as characters we like *gasp!* SO UNHEARD OF!

      I play games all the time. I play D&D. I enjoy comics and anime and all that other shit. What makes a man more knowledgable about these things than me? Because having a penis DEFINITELY makes you more entitled and all knowing when it comes to video games and the like..

      Your whole post/comment is a miogynists rant about how attractive girls won’t fuck you.
      Please go do us all a favor and lock yourself away from society, because honestly, you sound like you are sexually deprived sociopath..

    • Torloc says:

      Dude, learn the language. This rant is virtually unintelligible. I want my red pen to correct it, but then it would be completely rewritten. Try again. English, this time!

    • Carmine says:

      Oh my god i have found the official worst comment on this shitty article

  38. Costa says:

    This is the worst “possibly a rapist” post I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of terrible writing. Get used to the idea of dying alone.

  39. Dwid says:

    Fucking spot on. Course I’d say anyone entering sci-fi conventions and whatnot are complete wastes of sperm.

  40. Thomas Meyer says:

    Brilliant bit of writing.

  41. Kristi says:

    Whoa there buddy. I agree with you on some things but lets be truthful a “nerd” or “dork” or “geek” is more than just going to Sci-Fi conventions and or any conventions or playing video games or whatever the case is what happened to reading? I remember when reading was consider being a nerd dork or geek. I am twenty years old and I don’t classified myself as a nerd or dork or geek because I don’t have to if you already know that you are one than you really shouldn’t be classified yourself as one all the time saying well I am a geek or dork or nerd when you are wanting attention just as well as the girls you were calling out. I am a girl and personally I don’t think cosplaying is to get a guy attention maybe to some girls but I love to cosplay because its fun and I love dressing up it makes me feel like a kid again and to make your own outfit is fun on its own. cosplaying isn’t bad just a way for people to feel sexy and have fun yes some girls go little to far and go slutty and cheap and everything else but that’s not all girls and not all cosplayers. now on to one of your topic that really got to me is anime. I am a big big anime fan I always have been since I was a kid that part of me will never change. anime is more than just “Stupid cheap art” is not about the animation cheapness its about the plot lines and how creative and unique looking animation. if you never watch anime you shouldn’t judge it so quickly. anime is a way to escape reality and have a laugh or cry or just a good action animation. personally I think anime is amazing. just like manga I love it. I love comics just as well. I love superheroes. everyone has there opinion. I am not forcing you to love or like anime. I am just simply saying you shouldn’t be so harsh on things that you don’t understand yourself. you like to call yourself big shots and know it all I personally dislike guys like you who think they are a know it all and should judge on every little thing and be harsh to things they have no understanding maybe that’s why you didn’t get girls not because you were a geek or a nerd or a dork maybe it was your whole attitude and the way you think.so try to understand things more better. you write good articles but you just need to be understanding and not so judgmental.

  42. The 4th says:

    This is late as hell but I just came across this and it made me a little angry. Honestly as a female cosplayer myself, I think a lot of this is true; however, you went a little overboard and disregarded the fact that there are exceptions to what you feel is majority. Not every girl dresses slutty at cons or even watches anime. Also, tbh are you really close-minded enough to believe girls shouldn’t be in any sci-fi fandom? Seriously? I understand there are lots of fake bitches, but you can’t pin that on all females and make us look bad. In fact I’ve seen my fair share of males with shit knowledge on what they’re cosplaying and don’t forget the ones who cosplay as anime characters too! But cons are for having fun, not judging every little thing wrong with someone. You don’t like what you see? Don’t look. Simple as that.

  43. Tony says:

    I think the one thing I don’t like about certain cosplay women is when they say they aren’t doing this for the attention, but then they take a character stripping it down to where they are showing off their breast and ass. They sit there in front of the camera and you can tell they love it. If the character is suppose to be like that, as seen above, I can understand that, but when you take a character and turn it into something it isn’t to show off your body I feel like they are craving that attention. However, I don’t agree 100% with the blogger as I have seen some excellent cosplayers portraying the character whether they are fully clothed or not and doing it very well. Then again I’m not huge into this cosplaying thing and I don’t follow events or people, so I can’t really say I know a lot on it. If it makes you happy that should be the only thing that matters and you’ll always have someone hatting you when you put yourself out in public.

  44. Excellent article. I’m sick of seeing pics of girls at cons, knowing that they’re probably just the kind who thinks that looking at a picture of something nerdy, then dressing up as that nerdy character etc. and going to a public gathering of nerds makes them nerds, because it’s apparently “Hip”. It makes me sick.

    • Carmine says:

      Or, they have seen the show and wanted to dress up as a character they like, or an outfit they like. Conventions and costumes are fucking expensive, so why would someone waste time and money on something they don’t like? And so what if they just saw the picture online? Why do you care?

  45. Lana says:

    How about this: we stop calling out girls for wearing outfits and stop calling them “slutty attention whores.” It takes a LOT of guts to go out in something revealing, and, do you HONESTLY think they put time and money into a costume just to impress YOU and a handful of convention creeps? The majority of girls who do this do it because they like to and they’re comfortable with it. Honestly, I’d be too self concious and scared to go out and do some of the things they do. Am i saying none of them do this for attention? No, because there’s always that one bad apple only doing it because its showy. But hey, who cares? What do their costume choices have against your life? Oh no, more “fake nerds” what now? Get over it. So there’s some people “pretending” to be nerds. Whoopdeedoo. It’s not the apocalypse.
    If the costumer is okay with it, if the parents are okay with it, then that’s all there is to that. They can wear what they want.
    It isnt a free pass for people to creep on them nor is it a free pass to tear them down and call their work shitty.
    And by the way- that Yoko cosplay is really great. You calling it a cheap stripper outfit really misses the mark of how good it is. The wig is good, the outfit looks nice and has good material, and the photography is great too.
    Get a life and stop tearing down people for cosplaying what they want to c:

  46. Elliot Tadic says:

    I loved the last line! LOLOL Tape swords!

  47. jix22 says:

    huh… I have to say, as a cosplay girl, I agree with some of this. But also, as a cosplay girl do you see ALL cosplay girls like this? If that is the case then and only then would I have a problem. I’d love to hear the rest of your thoughts!

    • i love how you are trying to coin the term ‘cosplay girl’ like it’s something to strive for!
      do you get paid? like, do you work for Cosplay Deviants?
      ok. well. what DO you get out of this kind of shit, other than attention from your other preening idiot con-goers?
      oh? you get nothing? except attention?
      carry on. hahahahahahha

      • Jolene says:

        I’ve been scrolling through the list of comments, and basically taking a pinch of salt from all the points that have been made, some of which I’d agree with, others I don’t. Nonetheless, it’s fairly interesting to read about different points of views. It’s just that I’ve seen you made the point of cosplay being about seeking attention repeatedly. Granted, attention is always nice. Humans are social creatures, social distress caused by exclusion is strongly and positively correlated with higher levels of activity in the anterior cingulate cortex , which is often associated with physical pain (Cacioppo and Freberg, Introduction to Psychology).

        Cosplay is as much a social hobby, as it is an artistic one (this point has been made several times before). There is a community for cosplay, just as there’s a community for Sci-Fi aficionados, stamp-collecting, ballet dancing, etc. What I’d like to point out is that even if attention is an integral part of cosplay (I’m not saying that it is or it isn’t, however, you seem to argue that it is, and thus I’m applying your logic here) I wouldn’t be one to point fingers. Considering that you’ve made all of fourteen comments on this discussion board, which is fairly similar attention-seeking behaviour, I would assume that you, of all people, would understand the importance of social contact.

  48. ryan says:

    I wish I could insult you like you just did those ppl… But I have ACTUAL productive things to do. But a few things; 1. Ante up YOUR costumes. Or creations. Show us how your creative skill is superior. 2. Its called an Homage. Creative ppl do that. Maybe tou should get to know more of them. 3. Your whole ‘slut/skank’ shaming rant is invalid. These ppl are emulating what they see. Take it up with the sick horny fucks that created the chaeacter in the first place. (Ten to one its a guy with too much free time and a hunger for huge tits). 4. Your sci-fi credit is unwarranted. You sound just like the ppl you are criticizing. (Hint: name dropping is fucking tacky. Simply no class). 5. You dont get to pick in the girls, cocktumor, without hitting the men too. Or are they ok since they aren’t a sexusl object to you? For someone who is so into sci-fi, you seriously seem to lack the deductive reasonining ACTUAL sci-fi attempts to produce.

  49. I agree to an extent . I really enjoy seeing some of the creative costumes people come out with, and Im all for girls doing what they see fit. however ,I don’t agree with representing certain games,movies,anime’s etc using “sexiness” to sell them. And,there are mainstream cos players like Jessica Ngiri who’s only selling points are there tits and skin. Not cool IMO:)

    • Gray Fox says:

      I agree.
      I am a female cosplayer, and I very much enjoy doing so 🙂 it’s a kind of creative release for me.
      What the majority of people don’t realize is exactly how costly and time consuming cosplay can be.. It’s not always easy and it can also be very stressful.

      I’m not a fan of Nigri… I personally do not like the way she sexualizes a character that doesn’t need sexualized (I.E; pikachu, fox McCloud, charizard…)
      I don’t have any respect for that or for her. She gives people the wrong image of what cosplay is.
      But if a character is already sexualized and is meant to have a revealing outfit then I don’t really see the problem.

      And also, the guy who wrote this article must have selective vision, because I also see guys cosplaying in “skimpy” outfits as well. It’s not just women who do it. 😛

  50. Joe Camel says:

    Problem runs deeper. These girls find an environment where they can get attention while maintaining control and goofy con geeks are mostly spineless social deviants. The girls you mention were probably abused as children and most don’t remember it. Your personal angle was justified and on point but consider the harsh reality behind 16 year olds who enjoy dressing in Lolita fetish wear and getting stares from men twice their age.

  51. Ben says:

    Thank you, I love your definition of anime, I have watch a little- and wasn’t all that impressed.

    • lychae says:

      Watching just a little anime and saying it’s all crap is like saying every live action show sucks cause you didn’t like CSI. Anime is a multitude of genres not just one type of show.

      Also fuck the tc. Did he ever fucking think that there are sci-fi anime as well? Also what fucking business is it of his if some chick wants to dress provocatively most conventions have certain dressing requirements. If the costume was really that bad the con people would make them leave. I’ve seen them do it.

  52. Luziver says:

    OMG i cant beleave this! Everyone can dress up as charactaer of theire choice. Some Characters DO show a lot of skin, but i dont see the problem. When u love a character u should be able to dress up as him or her and have fun! Without ppl like u saying mean and offensive stuff like that! But this Video says it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhHI0nAIisc

  53. 00000 says:

    I am sick of slutty cosplays. I swear they just do it for attention.

  54. Judith says:

    This article made me lose brain cells.

  55. none of your business says:

    Lol someone is a lil butt hurt. Nobody gives a fuck if you’re not a “true” fan or not its about having fun. So what if a girl wants to dress up all slutty, its her choice and body. She doesn’t haft to fucking change for your liking get over yourself. Nobody cares how long you’ve been watching star trek or how quality a costume is, if you do then you’re one idiot. Some people lack the ability to create extravagant costumes and are maybe starting small and easier. Just shut the fuck up.

  56. Felix Layne says:

    so….Are we just going to pretend men dont do this because…haaa.

    • Gray Fox says:

      Lol I was just about to say this!

      I see “skimpy” male cosplay all the time.
      It may not be quite as common as a skimpy female character, but it happens more than people think.

  57. Jess says:

    It’s really funny how uneducated, uninformed, and ignorant you are about the subject; yet you write a blog post about it.
    Funny read, good laugh. It’s pretty hilarious that people actually think like this.
    You don’t like what other people do? Good for you! They’re happy doing it and they’re not hurting you, so leave them the fuck alone.

  58. adsf says:

    im going to cosplay u

  59. CosplayControversies says:

    Im going to call out this: Cosplay is for everyone. People cosplay characters (for the most part, there ARE exceptions) because they love the characters. Millions of people love Princess Leia, so of course there are going to be so many cosplayers of her. Not everyone is going to create their interpretation, and that’s fine.

    But that doesn’t give you the right to belittle cosplayers based on their choice of costume. The cosplay community is diverse and open. If YOU have problems staring at underage girls, then it sounds like that is your problem. From what I am familiar with, a lot of female cosplayers are actually in their twenties. Sure there are people who are younger and newer to the fandoms, but that doesn’t mean they are skanky or dressing slutty for the sake of dressing slutty. Usually younger cosplayers cosplay characters that they like, then again, MOST cosplayers do.

    And I agree with how exposed under aged girls are though.

    But, my friend would like to point out, if they are wearing as much as they would at a beach, then it isn’t under dressed.

    Would you call a girl dressing in a bikini or one piece or two piece swimsuit someone who is dressing like a skank or slutty? No. But we do this to cosplayers because we expect that costume consist of clothing.
    If you talk to a lot of professional cosplayers who make their costumes, they will even tell you that there is a difficult amount of work that goes into making these types of costumes. They require special fittings and seams in order to get a nice design.

    And actually, those Leias? There is tons of creativity. If you look at the types of fabrics they chose, the different styles of materials….it’s really a beautiful picture. 🙂

    “It is not cosplay or in character if you are illegal”
    “It is not cosplay if there are others like you in the same costume”
    “Fandoms can’t cross!”
    “You can’t be a nerd and a gamer”

    There is also a lot of assumption in your post about nerd girls and guys, and a lot of stereotypes that don’t apply to everyone. For you to assume that all younger, underage girls/boys living with their parents can’t create their own costumes (or worthy pieces), I would say try that again.

    For you to say that nerd girls or “posers” wouldn’t know what to do with a penis? Try that one again. That is a terrible assumption.

    Also. The point of conventions is to bring together fandoms. A lot of Sci-fi cons host anime things cause guess what…THERE IS SCI-FI ANIME! A lot of Anime cons have sci-fi themes. And honestly, its a lot better for business to mix fandoms. It is also nice for everyone to be able to get together and celebrate what they love and hang out with friend and have fun in costume, regardless of what the costume is. Hell. I average $500+ when I make a costume. Im sure as hell going to wear it to all the cons I can. Anime cons in a city may only come once a year. Game cons may only come once a year. Sci-fi cons may only come once a year. And Comic-cons may only come once a year. Why wear the costume once when you can wear it more than once and get money’s worth out of it?

    I think you make some fair points on creepy photographers though….But you could use pictures that do not take place in Asia. That is not properly the US atmosphere.

    In the end, at the end of the day…Cosplay for fun, and should always be for fun. Even if you are running a cosplay business. All of the photos you posted are of cosplayers, regardless of age, sex, gender, race, costume choice, material choice, profession or whatever else.

  60. killrs says:

    ….dude, this way too long for a simple point. And I hate to fucking say that WE didnt design these characters abd its our fault that a vast majority of the woman are half naked anyway. If you really like the character, then youre ganna cosplay it. Dosent mean you cant like someone completely covered but no one is a slut of being able to create something by hand like that which you obviously cant do. That’s not our fault bro.

  61. Alyx says:

    I think this whole article is just hateful bullshit really. Perhaps it applies to a few but certainly not the majority. And I love how you only call out cosplay girls for not creating something new and for purchasing their outfits but what about the dozens of men who do the same for comic con and acen? What about the guys who wear little just to show off their abs? I think all of this is you just being pissed off that others are praised for their costuming and getting attention while you’re in a corner hating the world. And I bet half the ladies here in comments only agree because they’re the girls who hate cosplay chicks because they are jealous of the a attention and of how the girls look. I have large groups of cosplay friends, guys and girls, well into their 20’s and some 30’s who love cosplay work because it’s the ultimate fandom expression. All of them make as much of their costume as possible before resorting to purchasing anything. And some even do it for a living as a model,promoter and selling commissions of their work. Actually learn things before making blanket, hateful judgments about a group, you misogynist prick.

  62. Mattie says:

    You are just an ass hole that thinks the world hates him 1-not all cosplay girls are like that 2i grew up on sic-fi because my dad raised me that was 3-I have been cosplaying for 11 years and have yet to wear a skimpy outfit 4 it’s assholes like you that ruin there fun 5 you say all these things and you are just gonna sit in your room and feel sorry for your self well news flash YOUR NOT HE ONLY NERD ! Asshole so get over it and shut the fuck up

  63. I want to say I read through your whole article, but the very instant you blamed the girls for pedophile and rape you waved all credibility.

  64. .... says:

    “And this is why some guys now have to go door to door and say hello to their new neighbors when they move into a new neighborhood”

    Really? No, I’m not going to let you blame underage girls for turning a man into a sex offender. This “article” is garbage.

  65. Kelly says:

    You sir, are dead wrong. All you have proven with this article is that you know nothing about costuming and convention culture, geeks’, or women in general. Stay ignorant.

  66. Tara says:

    Wow. You must be really childish and ignorant if you wrote this . I am a female cosplayer and yes there are some people who dress scantily but if u actually pay attention they are dressing as the character in which they love from an anime. And FYI there is no set thing for scifi . There are anime game and movies and a hell of allot more then just things u mentioned. As for the swords and fake weaponry if u have ever been to a con they have rules. If you weapon is real or somewhat realistic you can’t bring it. Hence why cosplayer s choose to make them from cardboard and duct tape so they can have a prop that won’t be taken from them. Grow up sweety there is a hell of a lot more going on than you think .

  67. Kass says:

    I can not believe how dense people can be.
    A costume is a costume, no matter how much skin it covers. A person can not help when they decide to cosplay a character whether that character covers a lot of skin of not. That “Striper Costume” is what the character was made to wear. Cosplay is made up of mostly females from all the conventions Ive been to and all the convention videos I have seen.
    I also dont think you take into account how much courage it takes to walk out somewhere wearing revealing clothing for some women and cosplayers.
    Most cosplayers I have met are between the ages of 15-25. What they decide to cosplay is what they want to cosplay and they put so much effort into those cosplays, most of the time you cant just buy a complete cosplay. And cosplay is expensive.
    I dont even want to read the rest of this article. Its literal trash. I will cosplay what I want to cosplay and I will have fun doing it because I enjoy what game/anime/movie/cartoon it is from and no one should let an asshole like you(or whoever agrees with this shit article) rain on their parade.

  68. DoomyShroomy says:

    This rant is super misogynistic and super gross. While I completely understand not wanting to see underage girls in skimpy outfits, I also don’t think it’s fair to lump all girls into these categories or even blame the girls for what’s going on. It’s a parent’s duty to make certain that they’re child isn’t going about in super-sexualized outfits, not the child who is, you know, not old enough to make those decisions for themselves. It’s the same sort of logic that applies to statutory rape. These girls aren’t old enough to make logical decisions.
    Secondly, Anime conventions aren’t the end all be all of life. These cosplayers just want to dress up and have fun. I’ve attended conventions since I was 15, and while I don’t go as often anymore (the real world set in and I have real expenses like textbooks and food), I can tell you that it’s more fun in costume. If you’re able to put together a costume for a fandom, it becomes a conversation piece and other people who like the same things as you come up and talk to you. I’ve made a lot of friends this way. I didn’t have a job throughout high school because I was dealing with anxiety and depression that made it very hard to get my schoolwork done, much less commit to anything else. I didn’t have the time or money to put into detailed costumes. I just wanted to have fun, and that’s what I did. I went to thrift shops and put together the cheapest and easiest costume that I could. Mostly because anime conventions are fun events and people can do what they want and don’t exist to please anyone else.
    Lastly, the concept of “fake nerd girl” is idiotic. I’ve been into sci-fi and fantasy since I learned to read. I play Pathfinder and am working on a fantasy novel of my own. I went to a sci-fi convention and took pictures with everyone dressed as xenomorphs or predators because I am obsessed with the films and comics. I also enjoy anime, because it’s fun and stupid and I don’t have to put thought into it. I study Classics, Eng. Lit, and the Medieval time period. For fun. This isn’t a competition for who is “more nerdy” but to assume that the women at these conventions don’t have any “nerdy” interests is ridiculous, especially when you consider all of the women involved in sci-fi and fantasy.

    • PlzoTheClown says:

      >I play Pathfinder and am working on a fantasy novel of my own.
      >I study Classics, Eng. Lit, and the Medieval time period.

      I look forward to your future Harlequin romance novel, but who is standing in for Fabio these days?

      • SylvanShroomish says:

        It’s not a romance novel. It’s high fantasy. Sorry,but there’s a bit more to life than that.

        Also I’m not sure what studying Latin has to do with romance novels.

  69. Napalm says:

    Shut up, nerd.

  70. matt says:

    This sounds like some 400 pound neck beard is pissed he never got any ass in high school and still isn’t getting any ass because hes a sexist 400 pound neck beard.

  71. RedKidna says:

    Thanks for pointing out that sexism is still thriving among our sub culture. Always a great thing to see /sarcasm

  72. This is blatantly an attention seeking post.
    Noone is actually this much of a self obsessed party pooper.

    • Kay says:

      You know, I was thinking the same thing. This is one of the most successful rage-bait troll posts I’ve seen in years! Cosplay is a fantastic target because it’s close to the hearts of a lot of people on the internet, and ripping on girls specifically is the best way to ruffle feathers. I feel sorry for anyone who feels like they need to do things like this for attention…it would be different if they’d actually taken time to do proper research on what cosplay is as a culture and provided a proper argument for their views, but they didn’t. My advice to anyone is to just ignore it and move on. All reading this is going do is make people butthurt and start the obviously desired flame war he’s so carefully crafted with his nasty wording and negative attitude.

  73. Jeremy says:

    This is one of the most idiotic posts I have ever read. My friend puts so much love and effort into her cosplay and you just destroyed her self confidence. You are just so ignorant that it is painful.

  74. I am not going to reply as to how much of a fracking dumbass you are over all. but this last part show how clueless you really are.
    Anime is a form of media that covers a whole range of Genres and Demographic groups. Sci-Fi is just one genre out of meany. Just in the Sci-Fi genre alone(of the shows I have seen) Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars(Part 1 and 2) Cowboy Bebop, MS Gundam(any show based off the late 1970s show. Not Wing or Seed.) Patlabor, and Zone of the Enders. That is just a small group of shows that are Sci-Fi. And as to the “calling out manga/anime as pulp fiction nature” I agree with what some one posted earlier, You are beening a wee bit hypocritical on this point, as Sci-Fi itself is pulp.

  75. Professor Ex says:

    It’s sad that the nerd/geek/dork community has turned into this sort of exclusionary hate-fest. Most of you aren’t old enough to remember when this community was the TARGET of such exclusion.

    But, if this is the way things are now, I could apply the same logic and say that “journalists” who don’t know the difference between “there”, “their” and “they’re” are what’s wrong with journalism.

  76. Yourself, go fuck it. That is all.

  77. I agree with the sentiment but my question to you is why now? Is it bc of the big bang theory?

  78. Ashley says:

    Ok I have got to say, you only have right to judge underage girls, but if the girl is 18+ years of age and you see them dressed like that you cant judge, its who they want to be and you really can’t tell if they really are 18 or older. Take me for example I’m a girl, 25 years of age, and I dress as Ino Yamanaka from Naruto Shippuden, where her stomach is showing. Now reason I said my age is because I look like I’m still in High school, so I take offense for the girls that get assumed for being younger when they aren’t when they dress in some revealing outfits. Also I would like to point out the Syfy stuff, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, sure I never watched the classics but I got into Doctor Who from a classic movie I watched when I was younger, and I have looked for Doctor Who since, and I finally watched with the 9th doctor through to the 11th and waiting for premiere of the 12th. Now to say Anime and Syfy can’t mix is appalling because I see there are Syfy genre Animes, if you even watch anime, and I have seen Doctor Who Cosplayers at my anime convention and I don’t care, I don’t saying “It’s not Anime you shouldn’t be here” nor for those dressed as Video Game characters, I dont say that so to try and deny a cosplayer of any show be it Syfy, Video Game, Anime, or American Cartoons what they want to wear is not what a cosplayer should be doing.

    Sorry for my long post but that was what was on my mind while reading this and I just wanted to put it out there.

  79. statistics says:

    My daughter likes cosplay. She doesn’t wear skimpy stuff. She makes costumes that totally transform her. You are just lumping all women together. I stopped reading a quarter of a way through. You sound like a butthurt dude who still lives with your parents. I’m guessing single, and staying that way.

  80. socks says:

    fucking nerd

  81. MickySjones says:

    I don’t get it?? What are we talking about?? Underage slut cosplay??

    There were so many words that I just got lost.

    Could you or some one paraphrase this whole article?? In the simplest of words

  82. Devin says:

    Wow, it’s kind of surprising that women don’t get into your interests, when you weave them so thoroughly with weapons-grade misogyny and general asshole behavior.

  83. Nick Cage says:

    He’s angry because girls didn’t like him growing up because he was a nerd. Nerds are now cool and girls still don’t like him. Turns out, girls didn’t not like him because he was a nerd, girls don’t like him because he’s an asshole.

    “I have not personally had sex with a cosplay girl” YOU DON’T SAY!

  84. Trixal says:

    I wish I could post a picture of this particular outfit I wore at a con this weekend. Half bought/half made. First time sewing. I’m 24, seen every episode at least twice, fully clothed, wearing a version of this character I’ve not seen done yet. (Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time) If a character looks a certain way it should not be considered a bad thing to do them that way. Hell there’s enough people who think it’s blasphemy not to. The cons I’m aware of require younger girls to have a guardian with them so even if they’re slutastic they shouldn’t be there alone. Point is not everybody is like that and for all you know some of these younger girls are hard core fans. Unless you’re a mind reader. I don’t do sci-fi conventions as that’s not my thing but I do do anime and gaming and such. Cosplay is about having fun.

  85. JM Joy MJ says:

    I am a cosplayer and I am 26………..but I can see your point and then I don’t about half way through. I am actually a masters student so I would like to think my IQ is about 64, and the ‘older’ generation of cosplayers aren’t as bad as the younger ones. There is a difference. It isn’t our fault however creepers enjoy taking photos and stalking the 18 and under girls who are basically what you said. Young, silly, and not really caring about what they do, just that they want to wear a costume out.

  86. To every woman on here who is commenting that this article is true; thank you for putting feminism back by about 1.66 billion years.
    Secondly, how dare you. You are the reason that the geek community is still mocked at. I do not even know where to begin with the sheer and utter stupidity of this entire article. Did you even read some of the stuff you were writing? Let’s just start wherever since your article is a shambled excuse for anything reasonable to begin with.
    Firstly, anime isn’t a legitimate art form? Please tell that to the manga-ka’s who make more money and are more famous than you will ever be. Maybe for some dumbass member of the western world it’s not a real art form but what if someone said to you that Stan Lee wasn’t a real artist? Or Kieron Gillen wasn’t a real writer because comics were not real books or real art? You’d probably get angry and write another dumb ass article but the point is that it is a matter of culture and by not appreciating the art forms of another culture you are being narrow minded.
    Now for your extreme slut shaming. First off that Yoko cosplay is excellent and she probably bought the entire cosplay off ebay which, if buying wigs off of ebay is alright, should also be alright or made it herself. If you’ve ever made a pair of tight fitting pleather shorts, you’d know it’s a tough job on sewing machines that you need special needles and thread for. But you probably don’t know that because you are shitting on the cosplayer. Secondly, no one said cosplays had to cover your entire body. There are a lot of women who are comfortable showing off their stomachs and legs for cosplay and there are lots of women who prefer to be covered. That’s fine. There are also a lot of men who like to cosplay things that involve next to no clothing. I remember at Otakon 2012 there were two guys dressed as Spartans from 300 which means they were wearing cloaks and leather underwear. They were basically naked but their costumes were spot on. If the character isn’t wearing a lot of clothes then to cosplay it properly you sort of have to also be not wearing a lot of clothes? Also don’t bring the middle east into it. You can disagree with their clothing regulations but don’t relate your shitty opinion on female cosplaying to religious observances in a culture you know nothing about thanks.
    So where should I go from here? Right. What women (or anyone for that matter) wears to a convention has nothing to do with you. If a woman wants to show off her body, she is allowed to as long as it is within regulation of the convention or the convention space. If a man wants to do the same thing? Sure! Agender and wanting to be a little nakey? You go for it. Because guess what? Your opinion and the opinion of anyone who is not the person wearing the cosplay means shit all/ You don’t like people not wearing clothing, don’t go to a convention. It’s not like this is a new phenomenon. As you pointed out, Princess Leiya has a pretty revealing outfit at one point and Star Wars is not exactly new. If you don’t like looking at people’s bodies then don’t do it! Also as for the creepy geek guy thing, sure, they exist. And if you are not wearing a lot of clothing then they seem to flock around you, it has happened to me before, but girls are able to defend themselves! The way to get rid of creepy men is not to shame girls for wearing revealing clothing but to shame the men for ogling them! This is the same issue as rape culture, it is not the job of a woman to not be raped, it is the job of a man to control himself and not rape someone!
    And lastly, your excellent- sorry I mean TERRIBLE comment about what is appropriate for a convention. Just because you don’t seem to like anime don’t be butt hurt about it. Conventions are a gathering place for fans of all things, sure, don’t expect there to be an anime panel at a sci-fi only convention. There wouldn’t be sci-fi panels at an Anime only convention after all (and a lot of conventions now just overlap so it doesn’t really matter anyway). But if someone wants to dress up as something, it is not your decision to tell them they cannot do it! Every year at Anime Boston there is a Jesus cosplayer. Jesus isn’t anime (oh ho but saintly young men came out!), he isn’t from a videogame or a comic or ANYTHING. But hey, you wanna be Jesus- go for it!
    At the end of the day we are all nerds in cosplay. Nerd is an umbrella term, you can be a comic book nerd, an anime nerd, a videogame nerd, but we are all part of one community. A community that is very misunderstood by people who are not in it and the last thing we need is people of our own community shitting on and hating other people in it because they do not agree with dumb, trivial matters that do not concern them.

