Read this, really fucking read this people. It’s important.

Today I’m going into the post office and I hear screaming. I can’t tell where it’s coming from but it’s some guy yelling his lungs out. I figured it was your run of the mill crazy person yelling at cars so whatever. I go inside and it gets to the point where I can hear it behind the big, thick doors of the post office.

I asked someone who just came in and it’s this guy apparently screaming his lungs out at a woman. It’s literally so loud that it’s interrupting conversation INSIDE and from about 200 feet away. That’s how loud this asshole is screaming.

Now he wasn’t hitting her, but I went outside and it’s getting close to that point, so I watched to make sure nothing happened while I called the cops. They showed up and threw his worthless ass in the back of a cruiser, but here’s what bothers me – There were like 10 people who came in behind me and COUNTLESS people driving by, I was the ONLY one who called the fucking cops.

I didn’t step between them because anyone who has gotten between two people in a domestic violence situation can tell you, you don’t end up defending a victim, you end up becoming the target of two angry people. So unless there’s actual physical violence, best not to step between. That being said, if it HAD escallated to that point I would have, I have a car FULL of real weapons and I’m not afraid to use them, and I have, many times in the past against creeps like this guy.

But what the fuck people? I was the ONLY one who wasn’t too busy to dial 911? Seriously you god damned miserable shits, it takes 5 seconds and based on how many of you are glued to your phones I KNOW you’ve got them. Smart phones, why are they always attached to the dumbest fucking people?

I get the city called on my like 10 times a year for having hearses in my driveway. Code enforcement is constantly on my shit because of nosy ass neighbors. People can afford the time to call over someone’s yard that they find displeasing, but a guy who is on the verge of ruining a woman’s face, oh, no, that’s not OUR concern.

Everyone reading this, I am very serious, it’s up to YOU to step in on things like this. Don’t wait for someone else to step up because no one will and I am tired of this mentality, it is WITHOUT excuse, entirely.

If you don’t get involved, fuck you, you’re a piece of shit, you are a SUB-STANDARD HUMAN BEING. No, I’m not exaggerating for hyperbole, I’m not being cheeky, you are actually composed from inferior product culminating in a piece of garbage and not a human. Get off your dead fucking asses people, you have a responsibility as an adult to intervene when you have the power, and unless you’re confined to a wheelchair, you’ve got the power. I’m sick of everyone assuming things are someone else’s problems.



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Urban explorer, hearse driver, media whore, writer, film maker and general ne'er do well.
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5 Responses to READ IT

  1. christy says:

    In january my husband and I got jumped and robbed in a downtown intersection. During the five or six minute altercation between us and 5 methed out knife brandishing homeless people, no less than 4 cars drove by, one nearly ran us over, and several people walked by. No one called the cops. We were both hospitalized, both had various broken bones, concussions, etc.. I was shocked that this could happen in clear veiw of a busy public street. People can watch a girl get kicked in the face and held down with a knife in her mouth while her husband is trying to fight off the other four nearly getting killed, and no one gives a fuck? Really? People suck.

  2. Chelsea Lowe says:

    I agree. I think there should be a rule that in order to make domestic violence jokes, you have to prove that you’re actually capable of handling a real life situation like that. Congrats on not being a fucktard. That’s why I like you.

  3. Audra Browne says:

    Bravo my friend. BRAVO.

    This is an illustration of a sociological construct, wherein people can see absolute horror happening in their midst, and not do a thing about it, because they figure that someone else will, or already has, and in a high-population place, people will almost never do anything because there are so many people around them all of the time. Almost always, the person who does something has had this happen to them *personally* – as in, they were hurt and no one stopped to help, the person was traumatised by an abusive parent, step-parent, family member, SO, etc, and no one intervened. The only thing that breaks the power of the “someone else” construct is trauma or awareness. So good on you that you are willing to spread awareness, so that it’s not trauma that moves people to act. Because it will only ever be one or the other. Trauma or awareness. Those are the two choices.

  4. Evan Fiend says:

    Right on!
    It makes me just as sick you to see dumbshit people stand by while such an act takes place. A month ago, I was attacked in broad daylight by a “thug” with a two-by-four. I was hit in the back of the head; for no apparent reason. Approximately 15 other teenagers and adults were standing in the proximity of the attack. Luckily for me, as a youngster, I took Savate martial arts for 8 years and could defend myself AND leave this piece of no good trash in the hospital. The cops were called once I broke this man’s eye socket, 3 left ribs, and nose. If people weren’t such pussies, I’m sure he didn’t have to suffer the fate he did, and could perhaps get help for being a moron.
    Keep it up, Mr. Helm, your writings are philosophies for us all.

  5. Jen W Meador says:

    Its the bystander effect and it is fucked up but surprisingly common. It is a phenomenon in which the greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help a person in distress. When an emergency situation occurs, observers are more likely to take action if there are few or no other witnesses.

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