  87. Sarah says:

    “You can’t sit with us!” That’s all I hear throughout this entire article. Since when did it become a competition? People like you make me so sad. Let people like what they like. Just because people we’re mean to you in high school is no reason to go through life with a chip on your shoulder.

  88. Not Buying Your Butthurtness says:

    I think you’ve just been turned down by so many girls that you got butthurt and decided to make the same rant that every trilby wearing douchebag rails off. Think girls showing their midriff is so bad? Sorry but 90% of female characters are drawn and designed with their midriff showing. These are the only characters these girls have and there’s more to the characters than the fact that their belly button is showing. Not creative? I have friends that spend weeks hunched over a sewing machine creating costumes for cons. Are there too damn many slave leias? Yes. But that doesn’t make them any less of a Star Wars fan. Grow the fuck up.

  89. But y u mad tho?
    Seriously nerd, go learn to throw a football instead of slut shaming girls with more valuable life skills at a pre-college age than you have in your adult life.

  90. Nina says:

    You specifically call out Anime here for the “whoring” when the fault isn’t entirely on the cosplayers. Show me a good anime that doesn’t have short skirts, gigantic boobs, crotch shots, and little to no clothing that Americans have access to. The cosplays are the product of the anime, which is a product of cultural dogmas set by the country(ies) they hail from.

    As a female Sci-Fi cosplayer, I see it all the damn time. While I am mistaken for a dude merely because I cosplay a Star Wars character who is 100% covered up, there are the anime people who take it too damn far and turn it into a challenge to see how close to the “public indecency” line they can get without trouble. Then, most have the audacity to complain about sexual harassment from others. The responses you get are fueled by societies norms, don’t act like it’s a surprising thing when some creeper comes up and makes a comment about your ass when the only part of it not showing is covered by dental floss.

    The parts I don’t agree on are the “creativity” claims in here. Yes, there is a slew of copycat costumes, but really, what you are stating is that if someone else has a costume, you shouldn’t do one like that, whether or not they are a character you love. The example you gave was the Leia clan, who I will admit, have a large number of “the sexiest costume I could find in Star Wars” girls, but unless you are a huge SW fan with great knowledge of EU stuff, you’re not going to know that there are a handful of other females in the universe. The slave outfit is me widely known than her regular white robes, and most don’t even consider the Endor or Hoth sets.

  91. Knisspel says:

    i started out reading your post and totally agreed with your opinion of slutty cosplay girls. But it bothers me, it sounds like you’re saying “all cosplay girls” – and that you don’t seem to get what cosplay is. Your part about being not creative… Cosplay is about coping the style of a character, representing him/her as accurate as possible. Of course, everyone will look the same. But the way to build your cosplay, to make it light, wearable and stable can be really creative. Sure, only putting on a wig and some small pieces of fabric doesn’t do the job. I am a cosplayer for 6 years. It’s just a hobby that i like to participate in. I sewed 70% of all my costumes myself, the other 30% were bought and changed to look like the characters outfit. (fabric is expensive so i won’t sew a simple shirt from scratch.) I’m not a geek or nerd, i’m a gamer and i like anime. So i cosplay. Nothing special. I just show how i appreciate my fandom in my own way. I nether showed my tits or my belly in any cosplay, have never worn a skirts shorter then 40cm. I’m nothing special for cosplaying, but damn i won’t stop for some angry nerd or anyone else. I wear my cosplays at any time i can, not to show off, but to have fun. Not all cosplayer do this for 15 secs of “fame” or attention. I just love to dress up this way, meet with my friends, do random shit and meet new friends who are as stupid as i am. ( I actually don’t really like it, if some one takes pictures of me, it makes me uncomfortable. So as long as no one else is around, i try to say no, if they even ask)
    Yeah, cosplay bitches piss me off as well. Those who think they are great and awesome, just because they wear a miku hatsune wig and a bikini. But those aren’t the only people who cosplay.
    And i wanted to say to the picture with the guy laying on the floor to take a picture: I also make photo shootings with other cosplayers and sometimes you have to get in weird poses to get a good shot. If you look at the angle, he won’t see her panties and she definitely knows that some one is lying there. Its an extrem low angle shot, thats really good to show the whole costume in an imposing angle.
    And to the one with the big sword: That is called a pose, not being unable to lift the sword. The picture is taken at a really bad angle, so you can’t really see her leg. And yes, thats not really a good sword, but who fucking cares? Building such a sword is HARD. And your part about how you consider a good cosplay… why isn’t a wig part of a good cosplay? I mean, when i wanted to cosplay Samus Arens, i would need a blond wig, cause i have short ass hair in black and green. Till thats grown out an bleached… well shit, i wouldn’t be able to cosplay a pretty character any more. So what, if i use a high quality wig that i cut and styled to look like her hair? That wouldn’t be good cosplay anymore?
    Well… I just don’t appreciate the way you generalize all of us. we all are just some weird people who like something really passionated, either be it anime, sci-fi, gaming, larping or what ever. Its no need to hate on each other. Or at least don’t hate all of us. And your point about being an outsider. As long as you aren’t a really hot as bitch, we aren’t any different. Thats why we meet at conventions to find someone with the same interests. Sure, now you could say “but my life is way harder, everyone hated me” or something along those lines, but that doesn’t matter at the internet. just don’t generalize all of us. Oh, and i know that anime isn’t art or anything special. But does that mean that i aren’t allowed to enjoy it? nope, i love that shit. so what?
    There are always those pretentious people who think, being a nerd, hipster, gamer or now an otaku is something cool. Those people are shit. But that doesn’t mean that actual nerds, gamer or otakus, who participate in there hobby passioned are the same.

  92. Mia Carla says:

    Can I just say its a little silly when most anime heroines are 13-16. They are rarely over 17 unless they are older sister or mom types. Many ofthese girls would already be customed to wearing little if they were from a place like south america that celebrated latino carnevale styles … its all in good fun. its not the dress its the attitude.. https://scontent-b-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1.0-9/1507976_222232971314407_360623252_n.jpg

  93. Really says:

    I have to disagree entirely. While you are allowed to have your opinion, many of these cosplay girls don’t do it to please anyone else. Under that pretext, they do it for fun, the same way you would draw a fan art, or play a video game. It shouldn’t have to fit your guidelines on what a costume is, if someone wants to slap on a wig and do a closet cosplay, thts totally up to them, it’s not our place to judge. Picking at girls, for doing something they enjoy is just another form of societal pressure added on to the many other ones they may already face. Good job.

  94. Seth says:

    PFFFFFT!!! Oh my god, this was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read!
    Thanks for reminding me of the level of pathetic I couldn’t reach if I tried: yours.

  95. Seth says:

    OH MY GOD, you moderate comments so only people that agree with you can post! This is eve funnier!
    Thank god you will NEVER pass your genes on.

    • mari says:

      Actually, he did get around to letting all the angry messages through, just took some time. The article is over 2 years old now

  96. Alice Rogers says:

    butt hurt man is butt hurt man.

  97. EZHarry says:

    I bet you have a really nice fedora collection.

  98. Taki says:

    You sound neck beard-y as fuck.

  99. Md says:

    The slut shaming is the first thing Wrong with this, the second is the fact that creators draw females In damn near nothing and get offended when real women try to replicate it

  100. Squiddy says:

    Wow, how sad a life you must lead. I bet you are one of those guys that complains bitterly about never finding a girl that shares his hobby, only to post stupid crap like this to help ensure that you never will.

  101. kixxster says:

    seriously kid, go play in traffic. quit slut-shaming try being a decent fucking human being.

  102. Ty says:

    This is one of the most sexist, elitist, entitled, blogs I’ve ever read about cosplay. This guy is a complete tool.

  103. Crystal says:

    You seem to be making the mistake that women dress in revealing costumes for the satisfaction of men. Because EVERYTHING girls do is just for men. News flash: I’m a lesbian, a cosplayer, and I couldn’t give less of a shit of that shriveled up tube of meat you call a penis. I cosplay who I want and wear what I like for my own fun. If you don’t like it, buddy, no one gives a shit. You dropped your fedora, asswipe.

  104. Atsuko says:

    Just ridiculous…85-90 percent of comic book, video game, and anime female characters are portrayed in skimpy costumes. Just because the outfit is skimpy, doesn’t mean it’s not complex. I seriously hope this is a troll post, because it was so blatantly bad I couldn’t read all of it. If you think that boobs sag in the 20s…then you know nothing of the female anatomy. Sexy costumes rule…and you sound like a sleazy pedophile.

  105. At least you can admit that this entire thing is just you being bitter. It might be the only true statement you’ve made in the entire article. Remember those people who ostracized you when you were younger? Remember how bitter and angry you were, and despising the sort of scum who got enjoyment out of telling someone they didn’t belong because they thought they were somehow better than you? You’ve officially become what you hate, because what you’re doing now is 0% different. Congratulations.

  106. So…in short, you’re just upset that what was once the little niche of you and your friends is popular, now, and not being treated with the utmost accuracy and respect. No offense, but suck it up. You can’t really change that it is, so there’s not really any point in ranting about it. Instead, why don’t you select some of the ones who actually do care, and help educate them? Since you think they’re ignorant. A wise man finds any available solutions, a fool yells at the problem.

  107. Clarissa says:

    You know I can actually see your argument as valid. That bothers me a bit because 1. I am a girl. 2. I am also that same dork you were ostracized in school. There is a reason I dropped out and went and got another form of finishing that crap. 3. I think i have enough factoid info from comic books, and sci-fi novels, stored in my head to be the legitimacy behind my personal nerd card. Which actually isn’t from gaming.

    Now you went on to rant about people who seem to have only recently gotten on the crazy bus of cosplay and nerd-chic as i call it. Bravo someone had to take the bullet of the masses and receive all of that hate mail. I am by far a bit of a purist. Because of people like you I prefer making O.C.Costumes. In other words Original Characters. That however does not mean I do not like when other people cosplay as their favorite characters. I will compare this to the mentality of going to a movie to see your all time favorite comic book character made into reality only to realized they nerfed half his shit. Yeah its really cool to see them in person, but it kinda sucks at the same time because some of the veneer of imagination is stripped away.

    Every time you ridicule someone who hasn’t done a good job on their costume or berate someone for not being nerd enough you are causing that person to be bombarded with hate. For some people they do a great deal of research into building their costume be it and O.C. or a Cosplay of their Favorite Anime or Super hero. (This can very easily cross the line of don’t cosplay outside your body type. Which is an entire different argument that I am not touching right now.) For a lot of those people this is their first time getting introduced to the fandom. You could actually make it a point to have an educational based intellectual conversation that starts with their costume and turns into introducing them to other things the character that they are portraying was influenced by or story arches they were involved in and possibly gain a new member of said fandom who is willing to actually learn. Because most people who do said cosplays have a genuine interest.

    As far as the Anime based cosplay is concerned. There are multiple people who do it because they love the character. Which is awesome. This is a way for them to meet other people who share their interest. Liken it to noticing someone carrying an issue of Ultimate Spider Man #1 hoping to get Stan Lee’s autograph and Mark Bagley’s. Obviously They are someone to talk to because they have a heartfelt interest in the artistic side of the comic. Japanese animation does have its own area for the same thing. Evangelion is one of them, as is Vampire Hunter D, Cowboy Beebop, and an untold list of others. The growing popularity of some of the anime is based solely on how popular the Manga was, is, and will continue to be. It’s about the story told and not exactly about the mass produced hype surrounding it. Some of it is about the content and the artict ability that those Hand Drawn anime require. (Because yes a good number of the Older anime are hand drawn. You get that higher quality image by drawing the pose even slower across 200 to 300 cells so that you get that beautifully crisp motion of the arm for that one movement.)

    My best suggestion is don’t judge to soon without willing to put yourself on that same pedestal to be judged by. I spent several years being the only girl in a room of over weight, lives with parents, and smelled funny, because to much work to take a shower guys. I still know a fair number today and consider them my friends. Thankfully they don’t view me as one of the airheads full of bubble wrap that you so eloquently described.

    If you want to ostracize the next generation of your fandom interests. Then so be it more power to you haters always gonna hate. Especially when they feel their territory is being encroached upon by people who they stereotype cast for their behaviors and how they look and auto assume they know nothing about what they are doing.

    Granted yes there will be those people who do something because, “Everyone else is doing it.” or “I just thought she looked pretty.” and “I wanted to be pretty too.”. Those people wont go away with the big massive diatribe. Sorry to say it, but they are actually here to stay. I wont argue that you made some good points. Also I wont argue that your right. Being Chivalrous and male in today’s world being at a Convention of any sort or just going to the grocery. You can not pay a genuine compliment, nor can you offer to help someone. Because if you do you will be considered a creeper or a worse threat.

    Oh yeah I didn’t write my opinion on you bit about the renfaire and people dressing as pirates or etc. Um Hi I used to be that woman in the lady in waiting garb standing next to the queen of (insert appropriate faire name here) Do you know why many Playtrons (And any one dressed in period accurate costume, including pirates, is called this by staff and cast of the faire. There is a mixture of respect and hatred for these individuals.) choose not to dress like the nobility? It is comparable to the cost of making the Journeymen Costumes from the Dragon con costume contest every year. I only know this because I have made four of those lady in waiting costumes and not a single one cost me less than 300 to 400 dollars to make, and I sew. If I had to pay someone else to make the ones that I made it would be twice that. So going as a Pirate is a perfectly respectable option. Especially when you factor in the cost of a good corset which all on its own is between 300 and 700 dollars depending on your size.

    Costuming at a convention, Faire, or some other event. Is at the most a Labor of love. It doesn’t matter on who’s scale your using. Time and dedication went into the costumes. Because I am sorry, to strategically cut patches of fur so they cover just enough to be legal, and are accurate to how a character is portrayed is a pain in the butt.

    As for the underage in a skimptastic outfit that will get you called on Sex offender charges. Well its my opinion That is a bit of bad parenting. Kids will be kids and today when a 16 yr old looks like 22 years old you can’t quite be sure what you are looking at anymore to begin with. So i completely feel you there. There is just no way to easily escape that noose. At that point I retire to the hall of gaming and don’t poke my head out from under my rock in hopes I don’t make to many waves.

    All in all brilliant argument. hopefully my counter point gives you a few different thoughts on certain matters. I just want you to know many points I do agree on. Though at the same time I must say I do disagree.

  108. You pretty much said what a lot of us think but don’t like to admit. The people that say being a Nerd is cool never paid the dues for it. The dues of being ostracized, growled at,ignored and treated like a 2nd class person.

    But sadly, like momma use to say “It just be’s that way sometimes…”

    • taiki says:

      Wait, dues? You had to pay dues to be a nerd? Since when!?

      I mean, I’ve paid MY dues. But the problem is, I’m still left very kinda awkward and pretty fucked up from the experience. However, I don’t think the world owes me anything for it, nor do I think it’s the price for the ticket to ride the Nerd train.

      What about people who grew up in spaces where being into SciFi or Fantasy or Anime or whatever was acceptable? Those spaces -did- exist.

      This awful gatekeeping of supposedly “nerd” culture is just horrifying and ridiculous. If not just plain out bitter.

    • maddogsaint says:

      If you’re pissy over people not “paying their dues”, you are an asshole. Can’t you be happy that these kids don’t have to be tortured for what they like? What sane person wants kids to go through the kind of pain we did to “earn” their spot in the geek club?

      You’re as bad as the hazing jocks. These kids can love s.f., fantasy, video games, comic books, anime, computers, and reading, and only a few people give them shit for it! We should be dancing on the rooftops that the dark time is over, not turning on them like rabid hyenas.

  109. Sophia says:

    I will say one thing. I cannot tell if you personally are a piece of shit, but this entire narrative is, and I’m forced to conclude that yes. You’re a piece of shit. I feel sorry for anyone who has to be around you, you fucking misogynistic blubbering ogre.

  110. Nick Petersen says:

    I’m not really digging most of this, but one paragraph I did agree with: the part about shallow “nerd girls”. I’m in pretty much the same boat as you on that.

  111. equal parts true and equal parts u butthurt about nuthin, but at least u said it out loud~

  112. Kane Calloway says:

    I should write a blog titled ” Why I hate little whining little girls”
    You just sounds like a butt hurt idiot who wants to hit on cosplay chicks but cant because you are an ass face. Its not their fault that the characters they like are half naked, let them do what they want, why are you not complaining about the guys that do the genderbent of these half naked characters, no one gives them shit for being half naked. And when they cosplay shirtless male characters, you dont see females crying like little sissies because they are shirtless. Also, because of the way females are sexualized, many conventions emphasize the idea of being respectful to all cosplayers, to lower harrasment, no one want to have cameras pointed at your crotch, I sure dont. Some of these “skanky” cosplayers, are sometimes do like it, and thats how they sell their merchandice. Also cosplay is not all about “originality” people usually cosplay characters that they like, and because they like them, its probably a already cosplayed character. Its okay that you are “expressing your self”, and now I am expressing my self on how you’re a dick walffle.

  113. Chris says:

    Congratulations on the award for dumbest article of the year. Sorry no girls ever wanted to talk to you in high school, I’m sure this is totally helping you up now. Also almost all cosplays have a wig. And I’m pretty sure the girl in the Samus cosplay is wearing a wig. Cosplay is about having fun, not about making sure it can be approved by your perfect eyes.

  114. maddogsaint says:

    So… women are bad for accurately recreating costumes for female characters designed by men? George Lucas wanted Carrie Fisher naked and had the costume designers put her in a gold bikini – she did not make that executive decision. Men designed the costumes for Power Girl, Lulu, Poison Ivy, and Uhura. Then women are excoriated as sluts for daring to accurately recreate the exact costume of the characters they admire or prove their nerd credentials in triplicate. That’s really fair of you.

    As for anime not being s.f. (s.f. being the correct shorthand according to Isaac Asimov), some is, some isn’t. You can’t fairly say that “Cowboy Bebop” or “Ghost in the Shell” isn’t quality science fiction. So you’re annoyed that fans of *gasp* newer science fiction are showing up at science fiction conventions, as if Japanese animation hasn’t been part of the s.f. scene since the 1970’s. “Macross” was what, exactly? “Captain Harlock”? “Galaxy Express 999”? “Astro Boy”? Or are you only bitter to the fans who didn’t have to spend huge amounts of money to import bad quality VHS from another country? Or just girls? Why aren’t bad male cosplayers equally bad?

    I think I know the answer to that – you have no resentment towards twinks. The flirty gay boy wearing a table napkin is showing his creativity because he has always belonged. The penis puts you closer to space, I guess. We women only have Anne McCaffery, Ursula K. LeGuin, James Tiptree, and, oh yeah, Mary Shelley as our prominent s.f. authors. Stop being pissy because you were an odd man out 10+ years ago. Grow up and be happy that nerds can be open and honest and satisfied now. I was bullied for being a geek girl 10+ years ago by the jocks and plastics, and now I have to face it again from my own community? That’s some plain bullshit.

    • mari says:

      🙂 Totes on there being quality s.f. anime. We watched Akira for my science/speculative fiction lit class (which was mostly focused on books/short stories, but spun off into other media too).

  115. Ashley says:

    Dear douche,

    You are a douche. This article is disgusting.

  116. coytle says:

    This is an old thread, I feel I have to at least say that being into sci-fi does not make you an intellectual elite either. That being said I have never been into cosplay or roleplay or whatever other names there may be for anonymous gatherings of nerds. Obviously any sane person should know that anime is shit and science fiction is wonderful but the level of emotion you put into this is rather… high. Too much anger

  117. max says:

    lol somebody needs to get laid. why so butt-sore?

  118. Alex says:

    I very much enjoyed this. Not only is your writing style and general voice very witty, which I adore, it’s backed up by a valid opinion and examples.

    I have agreed with many of the opinions in this article for a very long time, and have been ridiculed for it because I am a girl myself. Although, I think it’s even more reason to be bitter. Any of us who are of legal age, have common sense, and take pride in our artistic craftsmanship have the unpleasant misfortune of being lumped in with the majority of girls in the cosplay/costuming groups.

    The standpoint of being irritated because nerdy has suddenly become cool is perfectly valid. Girls tag everything as #nerd #omgnerd4life now, just because they play two video games, or think a character from something they’ve never played/watched/read is cute. Everything is being crossed together as a general “cool” thing now. Even if they were a gamer, that doesn’t make them a nerd.
    Being a software engineering major, taking extra Physics classes for fun, and being an “intellectual elite with a high taste for fantasy,” are the things that make you a nerd. Not because it’s “cool.”

    So basically, yes. I agree with everything here. Which I’m sure will give me shit later, because I found this article due to a female who is friends with me on Facebook posting this spewing hatred for the male species. It seems not all of us agree, haha.

    Excellent read and intelligent opinions. I will be subscribing.

  119. doubledbre says:

    One of the women in the Slave Leia shoot is my boss Candy Keane. She is married and in her 30s. She is also there with her mom. While Slave Leia is not an original design that she came up with she did have to be creative in figuring out a way to make it herself and make it for others since she owns a successful costume shop, Three Muses. By making costumes such as Wonder Woman and Slave Leia she can afford to make more creative designs.

  120. In all honesty this guy is full of flying shit!! some of what he is saying is true, but I see a full on tantrum of a whinny ass baby who dwells on one fact and doesn’t see the whole picture!! : / So far I’m disgusted by people such as this, plus the article is so damn long that its nothing but a continuous rant of his fucking point of view. Dude take a fucking Chill pill and fucking stay with your own thing!

    Ignore the so called “Anime Bullshit” that you spew out of your filthy mouth. Implying that most girls are whores and sluts even if you didn’t originally intend to, but your article says otherwise. I got into anime because one I love the art, love the characters, love the story, can’t get over some of the other outfits, and general things like that an so on.

    Girls in this generally in the age group don’t have any respect for themselves at all and dress like the scantily clad women in anime cause either they think the character is cool or like you said for the whore-ing thrill for attention(who in the 1rst place should never be around anime in the first place since they give cosplayer’s a bad name). Plus I think your full of crap and whoever disagrees with me forever reason or have a whinny attitude like yours can go suck a dick!!

    • mari says:

      Well… it *is* his blog, so he’s kind of supposed to put “a continuous rant of his fucking point of view.” That’s why people write blogs. Well, amateur blogs anyway. Professional blogs tend to be more tempered for general appetite.

  121. holzmantweed says:

    Wow, you’re going to brag about knowing who Ted the Fish is but allow these words to be published under your name?

    “Because these girls, as a general rule, suck.”

    Who brags about knowing Sturgeon but is this clueless about Sturgeon’s law and the circumstances under which he coined it? Congratulations on revealing yourself as the real fake fan.

  122. mari says:

    There are a lot of things here that I could take issue with, but the biggest one is your supposedly hardcore real geek self saying “In Japan Anime isn’t really this esteemed art form, it’s pulp, you’re celebrating something mass produced with very little attention to quality.”
    So, celebrating mass media pulp made with little attention to detail is crap? Did you ever watch Star Trek TOS? The old Doctor Who stuff? Pre-golden age (hell, even golden age) comics? The Fantasy/Sci-fi zine scene?
    Yeah, I’m too young to have been around for all of that, but I know better than to pretend like “nerd” interests have been some sort of high brow intellectualism.

    • True enough, I mean rarely does any art form start out at the top of its game, it’s usually pretty crappy when it gets going and then gets refined. Hell, half the Sci-Fi authors that are considered greats now got their start in Playboy magazine because no other “Slick” publication would feature them back in the day.

      • mari says:

        Just realized how old this post is :P. I kinda hope it was written in a fit of frustration (which I can totally understand. I work anime cons because it’s free to work them and grants me access to pretty great table top gaming rooms, I too get frustrated with the teenie bopper anime scene despite my being in the generation where that particular craze started taking off) and that you’ve realized that it’s a lot of over-generalization.
        Looks like it’s making the rounds on facebook. I saw it via some of my friends who I’ve worked anime cons with, so yeah, tidal wave of hate for you. I appreciate your response to my message. Have a cookie.

  123. Dejah says:

    As a nerd from age ten, con volunteer of 10 years, D & D gamer for 30 years, hacker and developer, connoisseur of SF/F and a damned good writer of the same, what you are and this is, from my long, long experience con going, is a whiny ass man-child jealous because he has to share his toys and can’t touch the pretty shinies. In short, you’re not a nerd, you’re a jackass. You must have pulled this rant whole cloth out of your frowzy anus, because that’s what it is: misogynist, jackass shit. Just shit and not even the little white glob on the top of chicken shit. I’d call it pig shit for how it smells, but that would be an insult to bacon on the hoof. You are neither pleasant enough, friendly enough, nor well enough respected to shit pig. I wouldn’t let you hang out in my sty much less my con. Keep your creepy lens and your gross worldview to yourself. Those gamer gurls and anime kitties and animaguri knitters– how the hell do you know, and why the hell should you care, what they are into or how they got into it? They may not be the jackass you are now, but they are very likely to be the nerds of our future. They will certainly give birth to them, which you will not.

    • Murphy says:

      ^^^^^ I praise you for your comment, thank you so much for this comment

    • Chisha says:

      Bless you

    • VanHohemheimdasWunderbar says:

      Thank you for the well thought out and intelligent comment. After reading this bullshit and poorly written article, the writer actually sounds like he is afraid of women..pretty darn pitiful if you ask me.

  124. Adie says:

    Personally I think you’re being overly angry.
    The reason characters look slutty, is because most of them are designed by men. And most of the time: men want to see that stuff. So they design it.

    Sounds like you’re just being a male elitist.

    The fluffy cat girl? The white one? Yeah that’s an actually character.
    Her name is Felicia and she’s a capcom character. Currently she’s popular in the game called you know, capcom vs marvel.

    People who cosplay as characters that aren’t very well covered, are because THEY ARE ACTUAL CHARACTERS IN REAL STUFF SEEN BY PEOPLE.

    Not knowing every little thing about a genre doesn’t make them fake or posers. It means their still in the surface, still learning, still becoming a part of it.

    Getting angry about girls getting into guy stuff is really really dumb and youre the type of person that they laugh about.

  125. Amanda says:

    You’re so right about everything! Being a female cosplayer is terrible! I’m going to go throw my Daedric armor I spent a year building from scratch in the garbage now. You’ve really made me see the light!

  126. Monk says:

    LOL….Love it! You rant like I do and I can’t disagree with your take on the subject. Especially the idiots crossing anime to SciFi cons and such. Good show ol’ chap!

  127. George W says:

    Well, aren’t you just the self important little dill hole.

  128. Blake says:

    Next thing you know he’ll be whining about Homestucks, because grey paint in fact did not stain his Motel 8 sheets.

  129. Djinni says:

    I see your points related to a variety of cosplayer (a common variety), but it seems you are generalizing an entire group of people based on the loud and bad.

    My perspective, though, may be skewed since the only conventions I attend are general sci-fi/fantasy and more all encompassing. So having gamers/anime fans/pop culture nerds in there with the sci-fi folk just never offended me.

    Also, I tend towards anachronistic costuming, which usually doesn’t involve showing a lot of skin, tends to be original designs and creations and an insane amount of ingenuity and talent.

    Cosplay is something I always defined by the word itself. Costume play.

  130. Songbird says:

    There’s a lot of generalization in this post.

    Not only does it lump all (female) cosplayers into one assumed standard of low talent and shallow intentions, but it does the same to all anime fans as well.
    What it does not do is address the time and money it takes to put together a really detailed, authentic cosplay (or any other costume), whether or not you have the artistic talent to pull it off.
    The girls you’re talking about are in school (since you specify the age range and subsequently insult anyone above that age range). Most of the girls in that age range do not have their own jobs, and of course are dealing with the increasing stress of school itself (because if you actually bother to do all your homework and studying, it takes a disgusting toll on the free time you could be putting into costuming.)
    As for the money issue, not all students have the benefit of a stable family economy. The lower class is huge. They can’t just out and spend a ton of money on materials abs crafting tools, and neither can their parents.

    And then there’s the fact that you completely pass over male cosplayers. Do they not count, or is what they do somehow okay even if they’re doing it for the same reasons as the ladies?

    Let me talk a little about myself here now – I have done very little cosplay, and one reason for that (along with being low-income and lacking the knowledge of how to work with materials other than cloth, thread, wire, and duct-tape) is that I’m not all that proud of my body. It’s not an ugly body. I just don’t like showing it off. The problem girls like me face is that a LOT of female anime and videogame characters – even those with excellent story arcs and admirable personalities – are designed by straight men and thus prone to having painfully skimpy outfits. Yes, there ARE cosplayers who choose a character just for the sex appeal, but they do not represent all cosplayers. A proper fan of a particular character would want to dress like that character whether she’s got a bikini on or a lumpy winter coat. It’s not just being sexy. It’s about identifying with a character or story that speaks to the cosplayer.

    Now as for anime itself – yes, it’s cheap. Yes, a lot of it is bad, but plenty of it is good too. There are some amazing stories and characters to be found in anime and manga. It’s not even that hard to find them. One of the things things that stood out to me when I was younger and watching more anime was the villain redemption stories – or if not redemption, then simply backstory that explained in a sympathetic way why the character became a villain. It breaks the white/black good/evil mode and makes the story’s morals deliciously complicated. This is something not done nearly as well in American cartoon (I know it was done sometimes, but it was not as mainstream a them). We are seeing more of it recently, yes, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that isn’t in part influenced by the rise of anime popularity in the US. Of course the local writers would want to emulate whatever is selling at the time.

    The value of anime isn’t in how much skill goes into the art. It’s in the story. It’s in the characters who young, hormonally distraught teenagers can associate with to help them through those obnoxious identity crises we all suffer around that age. It’s for this reason, really, that devoted cosplayers do what they do, no matter her age and skill level – or his.

  131. cassycat9 says:

    Apparently none of you high in the sky brainiac morons don’t know what cosplaying is.

  132. kelleynymph says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading this garbage because it is nothing but faulty generalization after faulty generalization.
    -not all female cosplayers are 11-17
    -Not all female cosplayers wear costumes that are skimpy
    Stop generalizing.
    Also, that skimpy costume you were complaining about is accurate to the character design….so stop hating.
    Also, stop trying to “out nerd” people and say other people aren’t as fantastically nerdy as you just because they aren’t into your fandom….it could just be they haven’t discovered it yet. Elitist nerds are the worst type of nerds out there.

  133. Shen says:

    Sound like someone is made because they can’t get any action from a hot female cosplayer.(I’m joking)
    However about this topic, yes let’s blame the female cosplayers for connection and liking a female character, who so happens to be designed by mostly males, that desses in the most revealing outfits, again designed mostly by males, and wants to cosplay as them at a convention in which they would like to attend and actually enjoy. Yes, there are females out there who just want attention and will go to a convention and where an easy pick cosplay that will gain some attention, but a lot of them don’t. For example, the Princess Leia picture with all the amazing Princess Leia cosplays costumes. Some of those girls might be with their boyfriends/husbands who wanted them to dress that way, some them probably dressed that way because the actually like Leia, and there are the few who just dressed that way to get attention. The point of cosplay is to have fun to be something other than yourself or a self expression of one self. “Well if they liked Leia then why not pick a different type of outfit that Leia wore?” That’s depends on the person, so I don’t know why. It could be because it is the easiest and the cheapest to make, or the fact that it is the most recognized outfit of Leia even if you are or aren’t a starwars fan, or the fact that most conventions last for three days and they have planed to where the other Leia outfits the other days. (god this is long). They are not playing whore, they are playing a character that they like. “They should just create their own character to cosplay as then.” They can do this but the point of cosplay is to have fun and connect with others it’s a lot easier to do so when you pick someone that can be easily recognized.

    Next point the Samus cosplay vs the Yoko cosplay is not fair. It’s not the female’s cosplayer fault that Yoko is designed in shorts and a bikini top and Samus designed in full body armor. Also how dare you say she just bought the shorts form a halloween store when it’s possible she made it herself or a friend made it for her. That just wrong. The Sammus cosplay can be easily and cheaply made just like every other costume. You want to cosplay Samus take some cardboard boxes, some makers, a leotard from a halloween store, mix it all together and you’re done. The level of which the cosplay is made just base on how the character is designed is just unfair.

    Let’s talk about the fake swords, do you really think a convention would allow hundreds of people to carry around these gigantic, real, and sharp swords around the convention floor. “But you can buy real swords on the convention floor and such!” Yes I know that but these swords are usually boxed up or has some type indication that the sword is real or not, or if they purchase the sword they are not able to take it with them until they are leaving the convention or putting it in their hotel room or car. The fake swords do serve a purpose not only an extension of the cosplay but it’s also for the safety of others. “But then why don’t the just leave out the sword if it is soooo dangerous?” As there are movie critics there are cosplay critics like you, so people would complain ” this cosplay was well done but it was incomplete without that sword you know.” Plus the person might feel some type of completion with the sword with their cosplay. I know when I get a chance to cosplay i’m going to go the whole nine yards with it. Also do you know how much it is to get a real sword or to have a costume one made. You’re better off making a damn cardboard sword then to buy one trust me.

    Yes anime and sci-fi are not the same thing, HOWEVER, anime is a medium and sci-fi is a type is a genre therefore there can be a sci-fi anime. The cosplay of the girl in the shorts is technically from a sci-fi anime called gurren lagann so if you saw it at your sci-fi convention then that cosplay had every right to be there. Also can you draw? If you can then you should understand that all form of art is brilliant art no matter you like it or not. I don’t like scary gruesome art that my friends like I sit around and say it’s not brilliant art because it does not suit my taste. If you can’t draw then and you still don’t understand that art is a matter of taste that is suited for certain people and not every one then you are not as intellectual as you think you are my sir. I don’t like to sit and watch football, heck I don’t like watching any type of sport, but I don’t mind sitting there and watch it with friend who do and understand why they like it, however i’m not going to sit there and call the sport shit because I don’t like how it is played or how boring the game is to me. I’d rather play the sport then to sit there and watch. Yes there are people who over glorify anime, but then again let’s look at football, pop music, tv shows, cartoons and heck even family guy. The reaction to the family guy fandom when they kill Brian was ridiculous it was on the news for pete’s sake. People got tattoos of brain when he died. So it’s just not in the anime fandom dude, it’s everywhere!

    I’m a gamer, an anime fan, and I like cartoons and comic books to a degree. I like learning new thing. I like to listening podcasts where people talk deeply about comic book movies, games, and cartoons on a deep intellectually level. I’m a geek. I grounded myself in high school for getting a d on a progress report, I like to think outside the box because I’m lazy and don’t want to work hard. I’m a nerd, geek, and a gamer. My definition of a nerd may be different from yours as well as that girl that you meet at the club that day. I agree playing call of duty and portal all day doesn’t make you a nerd you are a gamer. I love my League of legends, team fortress 2, and my small collections of games. I love my sailor moon, kill la kill, and bakemonogatari. I love regular show, adventure time, and my little pony friendship is magic. I like math, learning new things, and about some other cultures. I want to know how to build my own pc and I want to relearn C++. I’m a nerd, a geek, gamer, and a Female.

    If you don’t like something don’t be a dick and complain about it and hope it’ll change. Be the change. What are you doing to change this “Problem”. If are worried about the teenagers that are underaged dressing in sexy outfits, then go on the convention committee and set a rule that say ‘those over the age of 20 can wear reveling outfits but those under the age cannot’ How to tell the difference between the ages have the convention pases color coded red for over the age and blue for not. You won’t be able to change the fact that girls are going to wear very revealing outfits because of feminist and females do what they please, but be supportive of them and ask them why they cosplay these characters. Their response might surprise you.

    ^Watch this ^

  134. gamergirlexp says:

    I have to both agree and disagree. I agree that, yes, there are some idiotic cosplayers out there that should really THINK before they dress up, but there are also a few goods ones. For instance, my friend and I have been learning how to sew for a while now and because of this, I have been able to cosplay as Sgt Major Kururu/Kululu from Sgt Frog (anime/manga). My costume covers literally every part of my body from the neck down, and it took all of my yellow clothing and many weeks to create.
    My point is that I agree that cosplaying is a deterriorating art, and I believe that a good cosplayer is someone who, in costume, can remain unrecognized from their real identity.
    Also, just because anime is the equivaliant of spongebob doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t like it. I, for one, enjoy the different culture and enticing art styles of manga. Others might like the storylines or the appeal of a book containing less words than a usual novel.
    Lastly, your point on anime geeks (as I call them) attending sci-fi conventions, ill half to agree partially. Anime cosplayers should not attend, but if someone were to be dressed in the costume of a sci-fi character who just happens to be in an anime, then as long as it’s appropriate and they do not make a ruckus, then people should just let it slide. They may be a sci-fi fan, too. I know an entire anime club that loves “Doctor Who.”

  135. Darcie says:

    Everyone who’s commented so far is fkkn retarded. Why has no one called him out on this uninformed BS?
    If you’re going to write some stupid article and post it everywhere at least check your facts before you start shitting on art forms.

    1. The average age of cosplayers is 24…WELL ABOVE the age of consent
    2. If you want to sexually assault an underaged girl, it’s because YOU’RE a slut, not her
    3. Slut-shaming is a shit hobby…you should think about getting another one
    4. Since you obviously know nothing about anime (if you were at all informed you’d know who Yoko is and why calling her out as a slut is so ironic that it’s hysterically retarded), making not ONE anime reference in this entire post, just shitting on it like you know everything (further ironic since you shit on other people doing the same thing when it comes to “nerd culture”), you should consider watching one before shitting on the art form as a whole
    5. YES anime is an art form…or at least a subgenre of animation, which YES is an artform
    6. YES cosplay is an art form
    7. If you think cosplayers aren’t creative, why don’t you trying making 3DMG? Or a simple t-shirt? Or anything, really. Creativity requires you to make something…so…yes, cosplayers are creative…unless there is a magical cosplay fairy cause, if so, I need to get that girl’s digits
    8. Even cosplayers who buy / commission their cosplays still have to model it with the right styling / makeup / photography…interestingly enough, all under-appreciated forms of art. Hmm
    9. If you think anime is pulp and looked down upon by even Japanese then you’re seriously misinformed. Have you ever been to Japan? While sure, some series are just for entertainment as much as any art form, some are genuinely intellectual and talk about topics ranging from gender identity, social problems, philosophy, complex human psychology, dealing with a wide range of complicated emotions, ect. I don’t have time to talk about the history of anime but at least put some effort into figuring out what anime is before dissing it. Anime is not a genre. I REPEAT ANIME IS NOT A GENRE. And you obviously have no knowledge of Japanese culture…which is making you seem racist so…just watch out for that
    10. A good majority of the cosplay community partakes in crossplay…if we’re just doing it for attention from men then why do we try so hard to make ourselves look like boys? It couldn’t…no…no it couldn’t /possibly/ be because we just enjoy the characters and the art form, could it?
    11. Also you can’t get in cosplayers’ pants because most of them are in healthy, committed relationships, lesbian, don’t give a shit about your dick, or any other of more complicated reasons for girls to exist rather than just to suck off some dipshit like yourself
    12. Got some sad news for you, bro, but, since you are so stupidly uninformed about anime…some anime ARE science fiction. Who would have thought that the two aren’t mutually exclusive? And some even worse news: Cosplay ORIGINATED from science fiction conventions. Sorry not sorry for your loss
    13. Sure, maybe some cosplayers just do it for “attention,” but not all, and I’d say most cosplayers do it because they love the characters and the show. We’ve taken the time to appreciate something beautiful that has reached out to us in some way or another and wish to share that experience with others…if that is a “worthless” pastime, I’d like to see what you’re doing with your life…jacking off to a photograph you took of some underaged girl at a comic book convention? You tell me which is more gross
    14. If you are a cosplayer and read this don’t feel shitty about yourself. As long as your respect convention rules, tastefully wear what you want, and do your best to accurately support the characters and works you love, there is nothing wrong with that. No one can tell you that you can’t cosplay or who you can, especially not this idiot. People reading this and feeling shitty about themselves are who I am most worried about here…don’t.
    15. A lot of cosplayers are going off to top colleges, are at the head of their grade, do community service, speak out for minority groups…so no, they don’t just shit around wasting their time (you know, like writing stupid articles that only hurt others). They are learning practical skills and how to expand themselves in a larger social network by enriching themselves with an under-appreciated form of art. And artists as a whole are proven to be more compassionate, sensitive, open people. So a society built on cosplayers…I’m okay with. You just keep doing what you’re doing. Being a cosplayer doesn’t make your worthless or a slut.

    And you know, I’m a bit at a loss here. Us girls just can’t win, can’t we? When we aren’t fans of something, we’re made fun of, oh, because we “can’t understand it.” And yet when there is a rise in the number of female fans for things considered to be “nerd culture,” we’re still getting shit on for it? I guess we can never be true fans, no matter how many comic books we read or anime series we watch or movies we enjoy or videogames we play…we’ll always just be stupid bitches.

    Well, at least I’m stupid and having a good time. And fkk it, I’ll continue to read, watch, and play because it makes me feel happy, fulfilled, and enriched. But I guess I’m just missing the point.

  136. M.ichi says:

    After reading this blog post, I decided to write a response:
    Why Sci-Fi Guys Annoy the Shit out of Me.
    Just like this guy, I am a filmmaker/director and screenwriter. Which really made this personal because the men in this industry generally suck. I am also a female comic/manga/anime/videogame/table top/TCG/sci-fi fan who loves to cosplay. I’ve gotten comments on my cosplay in the past directing me how to portray a character, what’s wrong with my cosplay, why I ruined their fandom because xyz, etc. These comments come from douchebags who do not cosplay but think they know what cosplay is because they go to conventions or watched a shitty documentary TV show on SyFy. What people decide to cosplay is up to them. Furthermore, the characters that are portrayed in these “pseudo-stripper” ways were created by the men who draw these comics. So I have to ask, why are females wrong for portraying these characters as they were created? Is it only alright if a man puts on a Wonder Woman or Super Girl cosplay?

    My research as a film student went into the cross-culture media exchange between America and other countries through comics, books, movies, etc. Part of that was Japan’s comic and animation industry with America. Unfortunately for you, these media items DO have a presence in the “mainstream” media. I put mainstream in quotes only because I am referring to the mainstream comic industry, not what is conventionally considered mainstream (i.e. Hollywood adaptions of comic books for general audiences). The companies that distribute these pieces of media have a presence at Comic Con. I’ve seen them there and have worked for them at those events. I’m sorry, but anime and manga is now mainstream in your nerd culture, get over it. I am not defending anime and manga as an outsider or simply as a fan. I have lived in Japan twice and have dealt in this industry.

    Furthermore, this guy (and all his supporters), as a non-cosplayers, cannot decide what is and isn’t a costum. I’d like to see half the men and women who criticize cosplayers for how they look put on a cosplay. Do they think they’d look any better? I am, admittedly, not a HUGE American Comic fan, but what I do know about those fandoms, I appreciate and have considered cosplaying because I like it. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy literature, I play many American-made/non-Japanese videogames, I’ve played D&D and other table-top games. Heck, I cosplayed for Bushiroad and fought attendees for them at Anime Expo (and won all but once >>) because I love Cardfight Vanguard as an anime and a trading card game…that ate al my money. I love everything that encompasses what “real nerds and geeks” like. I am also a cosplay girl. I know other cosplay girls who like what we all like too. Just because you sat on your fat ass and watched Heroes of Cosplay doesn’t make you an expert on cosplayers and cosplay culture in the US or anywhere else in the world.

    This guy and the people who agree with him are what is wrong with conventions nowadays. You spread hatred because you believe what the media has constructed as “real geek guys and girls” (i.e. ugly, fat, overweight, unattractive) as true, when it is not. Sorry to break it to you, but attractive people can like what you like. And we don’t do it so you guys will look at us. We do it because we like what we are cosplaying. My do you get to decide why people choose to start cosplaying and what a real cosplayer is? Answer is: you don’t.

  137. Nicole says:

    I believe that he has some good and bad points. As a cosplayer, I get that people believe it is “dress-up” and it’s definitely not for everyone. The point, however, should be to look like the character. That Yoko up there is accurate.

    But on the other hand, some things are way overcosplayed because they’re easy and slutty. A lot of girls do use it as an attention thing and it’s incredibly frustrating when people do it for those reasons than just to have fun dressing up. AKA girls that modify things that shouldn’t be slutty like Pokemon, boy characters, etc. (cough Jessica Nigri cough). They try to become popular and all of that. It’s all about the reasoning behind the cosplay. It grinds my gears when women take it to extremes and basically wear lingerie and call it cosplay if it’s the same color that a character wears with a wig.

    Creativity isn’t expressed in the costume itself, it’s expressed in the way a costume is made and how to translate it into real life. LED lights in props, creative uses of everyday materials, hours and hours spent making armor that started as sheets of printer paper? I feel that that is the creative aspect, not the design itself.

    Finally, I legitimately enjoy anime/video games/some sci fi, without the cosplay aspect, and also, we’re not all bad at sex! Just saying.

  138. Aubrey says:

    When “nerds” judge, and talk shit about other “nerds” for what they wear, do, watch, ect, and in the same breath complain how the “normal” people did (basically) the exact same thing to them when they were young. I can’t say this article is wrong, since it’s his opinion, but you can’t say someone isn’t a nerd just because they like cosplaying half naked characters (or do nothing but watch Star Trek all day). Just look at the people that dress us as Orion slave girls. If someone is happy expressing their fandom that way, and have the confidence to dress how they choose in public, then let them. I’m sure most of them were bullied just as much, if not more, by similar people when they were young. Live and let live, don’t be a douche. 🙂

  139. Kila says:

    OMG, you’re totally right. Girls don’t belong at Sci-fi conventions. It’s not like there are female sci-fi leads or writers. It’s also not like these anime characters and sci-fi females were ever drawn or portrayed scantily clad in the first place. I mean even if they were it’s totally okay in the media but when real girls do it, it’s gross especially if they won’t actually sleep with you. So glad someone like you is out there to show them where they are going wrong. We need less people into the same things because that’s the only way we’ll ever be comfortable!

  140. Olivia says:

    You know what? I didn’t even get halfway down this bullshit article. D’you know why? Because you sir, are talking such crap that I couldn’t read any more (which is incredibly unusual for me, given that I normally read the entire thing so I can at least understand the writer’s pov, even if I don’t agree with it).

    First off, where do you get off claiming to be a bigger sci-fi fan just because you can name people? Why does that make you better than me? I consider myself to be a sci-fi fan too, and no, that doesn’t mean I spend every waking hour watching Star Trek and Deep Space Nine, but what I DID do was grow up watching Jean Luc Picard, the Doctor (and yes, I mean the classics as well as ‘new Who’), Captain Jack Harkness and so many others that my bedroom wall is covered in posters from (and no, not just the pretty boys. The actual characters because I like the show). Why am I not rattling off a longer list? Because I don’t feel the need to.

    Second, fuck you. Seriously. I know that REALLY makes my argument sound valid, but it’s all I can think of to sum up my feelings. Personally I’m 18, nearly 19, and I’ve been cosplaying all of my teenage life. In what you ask? Shock fucking horror, in something other than hot pants and a bra. Yes I wore a wig, but that was because I didn’t have gravity-defying, bright blonde hair like the character did. I wore a cloak for one character, the other a knee-length dress. Oh my God, so slutty isn’t it? How shameful! In fact, I’m in a pretty damn big circle of cosplayers, and I don’t know a single one who dresses like that. And if they did, it’d be because that what the character wears.

    Mate, seriously, get off your damn high horse. You don’t even know what cosplay is, do you? It’s not just sci-fi. It’s not just about putting on your favourite Trekkie shirt, or a Samus outfit (as I believe one of your examples of “real cosplay” is wearing). It’s about dressing up as a character from whatever TV/film/game you want. How do we get accurate? By changing our hair with, wait for it, wigs! You’re telling me you can style your hair into seven different colours and styles, just to suit all the characters you cosplay? Oh wait, I forgot, nearly every guy cosplay is the same: short, dark or blonde hair. Yes, some of the characters we girls cosplay are inappropriate, but do you know why that is? Because that’s how the creators designed them. Don’t blame us because our favourite character just so happens to wear something that the design team can jack off to on the longer days in the office. And how dare you. How dare you criticize us and tell us we’re not trying just because we’re not wearing a full body suit that took 2 /12 years to make. Cosplay is expensive: my most used one consists of a black cloak and a wig. Together, that cost me £100. £100! So yeah, the younger ones might go for the cheaper alternative, which unfortunately happens to have less to it.

    But you know what else? Don’t you fucking dare blame the girls that are brave enough to walk around all day, exposing themselves just so they can be their favourite character, because 40-something year old men can’t find anywear else to look but their tits, and spend all their time photographing them for the sake of their body. I get the feeling you’re one of those people who claims rape victims bring it on themselves. Female cosplayers, in most panels I’ve seen, are actually warned about men ogling them. “Yeah sure, dress as your favourite character, but remember, guys are gonna stare” And that’s somehow our fault?!

    I’m assuming you haven’t even read this, and if you have, I expect you’ll have stopped reading this by now, having dumped it in the “typical whiny girl’s hate mail” pile. So let me just wrap up by saying this: Fuck. You. If you do reply and try to somehow persuade me I’m wrong, I will verbally rip you to shreds and show you as ignoramus you are.

  141. Lucas says:

    Yeah, because, you know…cosplaying as how an actual character looks (IE, Yoko Littner) is apparently not cosplay.

  142. this salt i read right now. peeps are that salty over girls and what they dress like? the ONLY thing i agree with is chicks who call themselves gamers and don’t know anything about a game outside CoD or something. that does bother me. but otherwise, why so much salt guy? is it cause you can’t connect with a chick of quality, that happens to be into what you like? i mean damn. it’s not that serious guy. calm down. go boot up the Adventures of Batman and Robin on Sega Genesis. and vent there. not the effing internet.

  143. Tanner says:

    You’re completely wrong about just about every single thing you posted, you arrogant idiot.

    First off, you’re griping and moaning about all the anime cosplayers ‘invading your convention’ when you used a picture of a bunch of slave leias. Yup. Princess Leia, from the best anime ever: Damn STAR WARS.

    Yeah, no way someone in a STAR WARS costume belongs at a Sci-Fi convention.

    Beyond just that (you ignorant clod) anime isn’t a genre, it’s a medium. Like books, graphic novels, movies, cartoons, and tv shows. There are horror anime, sci-fi anime, romance anime, action anime, dramas, historical pieces, the works. Same with books, same with movies, same with novels. So to say ‘HUR DUR I DON’T WANT THIS ANIME AT MY SCI FI CON’ is like being pissed that people are representing sci-fi books at your sci-fi convention.

    There are sci-fi books, there are sci-fi movies, and there are sci-fi anime. Get over it. (Or continue being a butthurt moron who can’t string an argument together to save his life, whatever.)

    Alright, so since anime can easily exist alongside sci-fi (since anime is a medium and sci-fi is a genre), what other points did you have?

    Oh yeah. You hate how revealing the costumes are.

    Well, get on the horn with literally EVERY sci-fi author of the past hundred years! Gripe at them for dressing Leia in a bikini, yell at the creators of Red Sonja or Supergirl or Batgil or ANY alien woman from your beloved Star Trek.

    Anime is NOT alone in the ‘bad costuming for females’ department.

    Next, you hate how young they are. That’s great! Especially SINCE YOU RAIL AGAINST PEOPLE WHO TREAT YOUNG NERDS BADLY LATER IN YOUR OWN ARTICLE: ” it pisses me the hell off to see girls who most assuredly would have been treating nerd boys like lepers in middle school now capitalizing on their attention later in life because being a nerd is cool.”


    Lastly, you hate it when GIRLS do it. not once do you gripe about the 600 Han Solos or the COUNTLESS Deadpools, despite the fact that they bought probably ONE item online (stocking suit = instant deadpool. Vest and MAYBE gun for Han) then threw on some slacks and called it a day.

    These girls at LEAST do their make up and put on their costume, meaning they go one step farther MINIMUM from any guy wearing a Captain Kirk outfit.

    But no no no, only GIRLS are the problem. Guys can do NO wrong, even when shirtless and terrible and lazy and smelly with their cock flopping about in their deadpool onesie.

    But no, instead of hating on the lazy, middle aged, uninspired, layabout GUYS from sci-fi who do ALL OF THESE VERY SAME THINGS, let’s pick on the young girls instead!

    Since you hated it when teen girls picked on you in school, it’s CERTAINLY fine for you, a MIDDLE AGED, GROWN ASS MAN to pick on a teen girl.

    You lazy, hackneyed, inconsiderate moron. Get bent, choke on your own entrails, and die.

  144. Tanner says:

    I give him ten minutes before he deletes my comment. He’s too cowardly to face real criticism like a man.

  145. Megan says:

    I can smell your fedora from here.

  146. PinkHairedJedi says:

    You do realize that not ALL female cosplayers are that way right? I have done plenty of costumes that don’t show any more skin that a long sleeved turtle necked sweater and pants would show aka Aveline from Assassin’s Creed. Actually most of my costumes that I have made cover a large magority of my body. Yes, I have a Jedi costume that does show my mid rift but guess what, that’s pretty much all you do I fact see skin wise. There are some female cosplayers that create costumes because of the detail and time that Goes into their costumes. Heck, I’ve even hung out with actual costume designers for popular shows and they like my work. Not everyone falls into your black and white world.

  147. Anne says:

    The most amazing thing to me, is that the majority of anime/science fiction/fantasy/games woman ARE put in sexualized outfits. And then women who love the series and want to cosplay from it do so, and are blamed for sexualizing themselves.
    When only 1 out of 10 cosplays allow you to be “not sexualized” should women only cosplay those? Shall we choose not to dress up under the knowledge that this means WE, women, are the perpetrator of sexualization then, not the male driven media we, woman, also love for the plots, world building, and characterization? Shall we cover ourselves in public for the fear of making a man uncomfortable when he in private plays and promotes media forms that sexual us?
    Perhaps we should check what our society is saying. That it’s ok in fiction to promote women 9 times out of 10 as simply a sexualized object, but it’s not ok in reality for a woman to want to dress as a character from a beloved series or show her body in a way that could MAKE a man be a pervert.

    Perhaps this is just the disgruntled opinion of a Science PhD student at a major post graduate university, who cosplays out of fun and love of series.

  148. Angelischiel Seraphiel says:

    It took me a little bit to figure out how I wanted to say what was boiling inside of me. I agree with you, I think what has been happening the last few years is ridiculous. I actually saw a 12 year old cosplaying as Black Cat(Spider-Man), and cringed. I see these young girls at the conventions, in these revealing outfits, and I wonder if people realize exactly what those girls are doing. Though I do not believe that any woman deserves certain kinds of attention, young girls should not be focusing on which short skirt makes her ass look hottest. They should be focusing on their grades, bettering their lives, not ending up a wellfare mom with 6 kids living in a trailer park.

    I remember when costuming was about searching high and low, scraping together all of your spare money, buying that last bolt of fabric. Spending hours upon days upon weeks upon months… snipping, tracing, doing everything possible to make the costume the most exquisite thing in the world. Nowadays a girl can slap on a bikini and people will applaud her. Yet someone goes around dressed in a nice outfit, seems to get completely ignored.

    My very first cosplay was Female Martial Arts Turk from Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis. I busted ass to save up the money to buy JUST the right Suit, JUST the right shirt, and JUST the right tie and boots. I was so excited to be going to an event where other people might recognize my nerdiness through my costume. You know what happened? Nadda – until I threw on a simple costume Kimono that had a short skirt and tail. I only wore it for the dance, but I refused to reuse it after that.

    Since then my nerdiness has been expressed by pouring my heart and soul into getting the perfect costumes. Making them as much like the originals as possible, learning everything I can. My favorite cosplay is still a Turk, but ANBU(Naruto) comes in a close second.

    I wish nerdiness would go back to what it was. I really really do. I believe that costuming pride needs to return to what it was. I believe in this.

    I get so angry when I hear preppy bitches talking about how nerdy they are, when I was in High school I got in fights because I sat with the nerdy guys. People in school picked on me a lot, because I was a quiet and tiny mousy girl (until you made me snap). I played Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, Pokemon, Vampire The Masquerade, and D&D. I loved my n64 and Super Nintendo more than anything in the world. I had very few friends, but cherished the ones I did. I did not have a boyfriend till I was almost 21, and he was as big of a nerd as I was.

    I remember what it was like, and I am outraged that it is now considered ‘cool’, when so many people have been hurt and ostrasized for the same things that people are now honoring them for. OMG A girl can play a video game… Call of Duty WOOTWOOT… Fuck that shit, tell me when you complete Ocarina of Time perfectly, in less than two days, hell less than a day, and do not sleep till you are done. That is what a Nerd girl does. A nerd girl walks around in baggy clothes (or her underwear and a tshirt, we are lazy like that), her hair isnt perfect… she doesnt chew on her controller… She doesnt dress like a total slut and claim she is a ranger… Most real nerd and geek girls are completely ordinary and often over looked.

    I have said my piece, thank you for posting something like this.

    • Danny says:

      are you seriously saying that, because you were hurt in the past by some very particular people, hell not even people, very distinct persons. That because of these encounters you are going to throw every person under the bus for not literally living your exact life?! what kind of shit is that? Don’t you get it, you are NOT a nerd. Not by this guys standards. You played Yugioh and Pokemon (yeah the card games) but direct extensions of anime which apparently are not art forms, despite being exactly what art is…. You didn’t name any of the authors he lists as criteria for being a nerd….Which means that the Nerdom you’ve based your life worth around is just a facade. You have never been a nerd. It doesnt matter how many N64 games you finish, or how big and completely sorted your MTG collection is. You didn’t live this guys life, not enough. Not entirely. All of this and more and you want to agree with him?!

      Also as a fan of FF, the Turks pretty much just wear suits. Wether in FF7, before crisis, that kinda crappy advent children movie, doesn’t matter. Not even fancy suits. Which have existed as formal wear and not just costumes for so damn long it’s hard to see someone just wearing a suit and not thing that they are just going to a job interview, that’s probably why no one recognized you. Has that never dawned on you before?

  149. Mr. Picaso says:

    I don’t understand why people are getting up in arms about this, he clearly said it’s his opinion… he was stating it as fact; and to be honest a lot of this is true. 14 year-olds shouldn’t be wearing super-revealing clothing. However, I will say that people who at least try to do cosplay/costuming shouldn’t be harshed on just because their costume lacks quality in comparison to those who can drop hundreds of dollars on their hobby. Imo, the lesson is this: cosplay while keeping your morals, don’t cosplay for the attention.

    • Danny says:

      (NOT said in an angry voice,seriously)
      Yes, it is his opinion, and while it is bullshit, these are our opinions, which is why he put it on here in the first place, he literally said so if the first paragraph. But as far as scantily clad under aged cosplayers go, the problem isn’t what they wear or what they don’t wear. The problem is that people shouldn’t prey upon them. (verbally or physically) Using what women wear as another type of “they were asking for it” is just another way for creeps and sex offenders to pretend they can’t control themselves.
      And what do you mean, “don’t cosplay for attention”? That’s the whole point. Otherwise you’d just make this massive Warhammer40K outfit that lights up and moves and then what? never take it out of your garage? Cosplaying is all about showing people what you are interested in and what you or a team can do when putting together a costume. It’s completely about getting attention. There are even contests for it.

  150. Jack Frost says:

    I can very slightly see your point, but you still were a complete asshole about it throughout the whole bloody article.

  151. Mary says:

    … Well. Admittedly I see lots of slutty copsplay out there. I’m an 18 year old girl and I’ve been cosplaying since I was 15. And I can honestly say that I have never worn a slutty cosplay. All of my cosplays are knee length, and often cover my neck. ( I can’t help but love square collars)

    I’ve just started making my own costumes from scratch, making patterns, AND DESIGNING ALTERNATE VERSIONS ( so there goes your “lack of originality” argument). My best friend who is 15 creates props from scratch, ( including moving wings and a light up staff)

    I understand where you’re coming from on certain points. People cosplaying anime shouldn’t go to sci-fi conventions unless there is an anime section there, or it’s from a sci-fi anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. And saying that you’re a hardcore fan when you’ve just started isn’t something that you should do.

    But honestly… you’re coming off as rather rude… The whole tone of this “article” is rather whiny ( as others have pointed out), and your style is not particularly unique. And even worse you come off as uncivil. ( This coming from a published writer. Don’t believe me? check out the first issue of http://www.typoetic.us when it comes out, and also http://www.amazon.com/Cataracts-Various-Authors/dp/0982748396/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1399068864&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=cataracts+nyc+826 )

    You do not write as if you’re trying to express a personal opinion but as condemning the entirety of female cosplayers, based upon a few women ( who are cosplaying designs made by men mind you) that show more skin then you’re comfortable seeing in a public setting.

    Saying that you have a problem with slutty cosplay is one thing. Because I can see where it might offend some people, for moral reasons, or because they feel like it takes away from their con experience. But not all girls cosplaying are doing those cosplays.

  152. Rosedust says:

    What does the scouter say about his Fedora Level!?

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smash*

  153. SweetSelaphiel says:

    haters gonna hate XD

  154. Courtney says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are uneducated and have an extremely narrow mind. Now I don’t usually leave posts on stuff like this but this made me laugh. Cosplay is an art and it takes money, skill, imagination, and a little ingenuity to create these costumes. I am 30 and I have been cosplaying since I was 23. I have an amazing job and I spend part of my free time creating costumes. You say that all female cosplayers only cosplay characters that are half nude, but you are wrong. I mainly crossplay (dress up as male characters, if you didn’t understand the term) but I have my fair share of female characters. My last cosplay was Yukari Yakumo from the Video game TouhouVania. The project cost me roughly $300 to make took about 12 yards of fabric and a month and a half to make. If that is not a cosplay, please by all means prove me wrong.
    I have been a scifi fan probably longer than you have been alive and I am actually starting a Star Trek cosplay for my next convention which happens to be a scifi convention.
    Your narrowmindedness is the reason why people scream rape culture and hate on “cis” people. I hope you take a good long look at women who don’t cosplay just the “scantily clad” characters. They are out there more than you think.
    For my last thought, cosplay is about having fun and being able to be someone else for the amount off time you are in that costume. Once you stop having fun and start judging others based on skill and character choice, you should quit that’s all there is to it. Don’t shame others for your insecurities, it’s rude, hateful, and immature.

  155. Tiffany says:

    I’m a cosplayer, and I’m a woman. Honestly the underaged thing is true, but not all of us are generic. I’d also like to state that Cosplay should be fun. It takes a lot of effort, I agree, but it should really be for fun. I mean I’ve seen a ton of men cosplay and suck at it, so it works both ways. I’ve seen a ton of underage boys attempt to be a sexy guy.

    On another note, I did some research a while back and apparently MANGA came before COMICS in the united states did. The Americans started doing comics due to the Japanese making Manga 😛
    If you look a lot of comics have the same qualities as manga. Also ANIME is just animation, in Japan they call cartoons Anime, anything thats a cartoon and in motion is an ANIME. So your argument on anime is invalid sorry .w.

  156. Mike Haversham says:

    What you’re doing is trying to reinforce some sort of “elite” culture, when cheap anime costumes can be seen as just as odd as a male driving around in a hearse, or running around with a mohawk and eyeshadow. Maybe it’s because my experience has been completely different, because I have NOT seen a con where the average age of a cosplayer is 11-17, but I completely disagree with most of your points. Gaming culture can’t be closed off to newcomers or it will die out. Some of these people (not just the girls) weren’t around for what you define as being a gamer, and I don’t accept your definition (an intellectual elite with a taste for high quality fantasy) of gamer either. What you really appear to be doing is writing an article to get known as a “semi-famous internet celebrity” with an inflammatory article that will get you press, maybe for “Death Hearse on Satan’s Titty Highway” or a B-movie that you’re directing/starring in.
    And what makes me laugh is that you _are_ known as one of the “sketchy as fuck, unshowered, greasy haired male photographers clambering for a shot” in certain circles.

  157. Davi says:

    “As a guy any time I get a camera in my hand I feel the urge to take a picture of hot chick”

    This isn’t being a guy. It’s being a creep. This is pretty strongly supported by the rampant misogyny and slut shaming throughout. It’s just really sick that you try to represent and support nerd culture with a blog while representing one of its most toxic and rampant stereotypes.

    Check it out, women of any age are socially totally allowed to go to the beach, wear a swimsuit, and act like a normal human being. They shouldn’t have to assume every man is naturally going to want to stare down their naughty bits by nature of being a man. Furthermore, there’s certainly nothing about a Felicia or Yoko Litner cosplay that makes it more scandalous than a swimsuit.

    “You dumbasses show up to Sci-fi conventions dressed as anime characters, renaissance festivals(…)

    See, now this I can get down with. It’d be a great point to make if you guys haven’t been flooding our cons since the 90’s. I’ve never been to an anime central without seeing a fleet of out-of-place red shirts. I’ve never been to a Youmacon without seeing some dingus in a cardboard Tardis outfit. Get your peas out of our corn and we’ll talk about getting our corn out of your peas.

    “I had to point out that being a GAMER is not the same as being a nerd”

    You hit a lot of sub-culture cardinal sins here. Fake geek girl. Arguing semantics of already vaguely defined terms in what was supposed to be a comfortable social situation. Initiating the Geek Hierarchy. Blogging all those things in a single paragraph on the Internet….

    Before I leave, I’d like to try to encourage you to stop blogging like this. I know your heart is probably in the right place or whatever, but things like this just serve to promote the awful misogynist nerd stereotype, and I’m certain that you’re ignorant enough to think you’re innocent. You don’t know how this kind of thing can really affect people, and your message is only hurtful. Please stop. You’re making the world and our respective sub-cultures worse off.

  158. Older than 17 girl says:

    I could not stop laughing when I read this. Not because he is right, but because he is so sad and pathetic. True, a good majority of young girls do fall into this category at conventions, but there are also a LOT of girls in their twenties and older who go to conventions and put a lot of time, effort, and energy into being accurate and and detailed in their work. Yes, their are wigs, and yes some costumes are a few scraps of fabric; however, their is finding the right fabrics in the right colors or dying them to the right colors, then there is drafting a pattern, then there is finding out how to keep it on without showing nipples, then their is cutting and styling the wig (and if you’ve never cut hair before, it’s not easy, and about twice as hard on a wig for just a basic trim). There are girls who go to great lengths to make their props look good and accurate, carving wood, foam, or molding wonderplex before spending hours on hours sanding, priming, sanding, priming (this goes on for a while…) and painting. You’re a photographer? Great, let me know when you’ve made something, even if it’s something that’s already been done before. It DOES take creativity to bring some of these things to life, because in a lot of cases, you need to find a way to make it adhere to the laws of physics and still look right.

  159. Savage Wolverine says:

    You forgot incredibly douchey asshole that reads hack science fiction in your bio, should have come right after Hearse driver….first of all, you’re a dick…these women have as much right to ve at a con as your goofy ass. What does it hurt you? Really…why is it YOUR business what these girls do? I don’t need to announce my pedigree in the nerd community to you but I will you whiney idiot…I’m 39 I am a lifelong fan of Science Fiction, Comic Books, Animation of all types, fantasy, gaming and just about everything else in that arena….the fact that you reached to pull 3 or 4 obscure SciFi writers out of your ass to sound like you are SO “In The Know” shows me your particular breed of douche…..I’ve read more Science Fiction than YOU, I’ve read more comics than YOU, I work for a VERY POPULAR comic book website that I won’t embarass here with my ranty spew of hatred towards you, I don’t dress up like Dracula and drive a hearse to seem all dark and mysterious like an asshole like YOU, and I for one would rather have these girls at a con than a bitter, dickless, wanna-be know-it-all, that feels the need to “Out Nerd” everyone they meet….I hate, hate, hate assholes like you at cons…you sir are the problem. Please take yourself to the nearest tampon disposal can and throw yourself in….GOOD DAY

  160. Roxanne Reed says:

    Congratulations, another pretentious, ignorant, jerk. This asshole makes me sick. I can tell this guy doesn’t watch anime, or at least NEVER seen Gurren Lagann once in his life. Nor has he watched the original star wars movies. I admit, I think younger female cosplayers should wait until they are 18 before doing the underdressed characters, but that is no right to bash female cosplayers as a whole. He must be blind or twisted if ALL HE SEES are the underdressed girls. This uneducated douche needs to actually not only watch anime, but watch VSauce 3, when they were talking about Cloud’s Buster Sword, and HOW IT COULD ACTUALLY WORK WHILE MADE OF METAL. If the Buster Sword was real, and made of Galvanized Steel, it could STILL work, as a fully functional BROAD sword. Which it is. Also, remember the fact that, y’know, METAL AND WOOD ARE KIND OF NOT ALLOWED AT MOST CONVENTIONS. He’s also blatantly insulting anyone who goes to conventions. This fucker apparently just hates anime, video games, and women. He also apparently hates anyone who wants to recreate a costume because they like it…Unless it’s Samus, that is. Depending on the genre, anime can be sci-fi. Space Dancy, for example, is sci-fi. If I’m wrong, then he should be told to leave an Anime Convention, because “Sci-Fi and Anime aren’t the same thing”

  161. Eli says:

    wah wah the poor little boy got his feelings hurt

    here, have a bandaid for that scratch on your pride http://i.imgur.com/8fXEJX9.gif

  162. I can smell the fedora from my computer screen.

  163. Tatiana says:

    I’m just laughing at this. You really don’t have nothing interesting going on in your life if you feel the need to rage at people who spend their time making what they want and enjoying themselfs.

  164. Lucas H says:

    guess what. people can do whatever the hell they want. it’s dressing up. they’re having fun. quit your bitching over stupid shit and go care about something actually important in the world for christ’s sake you arrogant prick.

  165. tetsuorocks says:

    Wow. You just seem to hate geek culture in general. Might I recommend a new hobby.

  166. Cthulhu says:

    It’s funny how people only like to see what they want. Just because a costume doesn’t have a lot of clothing doesn’t automatically make it not a costume. They could be doing something from an anime or video game. Where, if you weren’t a complete dumb ass, you could see that a lot of women don’t have a full set of clothes/armor on. Get your head out of your ass and pay attention to things rather than degrading those who wear less clothes. Let them be confident in their body.(which is exactly what they’re doing.) Research your subject before ranting.

  167. Sam says:

    Aw did some widdle scary girl hurt you? Did one of those cosplay girls turn you down or laugh at you? You poor ickle darling. This reads like a bingo card for “how to be a whining entitled fanboy who knows fuck all about the topic he’s getting uppity about”.
    Go and sit in your treehouse with a sign that says “no icky girls allowed” and let the children who know how to share play at the conventions. Your outdated and quite frankly, warning bell activating attitudes aren’t welcome.

  168. Aya says:

    Honestly, there are many things that you over-looked, such as the fact that many conventions have rules against bringing in weapons that could potentially hurt others which is why most Cosplayers make them out of materials such as cardboard or foam. Not to mention that when you’re toting them around for an entire day, they can get heavy as hell, so a foam sword is a lot more convenient than one made of wood or metal. And, while I can agree that sometimes they are ridiculously huge, typically the weapons are made that way to match a given character and not on a whim of the Cosplayer.

    On the note of skimpy Cosplays, while I agree that many are stupidly small, I should like to point out that there are far fewer people wearing those tiny little things than you might thing. They are just the most -obvious- outfits because they tend to be either shockingly small (such as Felicia from Darkstalkers) or because the Cosplayer goes out of their way to get people’s attention.

    And age has -little- to do with Cosplaying, though I agree that a majority of Cosplayers are within a certain age range. Just because a person is 20-something or older and still into Cosplaying doesn’t mean that they aren’t decent people who do other things with their lives. I mean, seriously? Be reasonable, you don’t know -every- one of them, so that’s not a valid argument. Don’t get me wrong, there are likely a good number of them who do fall into that, as there are people like that in any group.

    The creativity of Cosplayers being called out here, I can somewhat agree with and disagree with it as well. Yes, Cosplayers are replicating the image of a character someone else created, but often they have to figure out how to build that outfit from the ground up on their own. That in itself is creative, as everyone has different ways of making a costume that works. While I admit that I can appreciate a good suit of armor more than a skimpy outfit like Felicia’s any day, I also have to admit that I gotta give it to the gals who have the guts to wear something like that.

    On that note, as a female Cosplayer, I can say that not -all- girls who Cosplay are sluts who like to wear as little clothing as possible to a convention. Myself, I don’t have the guts for it simply because I’m a wuss and because I like armor as it’s fun to build. But, that being said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone who has the guts to show off their figure if they’re comfortable and happy with themselves. To each their own. Weather it’s Anime, game, or Sci-Fi related people will enjoy what they enjoy and having the courage to show that to others isn’t wrong.

    That being said, Anime fans aren’t the only ones “invading” other conventions. I have attended Sakura Con in Seattle for 8 years now, and every year I go, I see more and more Sci-Fi related Cosplays there. I have seen my share of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and various others I can’t be bothered to list right now showing up at what was primarily an “Anime convention “. As far as I am concerned, a convention is just a place to get together and share your interests. Got a problem with it? Then don’t attend, it’s that simple. That’s my view on it, but don’t get me wrong, I can completely agree that there are many people out there who give off the impression of being the kind of people you mentioned in this article. However, I think you’re looking -only- at that group of the community and not the community as a whole.

  169. SquishLemon says:

    Also: aureola – An aureola or aureole (diminutive of Latin aurea, “golden”) is the radiance of luminous cloud which, in paintings of sacred personages, surrounds the whole figure.

    Did you mean AREOLA: In anatomy, an areola (/əˈriːələ/[1][2] or /ɛriːˈoʊlə/[2]) is any small circular area on the body colored differently from the surrounding tissue?

    Because guys have nipple and AREOLA too. I’m p sure. Or I don’t know what I’m looking at when I see guys running around with their tops off.

    Come back and try again when you actually know proper anatomy and it’s terminology.

  170. Best. Fucking. Blog. Post. Ever.

  171. Roxy says:

    Congratulations, yet another pretentious, ignorant, jerk. You make me sick, I am not good at being a “whore” im good at the characters I cosplay. I can tell this guy doesn’t watch anime, or at least NEVER seen Gurren Lagann once in his life. Nor has he watched the original star wars movies. I admit, I think younger female cosplayers should wait until they are 18 before doing the underdressed characters, but that is NO RIGHT to bash female cosplayers as a whole. He must be blind or twisted if ALL HE SEES are the underdressed girls. This uneducated douche needs to actually not only watch anime, but watch VSauce 3, when they were talking about Cloud’s Buster Sword, and HOW IT COULD ACTUALLY WORK WHILE MADE OF METAL. If the Buster Sword was real, and made of Galvanized Steel, it could STILL work, as a fully functional BROAD sword. Which it is. Also, remember the fact that, y’know, METAL AND WOOD ARE KIND OF NOT ALLOWED AT MOST CONVENTIONS. He’s also blatantly insulting anyone who goes to conventions. This fucker apparently just hates anime, video games, and women. He also apparently hates anyone who wants to recreate a costume because they like it…Unless it’s Samus, that is. Depending on the genre, anime can be sci-fi. Space Dancy, for example, is sci-fi. If I’m wrong, then he should be told to leave an Anime Convention, because “Sci-Fi and Anime aren’t the same thing”

  172. As for the retards commenting on this thing “zomg HOW DARE he insult us”, if you people weren’t so fucking stupid, people like us wouldn’t rant about said retardation. PEOPLE LAUGH AT YOU. It’s what they do. Why? Because it’s stupid. It’s just like ICP fans…..outside of their little circle of equally weird friends, the entire world laughs at them. And they just can’t figure out why. It’s like, they’re oblivious to the real world.

    • John says:

      Says the overly pierced weirdo metal head. Because no one’s ever laughing at you, right? And your hideous haircut? Lmao.

  173. Doc says:

    So this guy is taking his annoyance at women’s costumes in media (which, hello, everyone hates), various anime tropes and trendy geeking and blaming it all on women. Right. Sure. If it bothers you that women are costuming in revealing clothing, perhaps you ought to write letters and help campaign for women to stop being overtly sexualized in comics and media. Don’t want a woman baring her midriff in her cosplay to you? Reject superhero designs that bare their midriff. Come on, this is not advanced logic here. Also, sorry you hate anime. Hardly any woman’s fault for that.

  174. Ken says:

    So… $20 says this dumbass still hasn’t been laid in the past two years since this was posted LOL

  175. well aren’t you all high and mighty?
    i’m just gonna start with the pictures.
    the first picture: that is a neko. and technically if you look at it, it covers about as much skin as most of the cloths society says we should be wearing: booty shorts and bras.
    Second picture: that… cover the whole fucking body! do you know how hot that shit gets? it’s like a mascot outfit but is reflective, which makes it HOTTER
    third Picture: not everyone has the money to do something that intricate, i would love to but i can’t.
    fourth: that’s actually from an anime and if you would do your research you’d see the character is actually pretty damn bad ass
    fifth: that is actually a very common cosplay for the star wars fandom, doesn’t matter if they’re even the 1,000,000,000,000, it’s a classic, it’s like telling people to stop watching titanic because it’s so old and over used.
    sixth: if you look at the girl she’s at least in her late 20’s there’s nothing wrong with that. and if you look at all the guys, they don’t look interested, also it looks like a photo shoot. she sorta reminds me of YaYa Han, from Heros of Cosplay
    Seventh: of you look at the girl: it looks like she’s wearing a pair of shorts under her skirt, so there’s nothing for the guy to be taking a picture of
    eight: the chick… is fucking sitting down for as a pose. it happens. most fake weaponry is made out of foam or plastic.

    also: if you’re going to bitch about anime fans going to sci-fy conventions tell your nerdy ass sci-fy friends to stop coming to anime conventions.

    if you’re such a fucking nerd do your research, too, not just try using big words to try to sound smart.

    go back to your little emo corner you crawled out of and get the stick from up you ass. so what you were bullied because you were a nerd? i was bullied cause my mom was a drunk ass bitch. you don’t see me crying all over the internet about how much i hate drunks and alcohol.
    bo hoo go cry me a river and drown in it

  176. I am a science fiction fan, and I mean that in the “I know who Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Sheckley, Fredirik Pohl and a whole bunch of other people you have no idea are because you think watching 6 seasons of Lost made you a hardcore Sci-Fi fan”

    That was all I needed to read to understand *exactly* what you are. “I’m a REAL nerd. Those other people aren’t”. You need to feel as if your better and guess what. You aren’t. I thought this was a joke. I’m still waiting for the punchline here. Then I figured it out. It’s you. You actually believe these things.

    Half of your criticisms stem from your own sheer ignorance. You start talking about massive impractical swords yet you also post that you know Anime Cosplay is about replication of a costume. (Protip: The costume you said “Now this is a costume” is an exact replica of a video game character)

    But no. I get it. They aren’t nerds unless they’re up to your exact specifications.

    And reading your blog in general I’m guessing anyone who leaves their house more then once a year is probably “not a real nerd”.

  177. also:
    if you look at Anime in Japan: it’s getting really popular, especially in Tokyo, they actually have ADVERTISEMENTS for it.

    like i said: do your research.

  178. William says:

    Dude, who took a shit your cereal? This person has scared you for life.

  179. Cy says:

    I seriously think I might have lost brain cells reading this post.
    So, what I just read was, “It’s not fair that I was mocked and you weren’t! So, I’m going to be redundant here and take this in my own hands and mock you! And that’s totally okay, because I was mocked and have a right to do this! Also, you’re all a bunch of (derogatory female slurs and indecent sexual things)”.
    Just because you’re completely bitter about being made fun of before, it doesn’t give you the right to be immature about it and do the same thing to others. Haven’t you learned? If you are ridiculed by others, be the bigger person and don’t repeat those actions yourself. ESPECIALLY because you know how horrible it feels to be ridiculed.
    Girls DO NOT wear cosplay, whether revealing or not, for men like you. We wear it for ourselves, because it is FUN. And it is our choice whether we wear revealing outfits. You’re in no position to judge and tell us what to do.

  180. Emily says:

    Maybe girls will start cosplay modest characters when they are actually created. From every movie I’ve seen every anime and every game I’ve played. It is RARE to find a very loved and cool female character that isn’t wearing a skin tight outfit or showing everything. I have to admit you do make some good points but there aren’t many cosplay options that cover up.

    • Alex says:

      Indeed. I currently do cosplays of bat-family members, such as Black Bat and Robin, but outside of those and a few other sensibly dressed characters, there are very few female characters created that don’t have outfits designed with male fan-service specifically in mind.

  181. eldarhin says:

    Shinsekai Yori has some of the most compelling imagery and story for an anime. I want to say it’s a bit along the lines of sci-fantasy but it tends to be identified as a very interesting sci-fi. It’s nothing like mainstream and, thus, doesn’t get a lot of attention from the west. But it is an anime and I think you might find it interesting if you’re sick of mecha sci-fi dominating what “sci-fi anime” means.

  182. Eugene says:

    Haha agree 100% if there was any higher percentage. I’d agree that much.

  183. T Y says:

    so it’s ok for you the author to like a series with scantily clad characters and unrealistic weapons
    but as soon as someone cosplays it, they’re the numbskull

    console yourself with the thought that no one cares about your pretty ragefest

  184. K says:

    At first I thought this was going to be a troll post, but no! You really are THAT ignorant (along with the rest of these butthurt comments below). This article is the result of either being constantly rejected by women, or just being flat out undesirable and hating women because of it. While I can agree that it is inappropriate to be underage and prancing around with a near nip-slip, more than half of this post makes zero sense. Who the hell is going to try to make a real sword for cosplay? I applaud those that do, but I would NOT want to carry a 30+ pound weapon around a convention. It isn’t even within con regulations to do so. Careful, your elitism is showing.

  185. As someone who read all the authors you mentioned, plus was costuming when I was 18 59 years ago, and though not as much these days as I am more concerning with being a published author, be careful in saying all costumers are not readers. And I hate the term cosplay, as it has a different meaning for me, a old-time costumer.

  186. Sci-fi is actually just shit. Granted, I’ve seen my fair share of anime and didn’t hate it, so you can call me “mad” or whatever, but your favorite genre is dogshit. What is so fucking creative about sticking a bunch of guys in outfits that are gayer than fucking baseball uniforms on yet another re-hash of the Enterprise? What is so intelligent about watching them look and talk like pretentious pseudointellectuals at each other for a half hour while clearly green-screened or CGI lasers occasionally rock the hull? Well, that’s also what you sound like, so maybe you would enjoy that kind of thing as opposed to hot college girls in cat outfits and shit.

    One thing I will agree with you on, however, is that anime cosplay should be reserved for anime conventions. I am of the niche opinion myself that Disney Princesses and fucking Storm Troopers should stop showing up at anime conventions myself, so I can sympathize with you a little bit there if you just really hate anime, but I mean, my God, you are such a fucking faggot if you like any Sci-fi other than 40k, Dune, and maybe the original monster stories. Is that also why you get your dick so hard over “not being a creeper”? Have you ever even touched boobs before?

    And no, Lovecraft does not count as fucking Sci-fi. Read some goddamn books, learn what the word means, and get your filthy hands off my surrealist horror author, you goddamn plebians.

    • Alex says:

      Sci-fi has multiple subgenres you know, including non-space-related ones, horror/sci-fi crosses, and so on. Just because the most famous ones are space-related does not mean that they’re the only ones.

  187. Oh yeah, you can keep DeadMau5 too. Fuck DeadMau5.
    (Also: Forgot one other… Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a fantastic Sci-fi anime, and deserves an exception under “Acceptable Sci-fi.”)

  188. Kristi says:

    There plenty of males with shitty costumes which are the equivalent of the female costumes with no “creativity”. You are a tool who is obviously mad because some chick in high school made fun of you.

  189. Rory Blanston says:

    I read this garbage and thought “Wow, he’s sexist AND he is mad the people like the same stuff as he does” and figured he was just one of the kids in high school that nobody talks to, so he vents online…Then I noticed his profile picture. He is an adult. Holy shit, that makes this so much more sad/hilarious. Keep on keepin’ on brother. Your “female photography” career will take off as soon as the out of court settlements clear. Virginity is a state of mind.

  190. Meggo Flick says:

    If my profile picture doesn’t already let it be known, I’m a cosplayer. I’m also a girl (woman, by age technically, but the female aspect is what I’m getting at here). I did cosplay before I turned of legal age. And you know what?
    I agree with this. Almost entirely (I’ll note the parts I don’t agree with in a bit). Underaged girls dressed in skimpy outfits is terrible. That’s just not right!! Even if their parents allow it, it honestly shouldn’t be allowed at conventions because the idea that a 15 year old is wearing naught but a string bikini through a building that is hosting 20+ something-year-olds, hitting into the 50’s or more… A pedophile could quite near get away with molestation of a minor with the phrase “She looks like she’s 20!” because of the outfit she is in!! I’m looking at this from the safety standpoint. If there’s a nude suit underneath that’s a different story, since that covers the whole body as it is. But still, a skintight outfit on a 15 year old?? (The phrase “Cosplay is not Consent” comes into play with molestation and hugging and groping and all other common things found at cons that people do without asking to).
    I can also agree on going to a Sci-Fi con dressed as a K-On character. That’s idiotic. But dressed as an Evangelion character, that’s at least closer to the mark, though checking the panels and content of the con for Evangelion-related bits would be good, or else you’ll be -way- out of place.

    As for what I don’t agree with? The idea that doing a cosplay someone else has done is useless and not creative. Depending on -how- it is done, it can be. Buying the entirety online and just wearing it? Not creative. Buying it then portraying the character flawlessly? That’s the point of cosPLAY, is to also -act- the part of the character you’re dressed as. But even then the cosplay, depending on quality, can turn the acting portion of it down a notch.
    The wig part: Not everyone is going to have the ability to dye their hair blue, or have it cut a certain length (or grown a certain length) in time for a con. I have mousy brown hair normally, and I have taken to dying it black. I like to cosplay characters that have varying lengths of blonde hair, and slightly different shades of that blonde (honey blonde, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, etc). I’m not going to dye my hair at a convention every night to have the right color, as well, my employment doesn’t allow some of the more outrageous hair colors (fire red, grass green, etc) that some characters have. Wigs are just another part of cosplay that can be used to create the character.

    I cosplayed as Sheik, from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when I was 17 and on my way to my first anime/gaming convention. It was a shitty cosplay. Old shirts and shorts cut up and patchworked together to make the blue and black parts, white shirts cut into strips and stitched together (by hand, dear God that took me almost two months in all my spare time, and even in class!!), Sharpie’d on the Sheikah symbol to the front of the cowl, an old white turtleneck… A yellow shirt cut into bang-like shapes and then stitched onto the head wrap… But I did it all on my own, no help from anyone, and using what I had on hand and what I was able to get from my dad for material (aka, the blue shirts). The next year, I had a ton of scrap blue and black fabric from some of my sewing friends, and again did a bit of a patchwork cosplay. But from scratch, I made the leg design myself, shirt design, and the other parts as well. I reused the wraps because they were decent enough to use again. Then, my third year running a Sheik cosplay, I went as all-out as my budget allowed; pleather for the black parts as armor, a blue catsuit (that ended up being too short on the limbs but I learned from that one to add an extra 6 inches to the length!!) as well as learning to dye a synthetic wig! Which, if anyone read this far and did have questions on wigs, is an incredibly tough process. Best to find the right color in the store or online.

    But yeah, just that wig thing is my biggest issue. Cosplayers who are young should go for more modest outfits just for sake of their safety, not because they bring it upon themselves, but pedos will take the chance and the authorities will blame the minors for it!! Because society sucks. Or, if a skimpier outfit is your desire, get a damn nude suit. Then everything stays in place and you stay warm.

    But I do agree with you on most of the points. Originally when I read the start I thought to give you a piece of my mind, but you made excellent points.

    • you also have to remember. most anime females are in nothing but skimpy cloths. it’s hard for some girls who want to actually look like girls to be able to, still be in cosplay, and NOT look like a slut. mind you the sluttiest thing i’ve worn anywhere was my Fem!Germany costume (seen in my profile pic. i’m the one in the cargo pants and sports bra) i’ll admit i’m 18 but i went to my first convention at the age of 14 but i was dressed as a guy. all of my cosplays have been guys except two. i refuse to be a girl most of the time BECAUSE it’s hard to be a bad ass character and not look like a total whore.

  191. Murphy says:

    This article/rant/whatever this fuck this dumb shit is, is so disgusting and has so many flaws, it’s just horrible. SO bad I’m hoping it’s a big joke ugh, jesus christ, so many flaws, this is complete trash don’t even get me started, I wish I could unread this nasty ass butthurt shit.

  192. inevi says:

    I was going to try to be nice in my reply, but considering you decided to stop being nice the moment you called these women sluts, bitches and hos, I don’t see why I should afford you the courtesy.

    Quite surprisingly, the world does not revolve around you. And even more surprisingly, these girls’ interests do not revolve around you. Cosplay girls are doing WHAT THEY LOVE for THEMSELVES and no one else–and they certainly AREN’T LOOKING FOR YOUR APPROVAL. Many cosplays take weeks or months to complete. Look at the beautiful wig styling and makeup on that Yoko (Gurren Laggan) cosplay that you insulted. And I’ll bet you all those slave Leias made their costumes by hand, whereas you have probably never even attempted the craft in your life. Why would people devote months of their time and hundreds of dollars to a simple costume? Not for you, that’s for sure. Maybe just because it’s something they love and want to express.

    Trying to shove your opinion into their costumes is, to use your eloquent terminology, “trying to jam a square cock into a round vagina”.

    Oh, and as for the anime costumes at sci-fi conventions? You could make the same case the other way around. Why else is Dr. Who so popular at anime conventions? Maybe because it’s an all-around celebration of nerd culture. No one but you cares whether x genre is in y convention because everyone is having fun, even if they aren’t specifically anime, sci-fi renaissance, steampunk, or otherwise.

    In summary, this article is a pathetic, misogynistic husk of a man jacking himself off for a good two pages and moaning about how girls should fit more to his standards because his comfort and inability to keep it in his pants is more important and valid than the dedication of these women. That’s okay. We don’t give a fuck about your opinion, anyway.

    P.S. Ever heard of Mary Shelley? You know, the woman who wrote Frankenstein at 17 years old and is credited for single-handedly establishing the science fiction genre? Yeah. I highly recommend you look her up. Or Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. Or Grace Hopper, who wrote one of the original programming languages. Or any of the other dozens of women who pioneered “nerd culture” and probably want to punch you in the face for your elitist bullshit.

  193. Eli Stone says:

    You understand that newb cosplayers cant affort/dont have the skill to make movie-quality costumes, right? It’s the attempt that matters. And who are you to decide if girls are “real” nerds or not? And who are you to decide that the reason girls wont sleep with guys like you at cons because they “dont know what to do with a penis?” Honey bear, its probably because of disgusting, slut shaming personalities like yours. Come on, now.

  194. Scifi guy says:

    Just my two cents here…but the guy is an egotistical dick. I live for seeing cosplay at comicons and I especially live for seeing the well thought out costumes that most ladies come up with…sure, some are sexy…or anime…or fantasy…but who the hell cares? It’s supposed to be fun…dicks like this are who ruin it.

  195. J Tanaka says:

    Hi, I have to say when I first read this, it made me really angry… But then I kept reading and I don’t think it does any justice if my anger discredits you for some of your very valid points. Yes, I feel like there are girls trying too hard to actually get into the sci-fi community through things that are not sci-fi (heck I’m not a nerd or into sci-fi so I can’t really be pointing out anything out in this category) and I fully realize you didn’t mean to point this at any one person, just a group of people.
    But I felt really offended when you said Anime wasn’t an art form, this form of cosplay wasn’t creative, and that some of the girls out there are too scantily clad (although this, I will be willing to waver on).
    Being a girl that is currently a teen, likes to cosplay and is Japanese, I feel that not everyone is the way you described. Sure, we’re teens, but some of us try really hard at making cosplays. We never say our cosplays are original, of course not. We’re meant to be copying other characters to try and get at least closer to a character and/or artist we admire. Maybe it’s just because we like the outfit. Why not? And some of the girls out there don’t wear scantily clad outfits just because (although some, as I mentioned before, do but I feel that’s their own body and choice) but because the character they chose were /designed/ in that fashion and we strive for accuracy, not originality. We take pride in measuring ourselves, buying just the right fabrics with the fitting stitching that would correctly display what we see in our minds. And anime is still regarded, I suppose not entirely as a high class and traditional art form, but a modern one in which we critique. My friend and I often do so with animating styles and the styles in which other artists draw, down to the directors, studios and voice actors. As an artist, I would at least like some respect for the group of people who work hard on these things. And as for weaponry, eh what can you do. We don’t plan on actually using it for epic battles and in the world of anime, physics never applies so please feel free to argue that with the directors.
    I know this won’t change any of your views on female cosplayers, and I think your free to think what you will. I think you’re brave for posting your opinion, and I hope you stay strong against the hatemail.
    I personally won’t hate you for your opinion, because we all have one and it doesn’t sum up all of who you are. I’ll agree to disagree, and I think I can live with that.

  196. Miko Kawaii says:

    I don’t know where you get off feeling entitled and privileged to knock young girls for cosplay because they don’t meet the criteria you like. This article was like reading about how “Hardcore fans differ from fake fans” and then said author goes on to list stores like hot topic and online stores are not “authentic” and therefore do not translate well into being the definition of a “true fan”. At the end of the day, you’re butt hurt that females wont associate with you, so you demonized them by all the reasons why you wouldn’t want them and have an online circle jerk to perpetuate your idea of being right. Your opening liner said they were young “14-17” and you’re what, how old? That’s like a grown adult going to high school to put down young girls for wearing their boy band t-shirts. The only one who looks ridiculous in this article is you and the people who commended you for it. lol.

  197. Someone's jimmies got rustled says:

    Someone give this guy a straw so he can suck it up.
    Or even a pack of cards so he can deal with it.

  198. Kiki says:

    Wow you’re retarded.

  199. Okay, first off, do you realize that you’re coming off as an asshole?

    Second, who cares?! Cosplay is not always like this. People who dress like that aren’t cosplayers but idiots who are trying to make it mainstream. You make it worst. What does Sci-Fi have to do with cosplay anyway? People cosplay Sci-Fi characters, too. As long as they are in character and not being a slut, it’s fine to be sexy.

    Next time, check your information and facts before you rant.

    Have a great day.

    • none of your damn busyness says:

      i so agree with you
      i cant believe i waisted my time even fuckin reading this shit

  200. Kelly says:

    So if you met an awesome girl and decided you wanted to be with her, then discover she was a cosplayer, would you judge her so harshly? Leave her? Seriously. As shallow as you think female cosplayers are, you come across ten times as shallow thanks to this article.

  201. Johnny Quan says:

    I’m sorry, but I feel your rant comes off as a more coherent rant of the same that artist Tony Harris had gotten himself in deep, hot water for.
    Basically, you say girls showing skin equates to “dressing like a whore”. No. That’s a problem we have in society in where any woman showing skin is “woman asking for it”, which imo, is sexist. Even if she were naked out on the street, being naked doesn’t equate consent to being cat-called, raped, or objectified. I realize that yes, our world is full of creeps, but we should be striving to respect women no matter how they dress. And to stop using the word “whore” so loosely to describe women (and only women) in a way to suggests they are the lowest of the low in society. It is not.
    Yes, skimpy outfits are common in cosplay because as you say, it’s created out of unoriginality to dress like another character. Skimpy outfitted characters created mostly by men. Whoopdi doo, let people dress like the characters they admire. Even if it’s a cheap $5 costume that looks bad, who cares? It’s not your time or money spent, all you’re gonna do is walk by this person.

    Furthermore, Tony Harris questioned the authenticity of these girls “nerdiness”, the same way you did. This bitterness is only *EVER* directed to woman — men are almost never questioned for being “authentic geeks.” But it’s not our business or problem to question them. If they one or several forms of “geek media”, good for them! Lead and encourage them to discover more if they’re such a “noobie” to the scene, stop ostracizing them. Your holier-than-thou way of thinking is a real big problem in the scene.

    • Mina Zubia says:

      It’s wonderful people like you that give hope to the future change in our societies rape culture. If a woman feels confident in herself to wear something like Slave Leia, she shouldn’t be “slut-shamed” for it. Her body; her choice.

    • Satie says:

      You, sir, are my hero. Thank you for your way of thinking, it’s really refreshing and encouraging to see, especially as a female gamer (as well as a cosplayer) who is often reluctant to state her gender in-game due to the harassment, “tit pics to prove it”, and bashing received in response. So, thank you! You’re awesome! The world needs more people like you!

    • Sam says:

      Well said.

    • Exalar Her says:

      Exactly, I totally agree. 🙂

    • dexter says:

      Are you single? You seem single and lonley. You wanna know why? Because your gross
      ( っ¯ ³¯ )っ~♡ go on shoo shoo nobody need your grossness

    • this guy is an ass ^ says:

      I completely agree. Its nice to see someone who looks at both sides of the coin

    • Smashley says:

      I love you, Johnny Quan. I wish every man on the planet thought like you. And I couldn’t have said it better myself. Mainly because right now I want to vomit rage all over this douchebag. I just cannot express how fucking sick it made me to read this and the other ignorant comments. I cosplay. I have never felt happier, more accepted, or more comfortable than I feel when I am at DragonCon surrounded by nerds. SciFi nerds, Anime nerds, Comic nerds… who the fuck cares? Can’t we just accept that nerdcore is becoming popular now?

      It’s so nice that I can actually be myself in public and not have to hide my geek side. When I was in school, I was a cheerleader and I played soccer. I was top of my class. I had to act different from the time I started liking boys. At about 12 years old, someone told me that boys don’t like smart girls. So I dumbed myself down. I started acting like the other girls. When I got home, I would read and play video games. I didn’t go out to movies or parties. I just wanted to do all the things I wasn’t able to do around my peers. My adopted parents still make fun of me to this day for being a nerd. God knows they can’t explain to their friends why their daughter is parading around town dressed as Lady Loki with Spider-Man, Thor, Maria Hill, The Red Skull, and Captain America. But you know what? It makes me happy, so anyone who doesn’t like it or thinks I do it for attention can kiss my ass. I do it because I love it.

      And I try so hard to make my cosplays super accurate to the comic/game/movie. I can’t tell how many hours I have searched for the perfect fabric or item for a cosplay. I’ve spent 2 years working on and adding to my Lady Loki (and over $800). I made the diadem myself. Fucking spent hours sanding, sculpting, and painting. This guy is basically jacking off while patting himself on the back. I guess it makes him feel better to tout his own superiority.

      I remember when nerds stuck together. When we were like a family. We had each others backs because nobody else did. I don’t see the point of measuring penises here. Can’t we all just agree that nerds are awesome? Whether you’re 1% nerd, just getting into it because of Christian Bale’s Batman, or 100% nerd who came out of the womb with a TI-83 and a D20, we should be nice to each other.

    • John says:

      1,000 times this. It’s like he’s saying “Hey, I love women dressing in tiny outfits! But they’re whores, not nerds, and I hate them and wish they would go away”. Doesn’t make any fucking sense.

    • Nerobyrne says:

      I have to disagree with your last paragraph.
      It’s just blatantly FALSE that men are never engaged in geek/nerd wars. It happens constantly to males, constantly trying to out-nerd each other.
      We are a competitive species, and men are part of that species.

  202. Slut shaming, concern trolling, and god old fashioned elitism all in one ugly piss-broth of sour grapes “Fake Geek Girl” rant.

  203. sigh says:

    I dont understand why you have to call a girl slutty. When did revealing costumes become an indicator that the person likes to sleep around. YOU HAVE NO PROOF.

    You have no idea who she sleeps with, OR if she has even slept with anyone at all.

    You need to stop acting like youre so high above everyone else; go get rid of your fedora angst and go for a JOG OR SOMETHING.

    You really have no right to tell girls how to live, to tell them how to be happy. Why are you so judgemental of a person youve never talked to your whole life?

    You dont know anything, so stop acting like you do


  204. Mina Zubia says:

    You have every right to say whatever you want and I’m aware I have chosen to respond come hell or high water; but please don’t clump ALL cosplaying females into this category. Some fall perfectly into what you are talking about but there are just as many that know their fandom and have craftsmanship skills. And did you take time to consider that the designs that we are replicating are slutty to begin with? I make my cosplays with as much accuracy as I can while adding my own little flare. It’s not my fault most offered female characters are dressed in skimpy clothes. But I am not a fan of cosplayers that purposefully change the design to make it more revealing especially when they are under age. The characters will still exist and materials will still be available when you are a legal adult.

  205. Jack O'Brien says:

    OP you’re fucking adorable. “Oh woe is me, people are invading the things I like but don’t meet my checklist of acceptable costumes!” You’re an ignorant little whiner and I hope cosplayers get all up in your precious sci fi cons. Entertainment is for everybody, not just people you deign worthy.


  206. A.B. says:

    I don’t even know what to say …I can’t even begin to respond, I wish I could talk to you but I know there’s no point in it, and I truly pity you.

  207. Claire says:

    It is a sad day when nerdy people are insulting nerdy people…come on! This is supposed to be a safe community. Seriously did you know that I am a female…I would like to think a fairly attractive female that was mercilessness made fun of in high school for my nerdy likes. Just because some douchey male was made fun of by the same bitches that pushed me into lockers doesnt mean that I do not have genuine nerdy likes…that my gpa is not 4.0…that I am not as good at being a weirdo who is obsessed with fictional fantasy..so what my sword is foam and is made of duct tape. FUCK YOU seriously for treating me like shit because you think that I am less than you! I am tired of jealous ass holes slut shaming. Get over yourself.

    p.s. the creativity of cosplaying is using real life materials to recreate fictional characters.

  208. Sam says:

    So, his real issue is with the over sexuallization of the nerd culture. As a female that has been gaming since before I could walk I grew up with bright colors, skimpy costumes and “jiggle physics”. It’s just, the nature of the beast. It’s the human element. He clearly has some deep issues to deal with, on more that one front. I also don’t feel like cons are for him. They aren’t for everyone. I feed off the energy of other people enjoying fandom with me. I love seeing something I enjoy and getting excited. Or meeting someone as obsessed with Bioware as me, I’ve been cosplaying for a few years now, I’ve done characters from anime, video games and comic books. I tend to avoid the over skimpy costumes just out of my personal preference.
    I can’t say I agree or even respect his views. I mean, I’ve met “self proclaimed nerds” who didn’t get my references in subject he swore they knew. It all comes down to a big giant pissing contest. My thoughts are be good to people and enjoy yourself. Life isn’t any fun if you wander around being pissed all the time.

  209. Brandon Lee Moore says:

    It was an extremely well written and well thought out article. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but I do understand where you’re coming from. I look forward to checking more of your stuff.

  210. Melodie Catherine MacPherson says:

    I have never been to a renaissance festival that did not have pirates. Pirates are renaissance. Queen Elizabeth wrote letters of Marque. Which were essentially permits for legal piracy.

  211. Sarah says:

    Interesting read. There are some points I disagree with but I do agree that wearing barely anything isn’t really cosplay

  212. I laughed out loud. Good blog, man.

  213. Wow angst much. So you’re gonna hate on the women because you were an outsider in high school. Geeks, nerds, we’re supposed to be more accepting than that. You can’t judge an entire group. The one thing about this culture is that we accept each other. Just relax, stop worrying about everyone else and just enjoy your Sci-Fi. Stop being such a misogynistic hot mess.

  214. Jessica says:

    I am a female cosplayer. Here are some things you may not realize.
    1. We don’t always dress sexily to get male attention. Sometimes we just want to feel sexy. Also, sometimes we want to get the attention of other women, as we are not all heterosexual.
    2. No one is obligated to adhere your standards.
    3. You are responsible for your own actions. No scantily clad cosplayer can force you to break the law by just looking/acting sexy.
    4. Have you seen female character designs? We don’t tend to get names/speaking roles if we aren’t showing a lot of skin.
    5. Have you seen video game and anime weapons? The Allen-Crown Clown cosplayer up there is accurate with his weapon.
    6. You sound like a Troll. Are you? Because this is way too over the top to sound real.

  215. Pocket Heroin. says:

    And…i wouldn’t be surprised if you said you’re still a virgin. Hope you feel better after crying your complaints out.

  216. J says:

    Every time someone makes a valid but harsh point about females, people are so quick to assume this guy never got laid because of blah blah blah. In my honest opinion, I have to agree with this. In the past I attended many anime conventions with my boyfriend..one day he pointed out all these greasy smelly grimey looking old men going around interviewing female cosplayers. The girls got so excited that they didn’t realize that the camera was focused on her breast and was shooting up and down her body. Stupidly, they never realized it. Now this grimey ass dude is probably jacking off to her shit. The original fans that were bullied in school found their refuge in this scene. It’s not fair nor right to invade the last place of their sanctuary where they found their comfort from the harsh realities of life. Haven’t you ruined enough already? Attention whores already ruined Halloween with their inappropriate costumes, and now they seek to ruin the sci fi world as well? They are like vampires, relying heavily in the attention,as if it’s their life force. To make matters worse Cosplay deviant

    Meanwhile slut shaming is at an all time high between females. Why is that? From the looks of how most girls dress in Halloween, It seems mostly (not all) secretly desire to be sluts. It’s the one time of year where you can be whatever you truly desire to be without the fear of judgments….and yet most of you choose to be slutty characters!! Meanwhile the rest of the days of the year, you’re busy slut shaming girls. God forbid if someone was to call you derogatory names, You deny your promiscuously profusely, then you turn around and show different actions. Your emotions, thoughts, words and denial betray you.

    Then we sit here and wonder why females throughout history were inferior.There are a lot ignorant stigmas about females I am not denying that. But think about it, In history of civilization, there was a reason why women weren’t very privileged. WE ARE FLAWED!! Men probably got sick and tired of the bullshit and mind games that are still being played hundreds of years later. For fucks sakes can’t anyone see this? I sadly interact with my female coworkers and associates and I hear them all the time plotting on making their guy jealous and using sex as a form of emotional manipulation. Majority of us are like that no matter how much we deny it.

    Why….because we have nothing better to do with our mundane lives and prefer to cause chaos as a form of amusements due to us being so self absorbed and needing drama to feed our self importance. Our female leaders of yesteryear would be very disappointed in us, We became everything that they fought against…and for what. This is what we have to show for. This will be our generational legacy, this is what we leave behind for future generations of girls to emulate on.

  217. Feliks says:

    This actually made me laugh. This is quite personal and more aggressive towards a group you dislike.
    I had to stop laughing for a moment before giving up on this piece. Cosplay is costume play, right? It’s not always armor, but it’s to dress up as any character in any fictional series. Even if the character is dressed down. The fact that you find it sexual makes you the pervert, so sorry if girls have to cover up or it makes them strippers. By the way, being slutty or dressing down shouldn’t degrade a woman. This isn’t the 1800’s. This is also pretty sexist, and i’m not one for feminism. Cosplay is for them self, and it’s for fun, not to please you. Simply put, angry close minded people like yourself make me stabby.
    Saying that anime and sci-fi can’t mix is like saying that anime and mystery can’t mix. Science fiction is a subject, and there are animes that are science fiction. Oh my gosh, just because it’s not star wars or doctor who doesn’t mean it’s sci-fi. Makes you the dumbass. Examples of anime sci-fi, Code Geass, Cowboy BeBop, Ergo Proxy etc. It’s generally an american genre but guess what, it’s not only american. Great research skills, again dumbass.
    I couldn’t even read all this without getting angry or laughing or both.
    Sorry that fangirls can’t costume play as a dressed down character because it gives you an awkward boner at the conventions.

  218. blake says:

    you are a fucking douchebag, you don’t have the right to say anything you’ve said above. you are seriously a piece of shit and should kill yourself. no one will miss you

  219. Marty Mcfly says:

    Its all just supposed to be fun. What we’re all talking about, sci-fi, video games, manga, anime, literature etc, etc is entertainment. We can take it as seriously as we want to but at the end of the day its about fun, enjoyment and pleasure. If people are enjoying themselves and taking pleasure in something what is wrong with that? Isn’t other people enjoying something we find fascinating a good thing? Share the love people, there’s plenty of things out there to make us miserable and bicker over, surely the relative merits of how seriously people indulge in escapism ought not be one of them.

    In the words of Simon Pegg, surely a contender for king of the nerds; “Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.”

    So lets just be proud of what we enjoy and not be disrespectful arseholes towards women.

  220. R.Nav says:

    That’s cool how you combined slut shaming, nerd elitism, and fake geek girl trolling into one big manifesto. Was the original draft of this one scrawled across the walls of a sanitarium?

  221. Rock Lee says:

    There are so, so many things wrong with this point of view.

    Once again a man is complaining about ‘fake’ geek girls, as if this is a real struggle. If someone says they like something, end of discussion. If someone is lying, who even cares? I mean, if they’re doing this stuff, they’re obviously enjoying it. Else they wouldn’t pay the ridiculous prices to get into conventions. If you’d ever been to a convention you’d notice how passionate these people are; it’s not hard to notice that.

    If you can say these things about your nerd sisters, then how are you a nerd at all? I say you’re not; the real fake geek here is you.

    Aaaaand once again crossplay has been ignored; I guess it just doesn’t fit with your agenda.

  222. Danny says:

    Sorry that one chick at that con didn’t want to fuck your disgusting ass.

    Let us see some of your magnificent cosplays.

  223. Shaine says:

    I know plenty of women who have intense cosplay costumes. Some of which blow the men’s out of the water.
    I think you should shut the fuck up. K. Thnx. Bye.

  224. April says:

    Dear Author – as offend as I am at your opinion, it is just that……an opinion.
    I am a 35 yr old, married lady, mother of 2, professional entertainer (family friendly – before minds wander to the dark side), & enjoyed of many genres. I also dabble in cosplay. Not for the fame of it, not for the sexy side of it, not even for the attention. I participate in cosplay for the challenge. Yes ALL of my alter – egos utilize wigs. Why? Because I have mousy brown hair that in the heat & humidity of where I live no hair style can survive with out a ton of product (which makes it look like a wig anyhow), because the characters I choose to dress as were created by their illustrators & authors with hair colors other than brown, & i refuse to be “that girl who can’t even get a simple detail like hair color correct”. I take much time & effort into selecting my cosplay personas. I factor in my sewing abilities (or those of my seamstress if it is beyond my ability), my time frame, my budget, & yes my body type. Being a mom, I do not feel it appropriate for me to run around in a cork & 2 bandaids (that was never an option before kids either, in case that thought wandered by). The female characters I choose each mean something to me. They have helped me in their own way. As to your dismissal of the female enjoyment of the Sci Fi genre – wow aren’t you just rainbows & arrogance. I grew up watching Buck Rodgers, Star Trek (orignals, TNG, DN9, & Voyager), Sea Quest, Star Gate, Short Circuit, etc (my dad is a computer & electronic guru, my mom is a marine biology major) science lived in our house. I played G.I. Joes more than Barbies, He-Man was more fun to be that Teela, but I despised transformers only because I could never transform them back to vehicles (loved the cartoon though). I read novels. Not romance either Sci Fi, Fantasy, Classic mythology, Classic literature, etc.
    I took top honors in my school science fairs- beating all of the guys each year. I was shunned by my classmates, eating lunch in the school library to avoid their teasing.
    As for the construction of costumes – no I have never made armor. Most of the outfits I make use both store bought items (for my sanity’s sake) & custom fabrication. I probably spend more time comparing the draping qualities of fabric than any sane person should. The ladies at my local fabric store know when I have a project in the planning phase & are always entertained by my antics. My last costume required 8 yards (an entire bolt) of fabric in 1 color, 3 yards in a 2nd color, 4 customized pattern pieces to achieve the proper draping, and around 3hrs of sewing & pattern making (all while managing a household & kids).
    Now please again share with the world how ALL female cosplayers are underage minors looking to lure unsuspecting legal aged males into a life of pedophylia. Ugh, that is the biggest load of caca I ever had to read.
    While I am not sure what has happened to you at Cons to give you such a negative outlook, I do hope that you will not make such generalized & all encompassing uneducated statements in the future.
    Oh & i introduced my hubby to Cons not the other way around.
    I hope that all genders can enjoy portraying the characters that they enjoy. For whatever reasons the so choose. Without judgements for those reasons.
    I will agree with you on the concept of dressing age appropriately though for the younger ladies. That would be the ONLY portion that we may agree upon.

  225. Exalar Her says:

    I honestly think you are kinda over ranting to the point where I kinda got lost, half of your detail’s has absolutely nothing to do with the title.

  226. Apolloymi says:

    I’m not saying you’re a blue balled neck beard but you’re good at playing one.

  227. dexter says:

    Good job for ranting about stuff nobody cares about, you sexist pig✧*。٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*。

  228. Sarah says:

    I agree that a lot of these are uncreative but if the person wants to look exactly like that character, which is cosplaying, then let them be. The whoring part is true, though (sometimes) unintentional since a TON of anime chicks have, huge boobs, boobs flailing out, and why? Because it keeps guys (maybe including this guy) watching the show longer. So what if a girl can wear a cosplay well with her body, all the anime chicks seem to be hot in all the right places, so that becomes part of the cosplay. Wow reading more into the “slut” area makes him seem quite a bit pretentious. Spank bank i do agree with though xD probably a lot of people go there to see that but then nothing is really too kind to women and how they look these days So if I decide to go as Rukia in her soul reaper outfit even though i’m wearing a wig and shitty looking clothes this guy probably won’t have as much of a hard time accepting my cosplay as legit because i’m not “whoring” with it xD. Almost all he talks about is the whoring part. I agree with their age having to be set at 18 or even 17 if they want to wear “skanky” cosplays.. it just sucks that a ton of cool women that do shit in anime are “skanky” or have giant ass tits. If you want something more, fork out more money. This guy is actually complaining about the size of swords when they’re supposed to be that size? man there’s a hater in everything, huh? xD never been to a sci-fi convention before xD

  229. Jess says:

    Oh my god please get the fuck over yourself. Women are allowed to cosplay however and whatever they want. Doesn’t mean that you get to call them sluts or skanks. I’m sick of elitist male geeks mouthing off cosplayers. Reeks of butthurt and sexism.

  230. Serikio says:

    First things first:
    “Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure?), short for “costume play”, is a performance art or hobby in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name” (yeah wikipedia is not the best source, but this time it’s plausible)
    So, characters, and surprise! animes have characters not just sci-fi/fantasy, and surprise again! sometimes they have tiny tiny dresses or big swords. And if someone wants to cosplay that character then they do. That’s what cosplay is.
    Let’s continue:
    If that someone is 12 then they are 12. Or 14, or 22 or 48 or 67 you have NO RIGHT to tell them that what they can or can’t cosplay. It’s their desicion and if they make your tiny penis stand up or make you throw up, that’s your problem.
    About penis: “Not that they’d have sex with you anyways. They wouldn’t know what to do with a live penis.” Of course they won’t, they’re not there for you to have sex with them. You wrote this as if they HAVE to know what to do with a penis. No, they don’t. They’re not for you, they’re not look like the way they do for you, they do it for themselves.
    After this I read your “article” here and there only cause I get so angry I can’t tell. The main thing is that anime cosplayers exist and they’re fantastic. I get thet you’re like sci-fi/fantasy/videogames more but that doesn’t make anime cosplayers less awesome. Just makes you more pathetic.

  231. Emily says:

    The misogyny and slut shaming is strong in this one. You should be embarrassed to be writing this shit. I’m getting secondhand embarrassment from it.

  232. shawn says:

    “Anime is the Coke bottle in “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.”SOOOOO fucking true. How “anime” somehow avoided the cartoon label is beyond me. There are a few gems out there, but you have to filter through at least 500 others to find them.

  233. this guy is an ass ^ says:

    How incredibly rude, someone must have dumped you recently. As much as you don’t consider girls cosplaying creating I too don’t find your bitching creative either. I suppose writing an article that bashes a certain group of people is a good way to get readers, in the same way that tabloid magazines bash stars to get readers.

  234. d says:

    try rereading your own article. and try to actually truly think of what you´ve written. perhaps, you can be still saved.

  235. Skitty says:

    So I want to ask you about a few things, I cosplay as Celty myself and made my own helmet and I think I did a rather nice job. Sure my suit is from a halloween store (mostly due to it being able to breath better in the summer heat), so would I get your slander?

    WhatAreYouDoing by alshakuru on deviantART

  236. Molly says:

    You know, you shouldn’t bash all of the cosplay girls out there. Not all of us are as you say. I take time to sew my outfits and they aren’t skimpy or sexual. Plus I don’t usually but a wig unless I have to. When I do I have to cut it, style it and adjust it to how I want it to look. I always search out high quality fabrics and wigs (even if I must alter the wigs which I usually do). Maybe if you had an open opinion towards the girls over 18 and would talk with them about the time and effort it takes for their attire you could understand some of us don’t have it easy. Us girls that take our time on these outfits do not deserve to be trashed. It is hard to make a quality costume that looks like a character and you make it spot on and put so much effort into it only to have a few people take your picture because there is someone prettier or someone in a skimpy outfit that all the guys want to see. It truly isn’t fair to us girls that try. I was that nerd girl from elementary all the way to college. I’m 19 and people still think I’m weird for my likes. So before you go hurting people’s feelings for trying their hardest on cosplay outfits that don’t suck, try getting the point of view of other girls that don’t do the skank thing.

  237. John C. Randolph says:

    Wow, pretentious twat much?

    I’ve been around fandom for considerably longer than you’ve been alive, and the one thing that fandom always had going for it was INCLUSIVENESS. You want to judge people for how they’re dressed, get your snotty ass to a fucking church, not a con.


  238. John C. Randolph says:

    Funny that you mentioned Ted Sturgeon, since what you’ve blogged here is proof of his best-known law.


  239. Becky says:

    “I have never personally had sex with one…”
    Have you with any sensible woman?

    Any male who whines about this is just a self-conscious idiot. Sorry that you’re so threatened by a woman’s ability to be both beautiful and cultured in this “nerd-culture”.

    • Becky says:

      Furthermore, upon researching you, you appearance is very “original” and “creative”. Kudos to you, sir. The outrageous hair, all-black outfits, and guy-liner really makes you one bad-ass out to show the world you don’t give any fucks.

      I’ve also noticed there are pictures of you with various cosplaying-women. Those of which, may I say, are very “cheap” and poorly made, which, goes against much of your arguments, do they not? Get a life, you creep.

  240. Samantha Wilhelmina says:

    I won’t be sending any hate mail alright. But…I am a girl, and I am still below 18, although just a year till I’m there.. And I cosplay. I don’t hate you for this post at all. Neither do I dislike or like you for this post. Except for the fact that this post is so darn straight forward that I love reading this. I have to seriously agree with the point that you posted “The problem is, as with any convention that is unconventional, it becomes a dumping ground for all the other crap that doesn’t fit anywhere else. People go “Oh look, people who are weird are here, I’m weird too so I won’t bother checking to see if my weirdness is COMPATIBLE, I’ll just dump my ass in there!” ” because that’s what 40% of the cosplay community turned into now. Which annoys me. As this used to be just a “being a random hobbyist and socializing among hobbyist and fans” kind of thing. And now it’s more to a con for people to feel weird and go all “I know I’m weird and it’s awesome being weird” by literally showing it off. (No offense but that’s how I see 60% of the newbies are nowadays.)
    But I quite disagree on your point of views on animes and props and costuming. The thing is, no matter how crappy they are dressed, cosplay was meant for the fun. You don’t play well as the character means that you just don’t portray it. But so as long as you’re having fun, it IS your own sense of “play” . Even if you spoiled the character for the fans, it’s still just you. You’re just a cosplayer. Not the actual character. You just dress to express. I’ve been in this cosplay community since I was a kid and you might still consider me one although I’m a teen. But this trend started mainly for the FUN that’s why it was named costumePLAY and not meaning of character roleplay. So you can state that the costume designs which a whole fcking group of cosplayers are all the same and they have no creativity at all but how can you consider it no creativity at all, on the way they test out different styled make up, and also the methods they used to make costumes? Not everyone does it the same way. Some who order, fine no creativity etc. but for those who literally made it out of junk and made it look tailored, even though it looks mainstream, there was a bunch of creativity spilled out in the progress of making. You can’t blame them for wanting to cosplay it or cosplay the same character. It’s called freakin fandom.
    And as for props, ok you can call it crappy etc fine. Maybe that pose in your reference pic did make the prop look unconventional at all. But think, what if the character’s prop actually looked that way? Blame the designer not the cosplayer. And plus. There’s a reason it’s just a PROP. It’s only for that one-day -use or collection anyway. And there are lots of conventions (especially in western countries) where they won’t allow sharp, wooden or metal props (for all of my local convention allows all types of props so I never had a problem with that…but when I attend those cons with such rules, I js had to make blunt or a crappier version of my metal or wooden prop js to suit the rules).
    And lastly, what’s the deal about animes not being a brilliant art form? It’s like you’re telling people that cartoons are the most horrible thing in people”s childhood (yes I am aware that animes and cartoons are different). Well as you said, it’s ART. Basically it’s all based on self perspectives, they are people who love it, and people who hate it. I’m not going to argue about that cause noting it just feels like those stupid pointless internet arguments about the difference between k-pop and j-pop, or animes and cartoons, or sci-fi and twilight (yes I saw arguments on that topic. How stupid). I mean, people like what they like, and animes will continue on so as long as there are people drawing manga. Which makes no difference to American comics and cartoons. If you don’t like it, that’s mainly your problem. It’s like some people like fine arts and hates graphic arts, while some love graphics but hate fine arts. As for me I hate none and I’m a fan of nearly all of them (even sci-fi. But if you think I’m unworthy as a fan of sci-fi stuff then be it but I will still love it as much as I love animes) .So I really can’t accept why would people hate the whole genre so much.
    The fact about racy costumes. I have to agree about age appropriacy. But also, many people are quite picky on character accuracy. If they aren’t acting the sexy and whore-ish ones, I’m totally fine with it. But if they are doing something super sexy yet portraying the character just that good! and it’s more to fighting actions, why would you hate it that much? Especially if you know how the character is? Yes I have actually seen sexy and super racy characters debuted and not swarmed over by perverted men and photogs. And mainly. They don’t give a whore face. They have a decent hobbyist face. So about racy cosplayers. I must note. It’s also based on perspectives and objectives. If they go for the sake of the character love and accuracy! go ahead. But those who dress like that just for the attention… You are most welcomed to hate them all you want.

  241. Danny says:

    This asshat’s blog can be boiled down to this exact paragraph

    “Am I bitter? Absolutely, 100%. Why? Because as someone who grew up being ostracized for being a dork ass outsider, someone who was routinely ridiculed by girls for not liking sports and trendy music I can I.D. shallow bitches from a mile away and it pisses me the hell off to see girls who most assuredly would have been treating nerd boys like lepers in middle school now capitalizing on their attention later in life because being a nerd is cool.”

    Awww you take pride and vindication in being King of the Dorks because that is literally all you have and are so fuckin pathetic and scared to branch out in fear of being ridiculed again, you pretend like being a sexist tool bag is the same thing as being a nerd. And that Nerd Culture is your fortress being “infiltrated” by the same girls and women that hurt you. But they didn’t hurt you for being a nerd, You were just hurt and couldn’t live up to the fact that it was probably your own damn fault. So scared that if the females you have come to resent (and you have) actually are nerds (and they are) that means you don’t get to hide behind the now acceptable cover of nerd anymore. You will just have to accept that you are exactly what we have been saying you are. Not a Nerd, but a worthless asshole.

    Also, stating that wearing ANY type of clothing or lack of clothing is grounds for a sexual offense, and believing that, or even pretending to believe that, makes you a worthless asshole, even before the mountain of shit that is your life and views.

  242. Mentaleak says:

    Though i understand your concerns for the sexual explicit nature of underage cosplayers… the rest of the article makes me feel like you have zero understanding for that community. Pointing out costumes as “stripper outfit” and swords ” a sword so huge you could cut a slice of cake from 2 zipcodes away” shows that you don’t realize that often, that is exactly what is called for in the costume and not a gross exaggeration. They are attempting accuracy…. and many of them spend a great deal of time trying to do so….

    Have you ever tried to make a costume that sticks to you and looks like the fur is part of your skin?
    Have you ever engineered a safe sword that is larger than you but can still be wielded with one hand?

    Even though some are unoriginal and some are “spirit Halloween” not everyone is doing it for attention, either (albeit some are). There are those who are doing it just to be part of the community, to fit in with a group of people who for the most part enjoy what they do and are a little bit geeky.

  243. emery says:

    Lol I’m pretty sure I just read an article from a guy who is tired of getting rejected by cosplay girls. Chin up, bud.

  244. John says:

    sad thing is, none of the people you’re railing about, or at, have, or would, watch The Gods Must Be Crazy!

  245. Indya says:

    You sir are a fucking assbutt. I think you need to go on to the starship enterprise get lost on a planet where the daleks are and if they don’t exterminate you then the Jedi can come and cut you down with their lightsabers. I know some really great cosplayers that cosplay so well that you can not tell who they are. I am 18 almost 19 and I cosplay. I think it’s a good way to let your freak flag fly. I bet you are just jealous that you can’t cosplay and your taking it out on us who do.

  246. Riley says:

    You’re treating all girls like the bitches you met in highschool. I’m not them, I was bullied for being a nerd, for not being pretty, mercilessly. It’s awful when you wake up every morning for the entirety of middle school and just wish that you were dead because you don’t want to face the girls who don’t like your clothes, your face, the “nerdy” things you do. While I don’t wear slutty costumes, you’re forgetting how much courage it takes to showcase what you love, call attention to yourself and just feel comfortable in your own skin. It took me so long to be able to love myself and I was so grateful when the things I loved started becoming popular I was really hoping for a new chance at community. But then I met people like you who called me a slut when I wore a v-neck, or accused me of not being a nerd when I couldn’t recite every actor on Star Trek. It hurts because we were looking for community, same as you were and I find it disturbing that when you see tits on a person, you immediately think that they’re a shallow bitch. Who’s the shallow one when you can’t look past my gender and see that I’m just another PERSON trying to express something that I love. It’s like wherever I go, people like the girls in middle school and highschool are waiting for me and I honestly think that there isn’t anywhere safe anymore. You think that you’re pointing out a problem but all you’re doing is making it SO MUCH WORSE. A legacy of hate that you yourself were a victim of is now continuing through you. I’m so angry because you were the kind of person that I was supposed to be able to find community with, but mostly I’m just sad because everything is just so rotten everywhere and there’s nothing I can do.
    You’re probably not reading these so this was probably useless.
    I hope you find peace where it was denied to me.

  247. Kay says:

    I think it’s important to note that many of the people agreeing or “Thanking” you are female. Yet, you discuss hardcore female cosplayers as though they are a minority. I think the actual evidence of your readership dictates otherwise. As a cosplayer who has never worn a wig, shown a midriff, and teaches science fiction literature for a living (putting me well over the age of 17), I’d think if you were going to try and prove such a controversial point, you’d have evidence putside your own personal experience. Where are your facts and statistics? Where is your research? You have a picture of many Leias, but I can show you one with several different and interesting 4th Doctors. Maybe females look like whores because many female characters are drawn like whores to appease the greasy population of male nerds you discussed? Your opinion is valid, but ensure you back it up with more than just whiney sentiments about hot girls loving attention.

  248. Serkitty says:

    Wow, okay, first of all you are the worst person ever.
    I’ve been cosplaying since I was 12- no skanky outfits, several yards of fabric, and don’t even talk to me about wigs. My drill hair was made with portions of wigs, and tons of different materials. That entire wig was designed by me, and not purchased.
    People can wear whatever the hell they want to a convention because it is THEIR DECISION. If they’re happy with it, who’s to say anything against that?
    There are plenty of age 18 and up cosplayers, and some even younger than 11, so let’s not discriminate.
    Women shouldn’t have to worry about people like you looking at them like creeps because it’s awful and discourages them from their hobbies.
    God, I don’t even know what else to type, there’s just so much wrong with this post.

  249. saltnsugarstars says:

    A few points I’d like to address.

    1) The whole underage cosplay girls dressing a whores thing is symptomatic of a wider problem. Many characters that young teenage girls identify with are in shows often marketed to a young male audience – look at Marvel or DC. The vast majority of female costumes are intensely skimpy. If I want to cosplay something I like I’m pretty limited in all genres, be it sci-fi or anime, I am severely limited in choices for things that don’t overtly exploit my sexuality. Young teenage girls are anxious kids who crave support and seek reinforcement where they can find it. It is incredibly hard to tell the difference between genuine support and attention compared to that attention coming from a place where your worth is your dot on the ‘gotta tap this’ scale. They’re vulnerable and there are far too little resources to inform teenagers and adults of any gender or sexual orientation about objectivity and being sexually exploited.

    2) So are you saying that you should only cosplay if you have a insanely awesome costume? Most teenagers have neither the resources or skills to make elaborate costumes. That skimpy outfit is probably the first thing they made and worked really hard on. Those giant props? Accurate to the source and made with portability and adhering to con safety standards. Making something that can take a bashing and is detailed is an insane dedication of time and money – especially if this is the first time making such a prop. Everyone is allowed to enjoy their fandom and genuinely like mainstream stuff. Be it skimpy costumes from Gurren Lagann (which incidentally in a very good anime that parodies the mecha genre) or ‘neckbeards’ wearing a Jedi outfit.

    3) Anime is mass produced but you can’t say that isn’t intrinsic to any form of popular media *cough* Star Wars */cough*. Many studios will make more fan pandering shows so they can afford to keep going and, if they make enough money, work on their creative pet projects. For example the film Red Line as labour of love for one studio. It isn’t some monolithic industry where people fire shows out their asses and hope the shit sticks long enough to make a profit. There are mostly smaller studios where only people dedicated enough to work 50+ hours a week for little pay in a dying industry.
    You don’t need to like or watch anime, if you miss out on the rich storytelling, artistic expression and like so many great sci-fi using ‘the future’ as a commentary on the present and the way humanity is heading then well I really don’t care. I’m going to be a little pissy because you trash it because you feel a new generation of fans is encroaching on your sacred safe space and you feel the need to make them feel as alienated as you did. There are many amazing sci-fi works in anime, to take a well known example Ghost in the Shell read quite a lot into Donna Haraway’s Manifesto of the Female Cyborg. Haraway was even animated in the sequel.

    Cosplay and sci-fi still aren’t mainstream and it’s easy to forget that when you interact with mostly people that have the same interests. Even girls in skimpy costumes are aware they are going to get some less than polite comments from the general public. I don’t expect to change your mind and if you want to shit on people because they have violated your ideas of what costumes, nerds and sci-fi should be, then do it. If you do it in a public forum, at least think critically of your opinion and why gender politics influence how we think and feel. I’m very pessimistic of anyone listening to this request, but please leave the cosplay girls alone.

  250. Sam says:

    This blog is pretty rude to both sides I think. I understand that there are cosplayers who do go to con’s that aren’t of much interest but there are some that are interested in Sci-Fi. You can’t really say that you think that person who cosplayed from an anime tv show doesn’t like scifi. You don’t even know that person entirely and your already judging the book by it’s cover.
    It’s also questioning that there are also a lot of Scifi cosplayers/interested people go to anime cons, I’ve only went to a couple but I’m def. sure that there are a large group of scifi “nerds” so to speak.
    This also I wonder is a bit too rude to women, I mean.. You basically just said “ALL” the women that cosplay are like that. I know a good large amount of “women” not “girls” who cosplay and they are over the age of 20. They are also very serious and make beautiful cosplays, sometimes they also make easier cosplays or “A bit showy” just cause of the heat for summer and once in a while they want to be lazy.
    I understand it’s a “pain” for you to see horrible cosplay girls but it might be also to the older women or for those who actually take serious pride in their work. So maybe next time put some more thought into what you write. It also shows to me or puts the opinion that men that are so involved with scifi and are a “real” scifi fan are the types that slander women, because your pride of “nerd” wishes to think that women are just toys. Hopefully you re-think your opinon, I’d like to see a more improve blog that truthfully makes sense. 🙂

  251. aslinncosplay says:

    This article is basically “OP is butthurt”. So you were made fun off as a kid, couldn’t get chicks and still can’t? Boo fucking hoo. I cosplay, I’m 24, I like anime, I like sci-fi, I like video games etc…And, I’m female. Holy shit, stop the presses! No girls allowed! “IT’S MY FANDOM, YOU AND YOUR WOMAN PARTS AREN’T ALLOW!” You say. Well tough shit, it’s 2014, and funnily enough my gender doesn’t stop me liking cheesy horror movies, or video games, or spending my time and money to make costumes. See those words, “my time and money”? That pretty much means it’s not really any of your business how I choose to celebrate my fandom. Why does it matter so much to you that “girls” like the same things you do? You don’t own them. And unless a con decides to put a “No girls” post on the front of the building, you better get used to females invading “your home”.

    I also doubt that you are an authority on cosplay, considering you cannot be an authority on a hobby and have obviously not engaged in yourself. So what if some girl just wants to dress sexy? Also, I am just going to take a moment here to point out that 90% of female characters are DESIGNED that way. Seriously, that Yoko cosplayer you posted is what the character looks like and is probably a bit more modest to be honest.

    If you want to be an arsehole and play 20 questions every time you see a girl to test if she is a “true nerd” then you are what is wrong with the community. Please take your head out of your own ass. Why is it only an issue when girls do it? Because there are plenty of bros crashing cons and stuff now that have no idea about sci-fi either. Learn to talk to women without being a creepy, misogynist asshat and maybe you will stop having to cry-masturbate yourself to sleep at night.

    Maybe now that a lot of things you talked about have become more mainstream, or even acceptable for girls to like that’s the reason they go to cons? There is also this thing called the Internet, and it allows people from all over the world to access things they couldn’t even 10 years ago. I don’t know, maybe that is also a factor? Good luck with the rage though, I’m sure it will pay off in the long run (spoilers: it won’t). But hey, you could always go hang out with the guys from /r9k/.

  252. arirockefeller says:

    You are salty as hell. Also, you are full of shit.

  253. Alyssa Daemon says:

    As far as the article goes: (In no particular order)

    * You do realize that cosplay (costume play) is about dressing up as the characters, have you seen how women are depicted in geek media? (Especially in comic or video game form)

    * Some anime falls under Sci-Fi like Akira or Ghost in the Shell. Sci-Fi is a genre, anime is an art style; they are not mutually exclusive.

    * You seem to associate geek == Hardcore Sci-Fi fan. Which isn’t the case. Geek is very much a spectrum, which includes several varieties of ‘kind of geek’: Computer, Sci-Fi, anime, and etc. which also has independent levels to it. For example: I am a Cyberpunk Linux/Hacker geek (jargon-1 definition of hacker, not cracker), but not into comics, zombies, or ‘general Sci-Fi’.

    * Why does it matter to you so much on how much of a geek another person is (which it seems directly pointed at women and just women, like somehow we are instantly not geeky)? It honestly sounds like you want to keep your con ‘pure’, why?

    * Does it really matter what someone dresses up as in a convention? The whole point of a con is to bring people together with a common interest. Who cares if they are just getting into it. Who cares if some of us are women. I’m sorry that you seem hurt over being an outcast in Middle/High school; but men weren’t the only ones who were ostracized and geeks. Women geeks do exist, we do, I swear.

  254. Dgaf says:

    Good job picking on little girls, the socially awkward, and people who just want to feel special for a weekend. Maybe the cool kids will talk to you now. (Eye roll)

  255. Nadine says:

    Have you even BOTHERED to look up female cosplayers on the web? Yes, there are some that are slutty, BUT LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL REFERENCE IMAGE! It’s men who idolize females and make them look slutty in anime, scifi, comic books, etc. There are TONS upon TONS of female cosplayers that don’t dress slutty and buy several yards of fabric. Shit, look at my cosplays on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/FantasyTwilightCosplay, my Lollipop Chainsaw one is my most “sexy” cosplay that I bought off the internet. Do you realize how many years it took for me to be comfortable in wearing it? A lot. And that is like that for some girls.
    Now, I don’t disagree with you on the underage part and how girls under the age of 18 dress really skimpy that unless I know the person behind the costume, I treat them as if I’d go to jail (cause yes, women can be arrested for jail bait just as well for men) until I find out their real age or get to know the person better.
    And how dare you generalize that creating something (skimmpy or not) is not creative. You have no damn right to say that because there are a billion ways to make the same costume. From making it out of different fabrics, to sewing technicques. I have to make a plan of how I want to make my cosplays because there is no set “you use this fabric, with this stitch, with this pattern, with this etc, etc, etc”. Hell, my last costume I made a staff out of a swiffer handle, a picture frame, and wooden A’s the night before I needed it because my original staff that I was following a tutorial on and pretty much crumbled in my hands before my eyes. Do you even know what that feels like? Do you know what $170 worth of thermalplastic falling apart the night before a convention after you poured almost a month’s worth of blood, sweat and tears into feels like? No, you don’t.
    You don’t cosplay, you sit there and judge women for being “whores” for showing skin. Then why the hell are you a geek/nerd/etc in the first place?? Because I’m sorry, women are so idolized that you should be THANKFUL that there are girls OR GUYS that pour thousands of dollars and countless months and years of their time and hard earn money to produce a sliver of something good enough that looks like the character that they too are a fan of.
    And some don’t even do it for you or anyone else but themselves. Some girls are wearing a sexy or revealing cosplay for the first time. I can’t tell anyone how nervous I was when I wore my Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay for the first time. I was so scared that I imagined the worst possible things happening like some random guy just reaching up my skirt because they are sick and twisted (luckily I have a good bodyguard that wouldn’t of let anyone get away with that). And after the day was done, I had gotten so many compliments from my friends and even cosplay idols telling me I looked wonderful.
    Yeah I haven’t played the game, but I also have medical problems that give me little time outside of sewing to actually sit down and play the game. I’m also not great at gaming and I’ll admit that. And I’ll give you that, some cosplayers (not just girls, guys can be guilty too) don’t know much about the character outside of the statue that it’s made into or the pretty artwork on the internet. But I’ll be damned if I don’t make an effort to try to learn about the character before I cosplay it. I stick to fandoms I know, and hell, my Sally Whitemane cosplay actually caused me to meet someone from the same server I play on from World of Warcraft.
    And conventions these days are geared towards everything unless it’s one specific show or fandom (like a Dr. Who or Star Wars convention). So even if it says it’s an anime convention or scifi convention, most likely it’s not going to have strictly that and you wouldn’t know that if you actually went to one of those things and did stuff outside from complaining about the cosplayers.
    And if you are really that butt hurt about conventions having cosplayers doing what they love then don’t go. Save yourself the day or weekend pass and leave that hotel room available to someone who will enjoy the convention and not let “sexy cosplayers” ruin their convention experience.
    And shame on those that full agree with this man to 100% of his words.

  256. Liz says:

    A very ignorant article. Cosplay is about having fun. It doesn’t matter what the costume looks like. Oh, so I’m a copy artist because I’m a Slave Leia? Tell me more about how you spent hours creating and sculpting a mold. Honestly, I think you’re just jealous because you lack the spirit and motivation it takes to cosplay. Instead of being hateful and butthurt, go find some other hobby.

  257. Tina says:

    OMFG, I prefer to like anime and games than being like the fucking people saying “swag” “yolo” and dressing so short clothes AND EVEN GIRL WITH 12 YEARS OLD ON DRUGS , DRINKING AND THINK WHO HAVE SWAG AND IS POPULAR AND HAVE SO SHORT CLOTHES , you know, I’m 15 and I love doing cosplay, and I did one that looked like a whore and it was so stupid that I started to joke about myself of the cosplay I did. It doesn’t matter what kind of cosplay you are doing, what matters is that you love the character, and not POSTING idiot things about “i hate anime” “omg, what an idiot cosplay” “that’s so ugly” jesus, grow up -.-
    I know the society is getting weird and stupid and very very very dumb, and I think that what you are saying , you are from that people who hates everything that is not “normal”. You know, I hate the swag style, is so stupid yeah, everyone wants to have it , being attention whores, and whatever. So first think before posting idiot -.-
    But is true, because of this SOCIETY, Otakus are really getting attention whores, dumbs, hypocrite. I had a facebook of an anime character and I was on a group, and there was an malasyan girl who had so many guys after her just because she was “cute” and was always saying “say im cute” and whatever, she was so attention whore that many girls hated her, and some boys too, well, every boy in the group was so idiot because they were like “ohh you are just jealous of her, she maybe is more pretty than you!!” “ohh she likes anime and is pretty omg!!” that is right about you yeah, but the rest, no -.-

  258. Beep says:

    What about female cosplaysers with an outfit they put many monthes of work int, with a wig and a gorgeous long coat? What then? Are you angry because they’re intruding in on your perfect male world? Jeez… Not all female cosplayers dress like that, only those lucky enough to be confident in their body.

  259. VMangan says:

    If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist–never mind your article, learn to cite your photo sources appropriately.

  260. hellzyeah says:

    Thid artical is right on the mark. I got alot of friends that would hate me for saying this, but I completly agree with you and am so glad someone has got this out into the open.

  261. Jasmine says:

    1. Cosplay (Costume + play) = “the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction.” Get your shit right. Just because some of the characters are more revealing than others, does not mean it’s not a “costume”.

    2. “The first thing about cosplay girls is that their average age is 11-17 years old.” So you’re telling me, you’ve gathered ALL the cosplayers age and averaged it out to 11-17 years old, or is this just based on an assumption of yours because as I see from the pictures you posted, most of them looks like they are over 18 years of age. This doesn’t seem very accurate at all. Also, please let me remind you, the majority of female cosplayers may be older than they actually look like.

    3. You might as well be saying that the majority of the female population looks like a “slut, whore, stripper, etc.” for wearing a two piece to a pool or the beach. So I guess that means people who wears a swimsuit or two piece plays a good role at “whoring” because all that’s covering them is a bra like top and underwear like bottom made for swimwear or a one piece, that still shows a lot of skin. Heck, wearing a two piece or swimsuit actually shows more skin than a lot of the more “revealing” cosplays, if anything, they are showing the same amount of skin.

    4. I’m pretty sure you don’t understand the hard work, time, effort, and dedication being put into making cosplays. Most of the cosplayers who MAKES their cosplays (I’m not talking about cosplayers who buys their cosplays from online store, which of course, I’m not saying that it’s wrong to buy cosplays online because in the first place cosplay is suppose to be meant for fun and just having fun, so it’s not a requirement to actually make your own cosplays) spends months or maybe days, depending on the character’s design, making their cosplay. Not to mention if some of the characters comes with huge props like canons or such. Let’s remember, most of these cosplayers who makes their own cosplays starts out from SCRATCH. They need make a pattern to cut out, sew them together, maybe do some embroidery, etc. It’s the fact that they are recreating the character’s design from scratch, which makes them creative in the ways they use or think up of unique processes to make the props/cosplay.

    5. “Speaking of swords, that’s another thing and this one isn’t limited to the chicks- cosplayers, your swords are fucking ridiculous. In the world of fake weaponry nothing is more absurd than a sword so huge you could cut a slice of cake from 2 zipcodes away but you actually COULDN’T because it’s made of duct tape. As a fan of fake weaponry I have to say, it’s got to be enough that it doesn’t work, don’t add to it by making it utterly functionless as well.”

    Have you never been to a convention before? Do you not know of the rules? Cosplayer’s CAN’T bring any props, “fake weaponry”, that’s functional or that could actually hurt someone. It’s made for mainly only looks and to match up with the cosplayer’s character, not for it to actually work, cut, or hurt someone. Also, the swords or props are probably huge because that’s the way it was designed. If you actually did your research and searched up the character’s design and prop, you would see it’s actually very accurate to the character. Here, go search it up, you need it. The character’s name is Allen Walker from D.Gray-man and his prop is called the Sword of Exorcism.

  262. Jae says:

    I used to like a lot of anime (when I was 12-14), now I like one anime. Attack on Titan. I went to one Anime convention, and it was horrid. Girls wearing outfits three times smaller than they could fit in. Girls prancing around in bikinis, calling it cosplay, or calling themselves magical fairy princess or some bullshit.

    People didn’t shower, 26 year old virgin males sat sobbing in chairs because a girl (a very drunk, loud, obnoxious girl), thought he was cute and wanted to fuck him. People grinding up against each other in halls.

    Incredibly talented Japanese clothing designers being disrespected, and spoken to in broken Japanese. Overpriced merchandise.

    It was annoying, and kind of disgusting. But this doesn’t mean that a girl who chooses a character from an anime whose drawn outfit is a bit revealing, is a whore. She could just like the character. I’ve seen some really nicely done makeups, and well put together “slutty” cosplays, that match the exact character design.

  263. Caitlin says:

    What a snob/fascist/douche bag you are.

    Get a life. Get out of Geekdom you’re clearly a total idiot who thinks he can dictates how others have fun.

    You’re obviously not a sci-fi or fantasy fan.

    I hope a bunch of Slave Girl Alecia’s kick your ass.

  264. lolwat says:

    Before you choose to generalize something you know nothing about it might be smart to actually research it next time. Hint: the best cosplayers aren’t the easily accessible and highly visible ones with tens of thousands of likes. Most of the big name cosplayers are terrible quality, or are clearly only pandering to their male follower demographic.

  265. Revy says:

    What a self-centered douchebag you are. As if the world and everyone in it are meant to cater to you. How quaint. You’re just mad because no one wants to give you the time of day; not because they are underage, or elitist, or conspiring against ‘men’. It’s because regardless of gender, you sir are a fucking shit stain of a human being. Please. As if anyone has to live up to your standards you piece of human garbage.

  266. Every Cosplayer Should Have a Retraining Order on You says:

    The name above should say it all.
    You’re an asshole.
    I bet you that half of those girls are geekier and/or nerdier than you are. But they aren’t geeky and/or nerdy in the WAY that YOU WANT them to be. You need to take a serious chill pill and let these girls have fun and do what they want. It isn’t up to you. Their reasons for cosplaying aren’t even close to what you have said in this article. But have you taken the time to actually talk to them or even consider that? No. And you sound a lot like Tony Harris here. Questioning ONLY girls on their nerdiness. When I, as a woman, have met many men who have tried to tell me that they are nerds for playing Call of Duty. Actually, I have met MORE men who have done this than women. But they aren’t not nerds, they are just a different TYPE of nerd and one that I probably won’t get along with because I don’t like CoD. But I’m not going to go around saying they are faking it for attention or whatever because seriously, who does that? Why does this only happen to women? Why don’t men ever get questioned or called out on being a “fake nerd?”
    It’s a really sexist ideology that women can’t be real nerds and that they are only doing it for attention. You can’t even take the time to consider that a woman doesn’t WANT YOUR attention because you’re a creep and a slut-shaming asshole.
    “And this is why some guys now have to go door to door and say hello to their new neighbors when they move into a new neighborhood.”
    You’re literally blaming underaged girls and women, in general, for sexual predation in this comment. That is fucked up. It is never the woman’s fault if someone is being creepy or if someone is being a sexual predator. She can dress however the hell she wants, that does not invite someone to harass her. That is the fault of the harasser not the woman.
    Going back to the creep, comment, you talk about how difficult it was as a photographer to control your urges. That is creepy and messed up. A lot of the time, these girls are coerced into getting photos taken by sleaze-balls because they are a “professional.” That or the guy just isn’t as creepy as you think because you are, once again, judging someone based on how they look. If your urges are so difficult to control, then you’re the problem not the girl. If a girl showing her midriff is oh-so distracting to you, then you need to rethink your choices and you need to get the fuck out. That girl doesn’t need to do anything for you and she doesn’t owe you anything.
    You are the guy that all con-going girls should have a restraining order on because you are literally judging them for imitating costumes (designed by men, mostly) and you are creeping on them and slut-shaming them. They don’t deserve to feel uncomfortable because you cannot control your sexual urges for two-seconds and consider that these girls are people who HAPPEN to have the same interests as you. Or they happen to be into anime, which is a Japanese (now widely spread across Asia) art-form (and I have studied Art History extensively, if you’re looking for fucking credentials because I am a woman). You also ignore that there are science fiction animes and high fantasy animes. None of that seems to matter to you, though. You just want to be like Tony Harris. Butthurt and slut-shaming.
    You’re actually ostracizing women like you were ostracized and don’t even consider that those girls actually face much of what you do. It is only recently that cosplaying got considered cool. So you need to get off your high-horse and stop being sexist and stop being an asshole and rethink your whole position on this matter.

  267. Reina says:


  268. HinkleyHadAVision says:

    Who hurt you kid? Get over it.

  269. catlst says:

    Wow someone has a chip on their shoulder from their younger days. Might I recommend some anger management and therapy classes. Man their is so much stupidity and hypocrisy in your bullshit you obscure the tiny bit of truth there might have been in your original idea. Let’s see if I can hit some highlights though. I will give you that some people of both sexes just use costuming as an excuse to show off their natural looks and some are professionals at it. Having said that I would say these folks are in the minority and most people are just wanting to have fun and dress up for a day. You know fun that thing that we all get out of the books we read , the movies we watch etc…. and yes before you say it-there are serious stories as well but not everyone is into those and that is OK. You bash the girls for their costume choices well maybe you should direct your anger at the people usually men who make the movies and comics these images come from and the way they portray females in their stories. People of both sex’s emulate what they see in their culture around them if our culture portrays women so badly is that their fault? Well you have read Sturgeon well la dee fucking da. Join the club you me and about a million other folks and most of us are not arrogant goofs because of it. You think because your knowledge of sci-fi is better than some kids that gives you the right to dis them and what does that have to do with cos-play anyway? You talk about having problems watching these young girls in their skimpy costumes then talk about how bad at sex they are . WTF-quite obivously your the one with the problem here. Lastly a costume is a costume. Are some better than others-Hell Yeah but not everyone has time or money to invest in the kind of costumes you used as examples. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to have some fun living out some persona they like for a day though. By the way that automatic email thing is crap-like I will be following you anytime soon. Later -lighten up dude and stop jerking off to all that young anime stuff and maybe you will not have such a problem with all this man.

  270. Mari says:

    The most scary thing in this whole shit post is the amount of sexist assholes that agree with this type of opinion. Fuck you, Whoever wrote this. Fuck you. You’re no one to be talking shit about girls who cosplay, and you insult girl cosplayers by calling them sluts and whores and you say that we shouldn’t take it personally? Fuck you, you stupid ass sexist mother fucker, and i feel sorry for you and everyone else who thinks like you. Cosplayers get to cosplay whatever the fuck they want, the way they want and you have nothing to do with it. So shut your mouth and instead of waisting your time writting such stupid things, WHY WON’T YOU GET UP YOUR ASS, LEARN A BIT, AND CURE CANCER? you’re no better than anyone, you’re just an idiot who thinks he’s better than anyone else. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  271. this person was clearly bored and wanted some female cosplayers attention, and who cares if some of the girls are under age the convention was clearly all ages like rly? I’d like to hear wtf he hast to say about bikinis god forbid a chick wear one in front of him, 62 IQ or 180 who the fuck is he to question their integrity he’s one fucking ignorant mofo

  272. Tom Hagen says:

    ROFL!! Super Hater! You can tell he got shot down a lot I guess being “Supreme Dungeon Master” doesn’t quite make the panties wet or drop like he thought they would. He can tell you all about Sci Fi but the real fiction is he knows what the inside of a vagina feels like. The saga will continue through commercials for Haterade boy is it in you! ROFL…funny shit

  273. banesnap says:

    Holy shit another guy who thinks the world revolves around his penis. Why am I not surprised.

  274. John says:

    The only thing – the ONLY thing – you got right was the creepy losers who surround women in skimpy outfits. But I don’t see how that pertains to the girls – are you implying they’re asking to be harassed by greasy pervs? That they’re attracting them, and thus *they’re* the problem and *they* should go away? Because that’s even more fucked up than the rest of your dumbass, “good god please give me attention” diatribe. The fact that you “do female photography” (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean? I think you meant “I photograph women”, lmao) makes me nervous. I hope none of your clients are smart enough to look you up and find this misogynistic bullshit, ‘cuz good luck to you then.

    Oh also, the bikini/hotpants outfit that you deemed “not a costume”? It’s a spot-on recreation of what a character wears in a show. So. It is a costume. Some people cosplay characters that wear armor; some don’t. Crazy, right?!

  275. VanHohemheimdasWunderbar says:

    Soo, I only got past the first two paragraphs and already want to kick this douche in the balls—then I remember that he doesn’t have any. I think this dude actually prefers steamy photos of bot-bellied men in skimpy outfits… 🙂

  276. trevelarabol says:

    I’m usually against negative ranting due to the often pointless arrogance a self-justification it emulates. However, I find these observations neither pointless, nor unjustified in any way.
    I saw some of my own half-ass guilt and smiled at the witty truths. I must eagerly congratulate you, sir, on your well constructed criticism. Cons will ever be a better place with this advise.

  277. Irisb says:

    Obviously you’ve never been to an ANIME convention and saw SCI-FI FANS cosplaying at an ANIME convention. Sci-Fi fans have been invading Anime cons before Anime fans/cosplayers invaded Sci-Fi cons. If you’re going to cast judgment on other fans, make sure to point the finger EVERYWHERE EVENLY.

  278. Sarah Bauer says:

    How is the lady dressed as Yoko from Gurren Lagann not in a legit costume? It’s friggin’ spot on. Just because an aesthetically pleasing lady decides to cosplay a skimpily-dressed character, does not mean she isn’t all about that character. You can be both attractive and obsessed with a character… >> Using that particular picture as a reference for “not a costume” was a pretty bad choice. The costume was done perfectly.

  279. Have Some Respect says:

    First of all, no one honestly gives a fat one about what *your* interests are, and I guarantee you that about 100% of girls that cosplay don’t even know your name, let alone give a rat’s ass about what interests of yours they share an interest in. You have no right to turn judgment on a vast and numerous group of women and girls who just want to enjoy themselves and have fun in a costume that they have created. It doesn’t matter if they pieced things together from already sewn and put together pieces, because they still put some kind of effort into it. And *generally* that effort is for their own satisfaction, and they really really don’t care if worms like you have a positive opinion on it or not. And second of all, straight up stating that looking at underaged girls in cosplay will get you into trouble is pretty indicative that you think they’re the cause of your troubles. Here’s a thought! Don’t look at them! It’s really not that hard! Grow a pair and some respect! Frankly, I’m disgusted that you even came up with a situation like the example you used to determine what costumes girls should wear to make YOU comfortable. Another thing. Creativity is defined as “the use of imagination OR original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” Wow. Is it really hard to accept the fact that these women ARE being creative? They are taking fictional characters from movies, comic books, cartoons, and so on, and using their imagination to put themselves in the place of those characters. You don’t create a cosplay by mindlessly snapping your fingers and having a costume appear before your eyes. It takes a lot of effort generally, and a lot of the thought processes come from the right side of the brain, which, surprise!! generally deals with *CREATIVITY*. Don’t just wave around words like “slut” or “whore” when talking to women, you scumbag. That is not only slut shaming, but also harmful to women and young girls alike. You shouldn’t be calling *anyone* names like that when you have no idea who any of us are, or what our lives are like. It’s disrespectful, and you should feel ashamed of yourself as an individual and human being. Who are you to even go around slut shaming first of all, and then turn around to justify yourself by claiming that you’re totally okay with women dressing sexy? And to further extend your justifications by claiming that there are *worse guys* out there hovering over women at conventions? The one being really sketchy here is really just you. I can only imagine how many people are reading this and wrinkling their noses by how ignorant and ill mannered you are. You have something against everyone, don’t you? Don’t stereotype photographers. A lot of the photographers I’ve seen are genuine professionals, and I’ve never witnessed any harassment from them. That being said, creep photographers do exist, but don’t generalize all of them. How many photographers have you even witnessed being creepy? Honestly. If you’re so disturbed by the lack of professionalism in the props and costumes we make, go out and prove us how easy it is by doing it yourself. Please. The point of cosplay is to have a good time while bringing our favorite characters to life. That, however, doesn’t mean that we are going to run off and fight monsters with our props and try to literally become those characters. “Real nerds”? Are you joking? What is this? Fifth grade? Get over yourself dude. You really think being a nerd makes you superior to other people? That it means you’re some kind of genius? Maybe you should take a step back here. Conclusion: Cosplay isn’t about you. Cosplay is not for your specific attention. No one is personally hurting you for cosplaying. Pull the stick out of your ass and move on with your life. I’m not really pissed off over this. I just think you’re an ass and need to learn to respect women.

  280. Callan Moore says:

    Um.. Honestly, I don’t think you’ve met enough cosplaying girls to much just a broad statement. Sure there are girls that dress like that but it doesn’t mean they are doing it just for attention or anything/ Personally, I cosplay so I can where the awesome outfits that I see in anime that otherwise would be shunned upon in todays society. I’ve only cosplayed twice in my life but I have many friends who have been doing it for years. Some put extreme effort to making their costumes and those who buy them fully made worked hard to get that money. (Now this isn’t everyone.) But it’s costume “playing”, it’s dress-up for adults. When you are little everyone played dress-up, and now that we are growing up we lose that choice but this allows us to be someone who we aren’t. It allows us to live in a dreamworld and be surrounded by others who feel the same.

  281. Cat says:

    This is a very wide blanket statement. Entirely judgmental as well. I’m not an anime fan but I am a sci fi fan (though I’m not sure I would meet your specific qualifications) I’m young, 21. I’m also a female. And I never “show midriff”. I’ve dabbled in the world of anime conventions because I have friends that partake. There were plenty of adult women. Yeah. Some were dressed scandalously. Some weren’t. And I’m sorry to say but they weren’t all bobble headed and brainless. As for the younger girls, it is absolutely ridiculous to say they are all “whoreish”. My younger sister loves anime and always goes to detour. Surprise surprise. That midriff that offends you so much was entirely covered, along with her whole group of underage friends. They didn’t spend an insane amount of time and money making a perfect replica costume. They had fun and did the best they could being high schoolers and having no money.

    I’m sorry you couldn’t get laid in high school because you were a dork. I’m sorry you can’t get laid now by the hot slave leias. I’m sorry your bitter. It’ll be okay.

  282. James says:

    This is the most depressing peice of writing I have ever read. You girl, have to seek help

  283. Kim says:

    While you made some wonderful and very valid points. I hate the girls who do that too. And I’m a woman. I don’t fit in that age group of yours, but I can tell you not all these girls that go to conventions dress like that. You are aware of it right? Your pointy a small type of group. Idk what state you are in, but here in Florida me included, girls in that age group and older dress in a hell of a lot more clothing than that. I have never once dressed in anything that revealed even a sneak peek of skin on my legs, or stomach or chest area. I’m tiny like those girls in the pictures, but some of us actually have the self respect to dress decently and not expose every part of our bodies besides the bare necessities.

  284. Actual Female Cosplayer says:

    Dear sir,

    While I can only hope that this article is meant in jest, I cannot just let it be. I am well past the “mid-20’s” age that you find acceptable for female cosplayers. I cosplay anime. I cosplay sci-fi. I cosplay from Doctor Who and Star Wars. (Not Slave Lei, either, I have a screen-accurate Jedi costume.) I am also familiar with your “high sci-fi” authors that you so snobbishly wave around.

    And you, sir, are a fool. I have won awards for my anime costumes, yes, even those with the ridiculous props you so scoff at. I have spent countless hours of time and thousands of dollars in money on these costumes.

    But do I look down on the girl in the catsuit who is showing her love for her character? No. I’m envious of her confidence. Should she be blamed for the greasy-haired creepers following her around? NO WAY IN HELL. (Rape culture, anyone?)

    All cosplay is valid. All cosplay deserves respect. All cosplay is for FUN, at the end of it all.

    So in conclusion, fuck you, sir.

  285. Kali Mohr says:

    this guy needs to learn that anime is cosplayed as well. actually that’s the most anyone even cosplays. sure there are other things that people cosplay but from what I’ve seen it’s mostly anime. and no not all girls cosplay as girl characters that wear little clothing, hell a lot of girls cosplay as guys for crying out! So he needs to get over his higher than me, my genre of shows should be the only thing cosplayed self and just get with the times because they are changing and more girls are going to be interested in what you like and it’s just going to keep growing.

    Also cosplay definition- the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

    Even the definition has nothing to do with just mainly being Sci-fi or anything else. So get over yourself

  286. Toxik Fox says:

    I resent this. I get that you have your opinion and good on you for that but you can not just throw all female cosplayers in to one group. Yes there are girls who will buy cheap costumes or wear costumes that are stupidly revealing and slutty but there are women who spend mass amounts of time designing costumes, creating patterns, sewing said costumes, building huge props and styling wigs and makeup for hours to get the perfect look. Cosplay is a very passionate hobby for a lot of people and it takes a lot of effort.

  287. Cathy says:

    Rot in Hell you sexist rape-enabling Piece of shit.

  288. nicole says:

    I have two small points to make about this. 1) if it is considered to be not creative when a female replicates a costume from an anime or game, how is it creative to replicate a male costume from a video game just because it lacks sexual appeal? Any form of cosplay or costuming is often just a recreation, and both are creative regardless of the different time constraints. 2) it is easy to blame women (or girls) for portraying them selves as whites, or slits but in reality the majority (not all but many) characters and costumes aimed towards females are sexually motivated. Most video game females are slutty, (mortal combat, soul caliber, etc) and a large quantity of comic even nonanime comics are the same. Tight, revealing, sexual costumes. Think black cat in spider man or even wonder woman. Its hard to cosplay or costume as a well known female character without the slut factor. If I like a character and choose to cosplay should it really matter, and should I be the blame for the original authors ideals?

    I would also like to mention that the females in the photos of cosplay you showed were not actually 12. At least I know for sure two of them were of age or older. A large majority of cosplayers I encountered were over 18. At least 75% of them. If your eyes go to the 12 year olds perhaps you should reevaluate your self instead of judging the entire community. There are faults in any faction, however don’t judge and discount an entire group of people due to that.

  289. Alli says:

    Wow… this was one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read.
    I cosplay. I’m in my 30s and I’m a nerd. I’m an electrical engineer. I was teased for reading comics and dressing up.
    The most ignorant statement was that cosplay is not copying something already designed. That’s exactly what cosplay is. If everyone made up their own stuff, that’s called costume design, not cosplay.
    And you seriously have such a problem with wigs?
    You had a lot of negative things to say about the slave Leias… what about the tons of dudes in Iron Man or Halo or Space Marine suits? Its OK for guys to lack “creativity” but not girls?
    You are what is wrong with the cosplay scene, not girls who wear a wig or people who do a ton of work to look as close as possible to an existing character.

  290. D says:

    Once I deciphered what the hell you were trying to smash out onto your keyboard (Your little rant here was borderline incoherent), I finally got to the root of the matter: You’re angry because women are intruding on what was once a boys-only club. I have news for you though, Skippy. If thirty Slave Leias are “unoriginal,” then so are fifty Worfs wandering around your precious sci-fi con. On top of that, when you bitch about chicks in “skanky” outfits, you have to keep in mind that MEN DESIGNED THAT SHIT. You think a woman designed Leia’s slave outfit, or Star Fire’s attire, or half the shit seen in Marvel’s comics? Fuck no. We work with what we’re given, and then we get asshammers like you bitching about us intruding on your space. Well, guess what. We’re here to stay. We will continue to create costumes, and we will continue to do it happily, especially knowing it puts idiots like you into an incandescent rage.

  291. Reginyra says:

    Hello. I do agree with some things (such as age appropriateness for certain “costumes”) and the nerd thing. Which is funny because I hadsn’t realize being a nerd was popular until like 3 years after it was. I have been called a nerd, but technically I’m a bookworm, an artist, and a gamer. Different. But anyways I don’t exactly agree with the anime bit at the end. Some things that would be considered “anime/manga” though are not, are very detailed. And also some “anime/manga” as well. A manwha (I believe I spelt that right. I haven’t looked at the word recently) called The Bride of the Water God, is INCREDIBLY detailed. BTW a manwha is a Korean manga. Also Otoyomegatari, is a detailed manga. Anime is usually made from manga, and are simplified because it’s an animated version of the manga. Like a cartoon from a comic.

    Other than that, good luck!

  292. Slow Poster says:

    So lets see, You say a girl who dresses up like yoko litner isnt cosplay, but dressing up as master chief would be ok. Just because yoko litner is atractive and her outfit is a bikini top with short shorts makes her not a cosplay?

    Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), short for “costume play”, is a performance art or hobby in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name.

    So what the girls pick a character that only wears a swimsuit, guess what bucko, thats cosplay. They dressed up as the person and act that person. I’ve been to a few conventions, sure there are a few girls who just copy and paste an outfit on them without knowing a character. Heck I’ve seen guys do it to. But most of the time professional cosplayers, or wanna be pros usualy know the person they are cosplaying and become that person. They usually match the physique too.

    also https://www.facebook.com/zachary.b.helm It looks like your not the most attractive yet physique person either, So I’m assuming here that you suck at cosplaying. Aslo on your facebook it looks like your going to a hearsecon, on the front and your pictures it shows a lot of how you say “Slutty” Women there. You sir are a hypocrite.

  293. stuffz says:

    Summation: Shit Bronies and Furries do.

  294. I just had to giggle at the “What was the last costume you had that DID NOT require a wig, used more than a yard of fabric and covered your mid riff? Yeah, I thought so.”- All of my Cosplays.

    Also- as someone who makes costumes for the film industry- A costume isn’t something that transforms someone into someone unrecognizable. Turn on your TV anything that isn’t reality or animation. The Office for example. They were “regular” clothing- but guess what That’s a costume. There’s a whole department buying and styling and getting multiples for that character to make sure it’s believable.

    I realize my comment won’t take any merit to you, because you are seriously mad broing, and you are generalizing a LARGE amount of cosplayers into your limited knowledge about the scene.

  295. Sarah says:

    Man I just feel sorry for you. You seem very close minded and intolerant and that’s a sad way to live. Try not to fall off your high horse! Meanwhile I’ll happily enjoy my cosplaying and D&Ding and retro gaming with the rest of the ‘fake nerds’ who are actually open minded and accepting of others and don’t feel so threatened when others enjoy their interests.

  296. frustratedfairy says:

    Get over yourself. I love how you are not critiquing the character designers for dressing thier characters in skimpy outfits, just people who cosplay, makes no sense. Neither does saying that anime is not an art form, bullshit. Thats like saying film is not an art form.
    Why not just stay away from conventions and leave it to the people who are there to have fun?

  297. Rebecca says:

    Fantastic. I 100% agree. And being a female, when we call other females on it, especially those who picked on us as children, they get very testy.

  298. KJ says:

    I would like to see your best cosplay attempt, just so we can all judge you back on your efforts. Afterall, you can’t be a critic to something you are not good at or experienced with yourself.
    If I saw you in person, I would literally bitch slap you so hard you would hit the moon.
    I can only imagine how you look, and I bet my thoughts are correct.
    Also this came across as it was written badly by a sore cry baby. Are you actually over the age of 15 yourself? I am curious.
    Can somebody reply with this guys facebook or something, my curiousity level are busting.

  299. KJ says:

    Its so ironic! just checked out his facebook. Its full of actual greasy sluts. I thought he hated sluts. The cosplayers must not be slutty enough for his liking haha.
    I am concluding this as a “please give me e-fame” artical.

  300. I think the most hilarious thing about this is he basically admits he is bitter because he was shunned in school for liking this stuff hahahha what a little whiny emo. I was made fun of for liking metallica, star trek, etc, but you know what I did….I graduated, grew up, and 13 years later, I am happy and have tooooonnnnsss of friends with the same interest as me…see, that’s the beauty of being an adult. Now get the stick out of your ass and enjoy life instead of being bitter about your past and taking it out on people who don’t give a fuck what you think and are enjoying their lives.

  301. Macklin says:

    (Cool Samus cosplays, I’ve wanted to make a Chozo statue one sometime after school is done.)

    It’s all about the intention. I love cosplaying for sure, growing up we always had to make our own costumes for Halloween so that kept with me growing up, lol. Some people do it for the attention, surely. Some people do it because they love the craft of creating a costume, and appreciation for it isn’t a bad thing. Some costumes are so easy to make and some take more time.

    Its just very hypocritical for some men/women to think (mmph that character is so hot, I love this character) and then go around and call out people who dress as them.

    YES there are people who try to hard. But then there are people who just want to do what they actually love to do. Sorry that you are bitter, I know its your personal rant, just remember what you’re saying about these cosplayers is just like what people have said to you about being a “dork ass outsider”.

  302. Anonymous996 says:

  303. Alex says:

    Hmmm… Funny… I love sci-fi, anime, comics, video-games, MTG, and a variety of other generally geeky things. I also cosplay various characters. I dress modestly, I’m still hit on by creeps, still have a lot of people asking me to pose for pictures, and despite the fact that they’re usually closet-cosplays, I’m complimented on them by people who are not COMPLETE ASSHOLES.

    Did it ever occur to you that when a girl is dressed in a revealing costume at a convention, it’s because that’s an iconic costume for the character whom she has chosen to cosplay as?! Have you looked in comics, watched anime and sci-fi?! A majority of the costumes for female characters these days are revealing. That doesn’t mean that we women do not absolutely love those characters, and it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be allowed to cosplay as them if we damn well please just because you’re a fucking judgmental prick.

    We do not cosplay to please other people, or to be revealing. We cosplay because we like the fucking characters. And yeah, some of us like being sexy while we do it. The sexy costumes in the case of a lot of female characters are basically bikinis. If you want more girls to not cosplay in alluring outfits, how about instead of bitching about it like the ball-less sack of idiot that you’re currently acting like, you go out and make numerous truly inspiring, fantastic female characters who are not as sexual as others are? I can pretty much guarantee you that if more well-known female characters were designed in such a manner, you’d see more girls cosplaying as them, because we LOVE THE CHARACTERS. It’s not about getting the attention of guys, especially not douchebags, such as yourself and about half the other guys who attend conventions.

  304. w. vovo says:

    I like how the fact that he has read Frederik Pohl and Robert Sheckley makes him the real deal, bottom line vanguard of science fiction. Yeah, because there are some totally unheard of, rarely published authors. Next thing he’s going to tell me is that he’s totally into the book Neuromancer. But you probably haven’t heard of it.

  305. Sam says:

    1. You are extremely arrogant and even started off this entire rant by pointing out that you know more about Sci Fi than the next person and therefore are better. Typically if you want to resonate with a reader, you don’t insult them in the first few sentences.
    2. If you don’t like the outfits that these women wear, then they aren’t catered to you. Women are given a narrow selection of outfits, a lot of which are skimpy because the market has been catering to the male demographic for years. Women are taking a more active role in the community and you feel the need to bitch because they are working with what they are given. If you believe “costuming” is all about covering your face or wearing an entire suit of armor then ask yourself how often you see a female character in video games, manga, or even literature that conceals her identity (face, body, those things.) Because you rarely do.
    3. If you enjoy these types of media but you don’t enjoy women dressing this way in real life, make an active change to the media. What kind of double standard do you think you’re entitled to where the women in your favorite series dress this way but it’s unreasonable for real women to do this? If you don’t like it in real life, then you might as well stop liking it in fantasy and call for a change in how women are viewed.
    4. Women like visually pleasing women just as much as men do. We like these outfits, even if they’re skimpy. We’re not bitching about misogyny in nerd culture, so stop bitching about it in real life.
    tld; Stop having double standards and thinking you’re hot shit.

  306. jess says:

    This is old and I probably should not say anything, but I will because I am procrastinating and this article irks me. I am 16, I have always loved superheros, have played some video games, watched anime, and read comics, etc. For a while I did not talk about it because of how unaccepted it would be in school. Now I go to conventions (in cosplay) and have a really awesome friend group and we all nerd out together and theorize the probability of different apocalypses. Still I can tell you in school being a nerd is not cool, except maybe in visual basic or java.
    I have made both armor based cosplays (similar to the “good costumes” you have showed) and more revealing ones (the costumes you degraded). I can tell you now both require a shit ton of work, planning, budgeting, and creativity (gravity is an issue and hear i taste like gummy bears). Everyone starts off somewhere. Cosplay could be is a red wig, a green swimsuit, some ivy; its a start and a poison ivy cosplay. Not everyone has the money, tools, or skill to make the massive armor cosplay, but maybe if you didnt bash them, they could eventually reach that skill level.
    I know a lot of people in the cosplay community. No cosplayer is cosplaying in order to get 40 yr old virgins to creepily take photos of them. They do it to show there love for something. It takes balls to go out in public in costume, especially a revealing one. I understand there are sexually frustarates people who want to take there anger out on teenage girls who are trying to have fun. I do not understand though generalizing 50% of a community on your lack of interactions with the other sex.

  307. nah says:

    butthurt privileged white male is mad girls have skin and show it but wont let him touch it despite mutual interests.

    lol grow the fuck up with this misogynistic bullshit

  308. none of your damn busyness says:

    I agree with you on somethings like how girls under 18 dress more revealing and stuff but everything else i just disagree.WOMANS RIGHTS PEOPLE! not all girls cosplay revealingly and their not trying to get guys! They like the character and like to cosplay people arent that talented so really!? your just judging others like with the sword tape thing in truth maybe that person was not that talented enough to make a damn sword i would like to see you mens trying to make one sword oh right! i also like how men is better then womans because their much stronger then us! yeah right just go fuck yourself you people think your better but in truth you have no idea what an asshole you people are!

  309. JP says:

    Actually, for your information, Anime is considered art in Japan. That’s why there are hundreds of schools there for voice acting, animation, and manga. Anime is art in japan, in the same way that TV shows and Movies are art in America.

    I’m curious if you’re familiar with the term Otaku, which is the japanase term for someone obsessed with something, usually a certain culture revolving around anime and manga.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Comi-Ket, one of, if the not the biggest conventions in the world. It’s a convention completely devoted to manga and anime, where independent artists and groups of artists, know colloquially as circles, sell their art. Over the few days this convention is held, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people attend to peruse and purchase what you call the japanese equivalent of coke. The 2012 Comi-Ket had an attendance of 560,000, nearly quadruple last years San Diego Comic-Con.

    I’d really like to hear how you define art in a way that anime does not meet this standard. Heck, I’d like to hear how you define art in a way that the crafting of coke doesn’t meet it. Art is simply anything that takes skill, and is enjoyed. Pottery is art, skateboarding is art, your blog, in its own disgusting way, is art. Art is simply that which is created and enjoyed.

    So, in summation, get off your high horse, take that stick outta your ass, and please, please, try your best to be a decent person.

  310. Kaz says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with all of this, but I also don’t disagree with all of it either. I, myself, am a ‘girl’ cosplayer; however, I do not cosplay ‘skimpy’ outfits. I’m 22 years old and I cosplay as both male and female characters which range from Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail (her normal armour with a blue pleated skirt) to Saria from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2 to Jo Harvelle from Supernatural and many more. Now, if you don’t want to see anime cosplayers at a sci-fi convention, you’re going to have to learn to deal. I go to anime conventions dressed as video game characters and others do the same with other genres. There is no rule that states that a person has to cosplay from that particular genre to a convention of said genre; it’s not a rule that could ever be enforced. To address the ‘girl’ cosplayer issue – a costume is a costume. Yes, some are skimpier, and I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of those types of costumes (hence is why my cosplays aren’t skimpy), but it is the person’s choice to cosplay as those characters. I find it interesting that you don’t comment on male cosplayers showing off their chests/legs for a cosplay or you don’t comment on how men who aren’t actual nerds act like they are just like the very women you’re complaining about. Thing is, there will always be those types of people who go with what’s ‘popular’ and nothing you can post will change that. I am a female gamer – I’ve been playing video games since I was 6 years old and I started on the original NES and grew up with the systems as they were released (such as the SNES, N64, gameboy colour/advance SP, PS and the PS2 as well as the GameCube, wii, and Xbox 360). I play games like Halo, but I also play Mass Effect, Mario, LoZ, Legend of Dragoon, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Harvest moon, etc. Yes, I get tired of hearing girls say they’re ‘girl gamers’ for playing portal or CoD all of the time, but complaining about them won’t help. I guess my point here is that you are seriously stereotyping and I think you need to rephrase a lot of what you’ve said here because it can be quite offensive to others given said stereotypes, but I’m just one person, as are you and we’re all entitled to our opinions.

  311. Bad MediCyn says:

    I think the most hilarious thing about this is he basically admits he is bitter because he was shunned in school for liking this stuff hahahha what a little whiny emo. I was made fun of for liking metallica, star trek, etc, but you know what I did….I graduated, grew up, and 13 years later, I am happy and have tooooonnnnsss of friends with the same interest as me…see, that’s the beauty of being an adult. Now get the stick out of your ass and enjoy life instead of being bitter about your past and taking it out on people who don’t give a fuck what you think and are enjoying their lives. Also, you don’t like it…DON’T GO THE THE EVENTS OR CREATE YOUR OWN CON.

  312. A misguided, shallow woman’s “Harley Davidson’s udders,” as you so brilliantly put it, OP, are worth far more than whatever you are now. Nothing can fix how desperate and angry you sound. I pity you more than the worst personality type you think you’ve nailed in this article.

  313. Dani-Girl says:

    As a female cosplayer, I can tell you the last time I used more than 1 yard of fabric from the scrap bin from JoAnn’s and the last time my midriff was covered in a cosplay. I put a lot of effort (not to mention MONEY) into my cosplay and I make sure my assets covered. You must go to some pretty shitty conventions if all your know are cock-seeking, slutty minor girls. I don’t know if that is the case, but even if it is, how about writing about maybe how they need to stop lying about their age before luring innocent, legal adults in instead of knocking down an entire gender. It’s sexist, egotistic, and makes an ass of yourself. Tata, dude. I hope you see the light and change your rude ways.

  314. None of your goddamn business says:

    Are you fucking serious right now? I can literally smell the fedora that wrote this. Here’s the deal: if a girl likes something, she has EVERY FUCKING RIGHT to enjoy it. If you think every female Sci-fi fan is just some chick clamoring for attention, you’ve clearly never left your mom’s basement. Oh, and stop being an elitist asshole, too. Don’t try to act like science fiction is any better or superior to things like anime, videogames or comics. They’re all forms of media entertainment aimed to let people enjoy themselves, not for dickweasels like you to put on some sort of pedestal to let you feel better than anyone else. Also, if you think slutshaming is okay, you need to get out of the 1800s. Women can wear whatever the hell they want, and it’s not the place of perverts like you to try and stop them. If you’re so worried, why don’t you encourage creepers to leave the girls alone, since they’re obviously the ones at fault for not being able to keep it in their pants? Women aren’t around to bend to the will of man. We don’t ask for much, just to be treated like HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS. I rest my case.

  315. JosH Brown says:

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts on your elitist worldview

  316. Nerobyrne says:

    I find it funny how you assert that anime isn’t art, but admitted that you were a Startrek fan when the original series was live. I have to say, if you can watch Princess Mononoke and think that isn’t art, but think that TOS is art, then you are either incredibly xenophobic and hate anything that isn’t American, or your art-perception is completely dead.

  317. Lauren says:

    so let’s see your cosplays then…

  318. What a self important idiot

  319. cbok says:

    Clearly most of you don’t understand what the hell this guy is talking about because you are clueless or don’t understand the English language. This is not about butt hurtedness you dumb shmucks, I’m not even a nerd and I understand what he’s talking about. If you bash this article you are either getting offended and defensive because it’s true or you are some brotard or a greasy bitch that doesn’t like getting called out for being a creep.

  320. Hosfac says:

    I think that the only question anyone posting here should be asking is “Who the hell do you think you are that you have the right to call ANYONE out on their particular hobbies?”

  321. Jan says:

    Seiun-award winning works, read some of it, it will open up your eyes.

  322. what says:

    That’s just your ignorant opinion, man.

  323. Wow. This is honestly the worst article regarding cosplay I have ever read.

  324. Misty says:

    I. . . I think I love you. I’ve been saying all of this stuff for years. As a girl who actually had to drop out of high school with all A’s due to social ostracism and violent levels of bullying, I’m pretty sick of the whole Big Bang Theory “being a nerd is cool” trend. Thanks for pointing out cosplay and anime obsession as exactly what they are: symptoms of that same malady.

    Stay awesome.

  325. Madrek Mandala says:

    Did you do any research? Aside from most of your misplaced rage, you don’t even make a good argument. You fail at knowing even the definition of any of the terms you use. You might be smart but in this post you sound more like an attention seeking asshole. I’m sure there are some sheep that agree with you, I saw some comments, but what you must realize is that just because you have a mental problem that acts up around girls dressing up as characters that are scantily clad anyways, does not mean you can make a dumb-ass post like this. And as a nerd myself, just reading this hurt. Game Nerd, ever heard of that? Or how about Sci-Fi Anime? You probably know the rest. It’s guys like you that make me ashamed to be called a nerd or even a fan of any type of media. So all I have to say is, get laid dude.

  326. Loveseat-chan says:

    I see so many things wrong with this that I can’t even name them all without spending three hours typing. First have you ever went up to one of those 11-17 year old’s and asked how old they were? NO I bet you haven’t. If you realized in this generation it is kind of hard to tell the age of most people. Like when I met someone who looked like she was 12 and it turned out she was 16. Another thing is that, yes, I can name the last few cosplays I did were I “DID NOT require a wig, used more than a yard of fabric and covered my mid riff”. I’ll list them for you.
    1. Fem!Army!America
    2. Fem!England
    3. Fem!Canada
    4. Fem!Norway
    5. Fem!Germany
    6. Older!Arimn Arlert
    7. Historia Reiss
    8. Shizuka Heiwajima
    9. Fem!Masaomi Kida
    10. Winry Rockbell
    That is just to name a few.

    And there is nothing wrong with making a quick closet cosplay. Most of the time they do require a lot of thought and planing. When I made my Winry cosplay I went to Good Will, picked out a skirt and jacket that were perfect and got the rest at Wal-Mart. It was not easy finding a skirt that I liked that fit me and worked for the character I was going as, but I found one and it is the only skirt I will wear now. And if they make their own cosplay instead of buying it that is awesome! Do you have any idea how hard it is to make some of those cosplays? It is fucking difficult! I know! I helped make Dante’s trench coat for my boyfriends cosplay.

    And about the duct tape weapons. You really think the staff at cons are going to let us carry around real weapons? NO! And most of the big weapons only come out during photo shoots. And the weapon that you used as an example you should know that that character doesn’t carry it around like that all the time. It is actually his left arm that he can pull off and turn into a sword to fight akuma. And is very hard to explain. I would recommend that you actually try watching D. Gray Man but from reading this I’m guessing you are to stupid to understand the awesome story line, beautiful animation, and great humor.

    Another thing you don’t seem to understand is that just because they are dressed as an anime character doesn’t mean that they don’t like anything else. And I’ll admit, I do lean more towards anime but I also love Doctor Who and Marvel movies. Maybe before you start complaining about otaku’s at your Si-Fi con you should check who the guests are. Maybe they are there to meet them? And not ass holes like you.

    And maybe you should realize that, just like you, we are obsessed with something that isn’t that popular. And just because it isn’t popular doesn’t mean that it isn’t a brilliant art form. You have no idea how much effort and detail they put into every frame of animation. I have seen things in anime that you wouldn’t even notice unless you zoomed in and slowed it down by a lot. And since I’m guessing that you haven’t even tried to watch any kind of anime you wouldn’t know just how brilliant and different each show can be. Like Hetalia is a comedy that makes fun of history, Durarara is about gangs, D. Gray Man is about Exorcists, Tiger and Bunny is about superheros, Ouran is about a girl that is mistaken for a boy and forced to join a club to pay off a debt she got buy breaking a very expensive vase, and Attack on Titan is about giant zombies. And that just names a few shows that I love.

    Anyway, maybe you should get you facts strait before you try to make another idiotic article like this.

    • Loveseat-chan says:

      One more thing I forgot to mention. Maybe people are poor and can’t afford what you call “real cosplay”.

  327. Ryuko says:

    Yeah Yeah, Keep spouting, Nobody actually gives a shit bro!

  328. Gaelos Rikoth says:

    Bro, you neglect to mention the sci-fi cosplayers that go to anime cons and all you say is negative, you don’t say anything positive about anything, I gave up trying to convince you of anything when you shun people because they watch lost and don’t know very many things about sci-fi and honestly, as a Sci-fi fan myself I can see where you are coming from but you neglect to even TRY to see the good in a lot of female cosplayers.

  329. aogconsultant says:

    Some good points made here, but a few I dont agree with. A fun read.

    Knowing members of the (anime) cosplay community, I can attest to how horrible at their blatant attention seeking they can be. For example, over here, they just kind of wind up at every event and hang around outside waiting for (horny men) paying attendees to approach them on the way in. Often, they wont even pay entry to the events they attend. What’s worse is that they try and absorb newer cosplayers into their community, lowering standards and the publics perception of them even more.

    It’s kind of sad seeing some really quality cosplayers becoming attention whoring filth that plagues much of the community.

  330. vkxmaimai says:

    I can understand being upset with underage girls dressing inappropriate, since there’s always some problem coming up. I remember one time I saw a sixteen year old crying cause a guy was touching her in the rave. Hell yah I felt bad for her, she must be scared, but it’s still her fault for wearing an outfit like that. Now. I don’t really consider a person wearing cat ears and a wig, along with a skimpy outfit cosplaying. Please that photo of that chick you posted above just take it down. Isn’t that a different thing? Furry or furries? I don’t even know. Also I don’t like seeing girls cosplaying characters that are too revealing because there are kids walking around, they don’t need to see your ass, but hey I’ll try to be chill and not make a comment cause c’mon… the kids see that when they go to the beach. I say it’s okay for a chick to dress in a costume that’s revealing, as long as that’s really how the outfit is in the characters design. Also they gotta understand that a total creep could be following her, so she shouldn’t be surprised. However… I don’t recall ever cosplaying anything to be considered a slut or for others to hate me. Honestly I am found cosplaying as male characters most of the time. You can find me binding instead of pushing out my bust, but hey I’ve seen some pretty cool cosplays girls have done for strong female game characters. All that detail on their chest plate and how perfect the make up is. I have no time to say wow she’s just showing skin to get photos taken–creeps are gonna follow her. No really. There ARE female cosplayers that look amazing. I think it’s really cool when a girl can show all her hard work on making the prop or costume. Asking her how she made the costume, how long it took to get the detail. There’s no need to put ALL female cosplayers on the same level. I have friends who never cosplayed as a female character all the years they have known about cosplay. Maybe you just met the wrong type of people is all. They gave you a bad impression. Why not try talking to some other chick that isn’t stuck up? Maybe then you won’t say you hate all female cosplayers. P.S. why don’t you check out some popular female cosplayers by the names of REIKA or Yugene. Most cosplayers know who they are, or have seen at least one photo of them in the past. They are both equally beautiful cosplaying as males and females.

  331. Nicole says:

    Sounds like someone’s butt hurt that he got turned down by a cosplayer. Also your a dumbass about law there are rules set at cons so if the people giving them their ticket doesn’t say anything then it means it meets the rules also your an idiot most cosplayers are mostly 16-25 or so only reason younger ones do it is Bc family does it and want to tag along. And finally I go to both anime and sci fi cons and can fucking be whoever the fuck I want to be bitch there are such things as sci fi animes dumbshit. People like you are the reason cosplayers are hated on and bullied Bc you judge to much.

  332. Bravo for making the most popular Facebook link on the web since keyboard cat. Damn I wish I was brave enough to take this kind of hate. Bravo….bravo.

  333. Traffy says:

    I’m 22 years old, female, and cosplay fully clothed characters at conventions of all kinds. I use mostly thrift store clothing, sometimes altered, and with money saved from the main clothing I can afford high quality accessories, wigs, and props.

    I have just a couple questions:
    Do I still count as one of these so called horrible abominations of fandom?

    Assuming, just giving the benefit of the doubt here, that sci-fi also can’t intermix with anime, where exactly would I cosplay the characters of, say… web comics? Books? Advertising campaigns? Bands? Original designs, that don’t fit with normal convention fair? Should steampunk cosplayers only stick to their conventions as well? Am I not allowed to wear rave gear at any event but an actual rave?

    And, lastly, let us also assume you agree that – at least generally speaking – that cosplaying is not a job, but is in fact… a hobby. Let’s also assume it works like any other hobby. When you first start out you pretty much suck. You are young, naive, a novice. You stumble through the small victories, and show off the first projects with gleaming pride. Like a little kid proudly showing their horrible drawing…

    Shouldn’t you, as a fan, encourage development? Insulting their best try is like laughing at that child in the face, and calling them a failure. It is pretty likely that they will just give up, or at least be pretty damned discouraged.

    I would add much more, but this is already getting lengthy for typing on my phone. I would like my questions answered, though.

  334. Person who felt the need to post this. says:

    Here is my response:

  335. UMM ok? If that’s what you think you are entitled to your own opinion. But this was a terrible post, I had to stop reading a quarter of the way through. Your a very angry person to say things like that about people you don’t even know. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. So just relax with you’re negative assumptions about others.

  336. Laurie B says:

    When did I give you permission to use my image/photo on this article and be called a whore? I’d like your contact information for your legal representation please.

  337. who want’s a link to his facebook~?

  338. Get a life, bruh. says:

    Awwww, what. Cause you’re too fat and ugly to cosplay, too lazy to make armors and weapons you rage at it? You poor poor creature.

  339. Elementalsigil says:

    I find that I really wasted my time reading this rage filled rant. Cosplay is merely dressing as a character. You should thank them where ever they go as they are spending money at the conventions you like which lets them run another year.

    A costume does not require your face to be covered or 100+ hours of crafting. People that do that have my respect and I will always take a photo of such great work. I go to a few conventions, like ComicCon every year in Philadelphia, and I have yet to see girls with bandaids on their nipples.

    On the fake weaponry, real and functional weapons cannot be brought in without being neutered with zip ties. Kind of takes the fun out the character when their iconic weapon is not present or sheathed the whole time.

    Instead of a cohesive argument this blog just ended up being an inflammatory piece of trash with no real merit. Now I will go watch GrapplingIgnorance rip it to shreds on youtube.

  340. Zakito says:

    Oh how lovely, a person who never actually cosplayed and thinks he knows a thing or two about cosplay.
    Guess what, cosplay isn’t just about the ‘cos-tume’, it’s also about the ‘play’.
    People cosplay to have fun, there are those who choose to dive deeper into crafting, but whoever that says crafting skills is a must for cosplay can gtfo of the community cause no one welcomes an elitist like that.
    The biggest flaw of this post is the author’s refusal to admit that there are girls who are hot and likes the same stuff as ‘nerd’, because he have so little faith in the thing he love, that he can’t believe other people outside of his social circle could enjoy the same entertainment as him.
    “Not that they’d have sex with you anyways.” pretty much sums up the whole reason why this post was written, you’re not bitter because hot girls are starting to like the same ‘nerdy’ things as you and your fellow comrades(who you constantly puts down too), you’re bitter because even when these girls like the same stuff as you, they won’t open up their legs to you.
    Guess what, they’re not obligated to, they can wear whatever the fuck they want, it’s people’s choice to crowd around them and drool over their beauty, why don’t you condemn the animalistic behaviour of the guys who can’t stop drooling at the girls, rather than blame the girls for doing something they enjoy?
    Sure some girls really do does it for the attention, but guess what? When there’s a demand, the demand will be met.
    The core of the problem is not the girls who are attractive, but rather the audience who will continuously pursue it.
    If attractiveness is not such an important thing in finding a mate, I doubt anyone would care about make up and hygiene.
    If event go-ers(I refuse to put those people down because I’ve made friends with so many of them who happen to be wonderful people) stop giving attention to girls dressed in skimpy cosplays, then the crowd of girls who you accuse of ‘capitalising on their attention later in life because being a nerd is cool’ wouldn’t exist anymore.

    Oh and by the way, being a ‘nerd’ who insist that anyone who doesn’t watch all of the Star Trek episodes, or played every game titled that came out, or read all the Batman comics published along with all the cartoon series, isn’t a fan, does not make you any better.
    What you are doing is no better than those jocks or cheerleaders in high school who forms an exclusive clique that no one else could even dream of joining.
    You are becoming exactly what you once despised, the bully who point at others to shame them, telling them they’re not worthy enough to be here and that they should stop what they’re doing.
    Just because the people you’re doing it to are attractive females does not make it justified, making other people feel shitty about themselves makes you yourself a shitty person.

    Lastly, Anime? You can choose to not see it as a art form but that just shows how shallow of a person you are.
    You cannot look deep enough into the industry to see the work of art by Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka, and all the masterpieces hiding behind the mask of commercialism.

    Step down your high horse and stop building this hierarchy of nerdom, we are the group that should be most accepting towards one another.

  341. GravePT says:

    I read the OP, then the comments, then the OP twice more. I don’t think most of the commenters are reading the OP very well. If young girls are reading age inappropriate manga, or watching the respective animes, and then emulating the characters in them, the parents are at fault. If a minor goes out half dressed, and gets harassed, charge the parents. It is up to parent to determine what is appropriate for a child. (By child, I mean anyone under 18.) Most conventions have rules regarding age, and what is allowable to those groups. Some require parents to accompany their kids. What I see most parents doing at cons, is sitting in a chair in a lobby and letting the kids run off. Nerds were pariahs, social outcasts, targets, “untouchables”. Hearing someone with the education of a tamale, the body of an [underage] model, and an Xbox controller for CoD (or a squeaky voice, undescended, Xbox, etc boy) say they are a nerd, or are into nerds, is as offensive as a slightly overweight, white, out of shape, 30+ smoker [me] walking into an urban African-American ethnic social gathering in the hood and shouting, “What’s up my n*****s?”.
    And to the person who said they had a 3.4 or 4.3 GPA, and school awards, and all that crap: good for you, that might help you on your way to college, especially if they ever have a degree in useless hobbies. But good luck in real life, as GPA, awards, and extracurricular activities amount to about fucking nothing. No job ever, anywhere, has ever hired someone for winning grade school awards. And please make it through college, otherwise those awards, and that GPA is about the equivalent to less than a GED for getting a job at McDonalds.

  342. Pingback: Shit That Pissed Me Off – 5/16 | Grail Diary

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